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Complaints & Reviews


Today Colleen of LAZ Parking threatened my 92-year-old disabled mother, who has a disabled placard, telling her to "move quicker or I will ticket you right now, next time I will tow you". This was in a 1-hour space at Vons of Coronado that we had occupied for forty minutes. Colleen took a photo of our license plate AND of our VIN on her private phone. Why? She also scared and intimidated my mother by telling her that since Vons is a "private lot", she (Colleen) can set the price of the ticket any number she wants-- Quote: "I can make it 100, 200, it is my discretion".
When I intervened she told me to "Stay the f--- back".
There was no cause for any of this. Its just harassment.
I went in to Vons to report this, and the manager Robert told us that he gets complaints Colleen every day but can do nothing because it is not Vons that hired LAZ, but the building owner.
Why is LAZ recording VIN on privately owned, unsecured, unencrypted iPhones? For what purpose?
Why threaten the elderly?
Why does LAZ ignore repeated complaints about an employee?
I regret not contacting the police-- My mother was traumatized so I had to take her own. If I have another run-in with Colleen I will tape it on my phone and will call the police. Private parking lots do have some latitude but nothing remotely like Colleen described. Furthermore she should not be dealing with the general public.

customer service

11/11/19 I'm a monthly parker and parking is paid every month. I was out of the office for several weeks and during that time they changed systems that require a different pass to...

wheels stolen

481044 While on work travel, I received a call from a reporter to inform me that my vehicle had been vandalized, while parked at the Braintree Logan Express parking lot. I parked my car...

parking ticket

481044 I was parked in a garage and I needed a handicap parking spot I'm a paraplegic there were none I parked beside another vehicle who was in a handicap spot about 20 mins later I...

monthly parking service

On Sep 2, 2019, I paid the monthly fee with my credit card manually. But on the same day, LAZ automatically paid the fee with my credit card. So I paid twice the amount for September, which is a total of $500.

I called the client service to ask the money back. I did't agree to allocate the money to next month(October) because I will sell my car this month and I don't need the parking anymore.
The staff said they need my card information to return my money and it requires time. So I added my card information on my account and waited for a week.

However, today I found that they allocated my payment to October as a prepayment without my permission. They didn't even tell me. I called twice again, no one response.

I just want my MONEY BACK! I can pay that again in October if I still need a parking. But for September, they are not supposed to receive my payment twice!!


monthly parking service


Hello, I got in the parking today and the machine didnt even give me a ticket. I told the personal whos on duty and he said no worries. I thought he will charge me for the 20...

my car was crashed by one of the lazy employees

481044 I live in 45 Main Street where my car is parked by Laz employees. This Friday I received a call that an incident had occurred with my car. I came downstairs to find out that my...

concert and event parking

Two different complaints here:
One- I am a big fan of Hartford athletic games. Every time I park there are a bunch of absent minded teenage looking kids directing cars where to park. Often times you're left confused on where to go or what is happening. Also, my main concern is that at night, they do not wear reflective vests making it extremely hard to see them and VERY UNSAFE!!! Plus at night they don't help guide or direct traffic. They just stand on the side in the dark leaving a bunch of cars to try and get out on their own as best as they can. Which would be fine if we didn't have to pay for parking. It's ridiculous to have to pay when no one does anything! If these kids had their act together it would be more worth it.
My second complaint comes from parking at the 311 concert. There were some young kid in the uniform sitting on her phone and vaping near the entrance to the lot who never once looked up. When entering the lot, there wasn't anyone telling us which direction to turn or which lane to go in, so I just drove towards where I saw two young guys in the blue polos. They were trying their best to direct the cars in terms of pulling up, however when I said that I wanted to use the tailgate they told me to pull around the car next to me once it parked... I figured this meant swing around to create a new lane next to that car. Then when the car behind me went to pull through the guy told him not to and then the two guys proceeded to move down the row and as I went to make the new row was told I'm supposed to just turn around in the spot I was in. Please note there are a dozen drunk and stoned party goers sitting at the back of their cars and trying to make the angles to turn a truck around in a situation like that is quite frankly idiotic. Plus did not offer any guidance in helping watch for people or make sure I stay in line. Luckily the car next to me pulled forward so I could get the angle to pull my truck back in. Otherwise I would have had to just leave. I really think your employees need better safety training as well as general training on how to effectively help park and fill the lot.

laz employee/ parking website

I recently parked at your parking lot on 22nd and Indiana, reserved my parking at which is the site listed on the poster for payment. Upon time to depart I did not know how to pull up my payment as it was my first time using. I pressed the help button to get a representative that told me is not your site and I paid at the wrong site when it's the one posted on your poster with zone 1295. She was very dismissive and rude and made me pay again, please advise, I have pictures of the signage directing me to pay at Please help

incorrect parking violation #[protected]

481044 On 5/7 at 9:24PM I was issued a Parking Violation notice/fine at Zone [protected] 4th Avenue) for the stated reason of "Failure to pay posted rate". However, the fee was paid via...

tower of life building in san antonio tx

One of your employees who was unable to drive standard was allowed to wreck my vehicle. She drove my car over the curb and I to the wall. My wife had to drive if off the curb...


Not happy with this service. I've been doubled charge. I paid online received my parking pass. Followed instructions got a ticket at the gate. Im leaving before my time is up. The...

george clark williams 46

481044 He one of your employees You need to let him go cuz I was violated by him when he was pokey my car I am what are your event He sexually assaulted me when he told me to park in a...

parking/hyde park/ target parking lot

Hello, My name is Erica Betts. I work at Hyde Park Animal Clinic. We received 5 parking passes that we switch out depending on who is working here that day. However, I have...

parking at martha’s vineyard airport

Good afternoon last evening Tuesday June 5 2018 I was trying to get my car out of the parking area at MVY Airport and was trying to figure out how to pay when a female came over...

accident/ scratched truck on valet parking

481044 About 4 months ago our truck was hit on the valet parking, they brought our truck very scratched we didn't hear any word of apology. They never called us to fix it or send the...

laz lost my sets of keys and my husband spare all on one key chain

481044 I need Wendy Sternburg Supervisor Copley Boston location Sample of emails:- Who is we, I was under the impression that Jeff called you to clarify the issue and this was all set...

199 water street

My wife was provided a voucher for comp parking from her company stating the 199 water street location in New York City. Upon arriving to the garage, we spoke with the garage...

deceptive practices

481044 Just after 5:30pm on february 24, 1016 I drove by their parking garage at 1026 5th avenue in san diego and saw a sign out front stating, “public parking early bird special $8 in...

destruction of property

I dropped my car off at the valet for dinner. When I came back there was damage to the odometer on my car, the plastic shield was cracked. I immediately noticed it and told the...