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I have had packages that were never delivered to my home by Lasership, one stolen from your Tampa warehouse, others stolen by your drivers or after delivery, others delivered opened and gone through. I have stopped ordering from Amazon and Temu because they use Lasership. Twice I have seen Temu orange packages supposedly delivered by Lasership displayed for sale on My Neighborhooh App.

Today I waited all day for a package that left Tampa just before 10 a.m. At 7:15 p.m. I ate dinner, then rechecked the Deliveries App at 7:48 and it said my package was delivered at 7:12 p.m.For once the package was still there - on my front stoop, seven feet from the street. Usually any package left there will be gone in five minutes, so this time I was lucky. If the delivery person had taken the package to the carport four feet from the front stoop, he/she would have had the choice of leaving the package safely out of casual view on either one of two stoops (kitchen or porch doors)or on a bench or a table left for packages. The doorbell was not rung nor was there a knock. You and your drivers are uncaring [censored]s if you think this kind of delivery is acceptable. I certainly don’t think it is acceptable.

Lasership is the only large delivery service that doesn’t allow people receiving packages to leave directions or instructions for delivery on its site.Every other delivery service accommodates people getting packages in this way. I actually called the Lasership office in Tampa and after several tries was told “We don’t work for you, we work for the senders.” I hope “the senders” soon get fed up with having to replace stolen packages and therefore stop using Lasership, and that you deservedly go out of business. It can’t happen too soon for me.

This is the address on my Temu packages, as suggested by Temu customer service; it obviously didn’t work:

Elizabeth Mewshaw

12109 Pawnee Drive


Hudson, Fl 34667

1LSCZZE001YQGJH 6/26/23