Le Style Parfait Kenyashirts

D Jul 31, 2019

This company is a joke. No customer service. No quality control
Bait and switch tactics. No inventory. Non-responsive personnel.
Absolutley no access for complaints other than an email address. And it takes them 3-5 days to respond if they respond at all.

I ordered two shirts and received them in 2 months. I emailed after 30 days and they told me I had already received them, which was a flat out lie.
When I finally received the shirts, they were way too small. They wouldn't fit a 12 year old boy! And one wasn't even close to the acutal item that I ordered.

I've attached an image of what I ordered and one of what they shipped.
Not even close... And after waiting for 2 months to get the wrong items, they expect me to just send them back on my dime and they'll ship the correct items and sizes?

I don"t think so!!!


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