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On a recent trip from Santiago, thru Lima and continuing on to Los Angeles all passengers were required to disembark and proceed through a security screening check and then re-board the same plane to continue on to Los Angeles.

I was legally transporting a firearm declared and stored in the hold of the aircraft. LATAM was aware of the paper work, item and destination when I checked in for my flight to Los Angeles.

During the security check of the plane the local officials became aware of the item being transported and requested to check it for proper documentation. This process lasted long enough to cause me to miss re-boarding the plane for Los Angeles. It was finally determined that all proper notifications and paper work were in order.

LATAM told me that not only would they not protect me for the next available flight but that there were no LATAM flights available for 36 hours.

I then took upon myself to find a solution to my flight situation. Within 20 minutes I purchased a business class ticket back to Los Angeles on the very next LATAM flight.

My complaints are as follows:

1 LATAM sold me a ticket that included a leg from Lima to Los Angeles. I was forced to purchase another one way ticket Lima to Los Angeles for more than my entire original trip.
2 I was told there were no available flights on LATAM for 36 hours and in fact the very next flight was available.
3 I filed complaints with LATAM and they began the process and then deleted my complaints with out explanation.
4 LATAM did not properly inform the local authorities of the item being transported even though I had reported it to them.
5 LATAM has the ability of waive their own restrictions if they choose. They chose not to waive or assist a long time client. I have made more than 10 trips in 15 years to south american destinations.


  •   May 03, 2019

    The author misunderstood, this is not the site of the LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlines ("air carrier" ).

    1. The author did not state your name, contact, address for viwers.

    2. The author did not present the ticket, which includes PNR .
    E-ticket and PNR are mandatory attachments to each complaint, upon it is in the posesion of the reponder,
    in order to verify the facts and to conclude, preliminary, the addressee, whom you complaint can be directed to.

    3. Your loss is not seen due to "legally transporting" as no evidence, a reason and the addressee, whom you had made a call, are cleared from your text.

    Probably, you need to contact the local lawyer for the agreed fee, if you have enough in your possession.
    Alternatively, you can hire a legal professional in the civil aviation (twise cheaper option in comparison with US lawyer), who is able to submit the lawsuit and presnet yourslef before the US dictrict court.

    We can assist effectively for charge for the passenger in the complaining before the authorities of the European Union (all countries), US and in most of Asian countries, which used "major" air carriers, effectively.

    The passenger can expect payment from USD 200, if you he/she is reday to put own efforts in minimum.
    It is not difficult for the educated person.
    The fair cort must award the fair compensation + expences by the judgement.
    Usualy the "passanger" case related to cancellations and delays can last
    from 4 months (all objects and subjecvts are undesrtood and simple)
    till 18 month in the complicated circumsatnces.

    The above is just for the brief imagination.

    OLEG G
    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregularity matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    electronic address for request with documents in .PDF or .JPG format:

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