Lease Finance Groupfraudulant practices with machines


Several years ago I worked for a small business in Farmington, New Mexico. The owner of the business remained in Iowa, where we are from. While being employed there, he leased credit card machines from Lease Finance Group. When their rep dropped off the machines, the owner was in Iowa. I was asked to sign for it. By 2008, the business was disbanded, and I returned to Iowa. Since then, LFG has been harassing me for payment. I was only an employee and am not responsible for the businesses debt. Their correspondence has indicated they are planning to sue me. I have spoken to them many times disputing this debt which is not mine, to no avail. I have done some research about this group and there are hundreds of complaints about their fraudlant sales practices. It is also my understanding that only a 50% owner of a business can sign for a machine. Please contact me, Quentin Boucher at [protected]. [protected] Thank you

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