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Lasershipdelivery service

Lasership delivered a package and left it outside my secure building. Prior to this I informed lasership to use a building code to gain entry or they could have simply looked up my last name. The driver did neither. Luckily I checked my tracking and found that the package was delivered. I go down to the lobby and the package was not there. I went outside and a package thief on a bike picked up my package. I chased behind him while calling 911. The idiot dropped the package and police report was filed. Then I called Lasership to make a complaint I spoke with a customer service rep who gave me attitude because I was bothering her about the poor service. I wanted a manager of the driver to give me a call. This clown stated that she works in the customer service department and only thing she can do is submit an request. I told her go ahead then and she still was giving my attitude. Laser ship has nothing b incompetent people working for them. Do not order from anyone using Lasership

Lasershipdelivery service

Lasership tracking claims my package was delivered on December 24th, I was home all day and nothing was ever delivered. I called their customer service number only to be told that after 48 hours they can not investigate a missing package. I was yelled at by the representative on the phone and hung up on. It's funny how from December 17th until the 23rd there was no updated tracking information, but after I contacted them on the 23rd, the package was supposedly delivered on the 24th, was that done to appease me or did someone from the company steal it? Well the police will find out, whereas I have security cameras in place

Lasershippackage not delivered

Lasership is the most fraudulent company! They lied and said they had delivered my package and it wasn't delivered. I asked to speak to a manger and claimed none was available and couldn't give me another contact number for a manager. I even asked to wait and couldn't wait to speak to one . Customer service is a joke they don't care at all! Waiting to speak to someone for over 2 hours

Lasership — shipping/delivery

474556 This company is the most fraudulent shipping company I've ever dealt with. They falsify their tracking. I submitted a customer service request On 12/9 asking where my package...

Lasership — service

Pkg. arrived at Doral LaserShip, Doral, FL. location 12/02 5:50 AM; Pkg. was supposed to delivered on 12/02. It first started with a delay (may not have been LaserShip's issue...

Lasership — aggressive/reckless driving

474556 On November 20, 2019, a couple minutes past 5am, I was driving West bound on Dumfries Road in Manassas, VA. As I entered the right-hand turn lane to merge onto Prince William...


I have amazon prime so I can get my packages early bt every time I am getting a package delivered by laser ship i never get it I was suppose to receive my package 2 days ago n all they ever say is delivery attempted. I've even had to let them send back my packages in the past because of so many attempts of delivery as they claim. Once they left my package at my front door n it was stolen. They are the worst I wish amazon would stop using laser ship so disappointed with this company

Lasershipdrivers are terrible

I have had multiple bad expierences with this company and today was the worst. Why Lasership hires incompetent drivers is beyond me. I live in an apartment complex and my package was left OUTSIDE. They couldnt bother taking an elevator one flight up and knocking on my door. Absolutely lazy drivers at Lasership. Do NOT bother using this company, terrible service.

Lasershipdriver problem

Yes We just had a problem with one of your drivers. First he threw my package up on the front porch and second he ran a foot off my driveway backing out into my freshly planted yard and left huge muddy ruts which i now have to fix. I'm hoping you can look up by my address who this driver was and fix this issue so it don't happen again to someone else if you need my address or any other info please contact me via email.

Lasershipdelivery service

Terrible company by any measure. I received a coupon for Green Chef from a friend and decided to give it a try. This is a company that ships perishable food through the mail and apparently LaserShip fulfills their deliveries at least in my area. In any case, the package was supposed to be delivered on Monday but it never arrived. I was in and out of my apartment all day, never saw it. Finally, I decide to go online and check the tracking number. To my surprise, they had the audacity to claim that my package was delivered that day at 11:59 PM. I was awake and home at that precise moment and can assure you, dear readers, that there was NO DELIVERY. Honestly, the fact that they lied in this manner bothers me more than anything else.

So then what happens? Well, they leave it the next day. This is perishable food on ice and they carelessly left it outside my building in sweltering heat. The food is almost certainly spoiled (it contained meat) that was supposed to be delivered to my door. That level of carelessness for other people's property astounds me. If they're too lazy to walk inside and knock on my door then don't start a delivery company.

In any case, this is a terrible company in my experience. They are shady, careless, liars and ruined my package. Avoid at all costs.

Lasershipdelivery service

Driver threw package to ground next to garage for anyone driving or walking by to steal. No doorbell was rung; luckily I have video cameras and received alert of delivery at 8pm. Usually packages are left on porch but not tonight. Ordered from Aeropostale wine glasses on final sale and so glad they weren't broken. Red sticker says fragile on box but Lasership doesn't care. Wish retailer would use different courier...

Lasershiplasership driver dangerous

We live in a small residential court and this morning the LaserShip driver came flying into our neighborhood at about 50 MPH (limit is 20) and wheeled around the turn and gunned it up to the house where they were delivering.
I went out into the road to try and stop the driver on the return out of the neighborhood and she slightly slowed down to avoid hitting me but otherwise soon as she got passed me gunned it again and took off. We have many kids in the neighborhood and this driver was extremely dangerous. Fortunately nobody was out this morning playing in the street as they often do. Not only was she dangerous in her driving but extremely rude by not stopping to talk to a resident of the neighborhood to hear what they were concerned about. Horrible horrible!

Lasershipamazon package

Hi, my name is OSWALDO REYES and on 05/28/2019 . I was expecting a package from Amazon. This package contained a very important item.
Tracking number: LX39442636
Order Date: 05/27/2019
Order number:[protected]
This package was marked delivered. Left on porch or in front of door. This package was never delivered. There were 3 adults in the home the entire day waiting for the delivery. It never happened.
AMAZON was immediately notified. A complaint was filed and Amazon had to reimburse me for the money spent on package. Package was reported lost or stolen. I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. We are in the process of researching all our legal options against Lasership Delivery. After 17 years of being a loyal customer with Amazon and a Prime member of Amazon. I had no other recourse but to close my account with them and cancel my Prime Membership due to the fact that they continue to use this company.

Lasershipbath and bodyworks

I had to call Bath and Bodyworks and complain and using this company. I had an order ship out using this carrier to deliver my package. I used my tracking information to track my package and it never showed up to my house. I call Bath and Bodyworks and they stated they would replace my order. They also gave me a number to call LaserShip to inquire about my original package. I'm annoyed because who ever it was l spoke to didn't act as though she cared about my complaint, however she did say they would contact the driver to see what happened to my package. I was told I would receive a email about an update on my complaint. A couple of days later I got an generic message that told basically that the order showed delivered and they basically ain't doing [censored], contact the original dealer. The gag is I have the tracking history which showed there was a problem with my address, not to mention I have cameras on my door and no one ever came to my house, my daughter was home all day also. There is no way in hell Bath and Bodyworks should ever use them again..Periodt. That company hires a bunch of thieves.

Lasershipdelivery of my packages.

On two separate occasion my packages was stated that it was undeliverable when they did not make an attempt to deliver it. I live in an apartment building all they had to do is go upstairs to the apartment to deliver the package which day did not then when they did deliver it the first one they left it at the door without me being notified or knocking on the door and the second delivery they left package at someone else's door without knowledge of it being there ..This is a careless way to do business you need to check up on the employees that are delivering these packages for you and train them in better customer service and make sure they are delivering them. This is not how you do business. I'm going to let Amazon know about this because they shouldn't have no partnership with you.

Lasership — delivery driver

Good morning lasership this is unacceptable you should be a shame of yourself. This is the second time lasership try to delivery my package after hours after I spoke with a...

Lasershiplasership tracking and delivery service

Hello my name is wyketa willis and I was inquiring about my order tracking number is 1ls720807010237.. And i've been trying to get my package for a day and half. Its been saying it's in exception. And that's unacceptable and unprofessional. It feels like i'm going to have to get my lawyers involved and also councilman allen and the mayor ms bowser.

Lasershippackage never delivered but said it was

Have read the other complaints. So now I know they most likely stole my package. They claimed to have delivered a package to my office at 7:53 pm when the building closes at 7 pm and there was no one to receive it at the mailroom where they say it was delivered. They said they would investigate and gave me a "case number" . After a day and a half they emailed me and proceeded to just tell me they checked and the package is listed at delivered so that's it and I'll have to contact Amazon. I work at a law firm so what if this were legal papers??? I responded asking for the name of the person who signed for it and never got a response. These people suck big time!

Lasershipmisdelivered package

We have been calling for 3 days to come pick up a misdel pkg and what we believe is the delivery board the driver uses to del the pkgs. It is impossible to get a human on the phone. So we have sent 2 emails and no response for either one. Not sure what more we can do at this point to get the pkg and the board out of our hands.

Lasership — unprofessional employee

While I was on video call with my spouse I observed approximately 15-20 abandoned unopened mail packages laying on the ground on the street. Location cross of Pearl Street and...

Lasership — package

I've have nothing but problems with deliveries from Lasership. Tracking # 1LS720805916322 states it was delivered yesterday at 4:27pm, but there was no delivery. We were home and...

Lasershiplie about refused shipment

Was supposed to get package today. Home all day.

They never showed up. When I tracked package it said delivery attempted but customer refused. They even listed the time they showed up. nobody refused because nobody showed up to deliver.

These guys are the worst shippers ever.

They don't even attempt a delivery and then lie about it. They should be sued for thievery and incompetence.

I'm getting another item shipped from a more reliable carrier. Walmart should drop these guys immediately.

Lasership — shipment never delivered tracking id lx32012725

474556 WORST delivery company I have ever dealt with!! My package with Tracking ID LX32012725 was suppose to be delivered on November 21, 2018. On the 21st Receive email that they had...


The first and only time I have ever had to use Lasership, my package was "lost" in transit. What a coincidence that my order through Walmart included 4 items, two of which were shipped by FedEx and I had no issue with those. Within the same order, the other two items were shipped by Lasership and they were "lost". I called lasership and spoke with Lagreta, she informed me they never received the package from Walmart, only received the shipping label. I called Walmart to see what happened and Michelle put me on hold and called lasership. Michelle from Walmart told me that lasership told her they did in fact have the package and they just hadn't updated their system yet. So I called lasership back and spoke with Lagreta yet again and was told they had no record of this phone call from Walmart. (recordings should prove otherwise who is telling the truth after I file a claim/suit). All in all, lasership was to quick and eager to make Walmart replace my order as "lost in transit" which pushed back my delivery date. Reviews online show that I am hardly the first person to experience this issue and I wonder how they are still in business. Seems like the packages are being "stolen" rather than "lost" in my honest opinion. Too much of a coincidence that it seems to be an ongoing issue with multiple customers and as I said, my other packages within the same order were just fine and had no issues being sent through FedEx.

Lasershiptracking # 1ls720805634936

Was supposed to be delivered Monday November 19, 2018 and now saying have not received parcel from sender. No new delivery date or anything. Have contacted walmart about the issue. Laser ship still saying haven't received parcel. Walmart is checking into. Walmart says information was sent to you all. It was 2 day shipping. Yet you all claim you haven't received it.

Lasership — Delivery driver

On 11/2/18 at at approximately 12 Noon I noticed a light colored GM SUV traveling down our street at a high rate of speed. I live in a gated community and the posted speed limit...

Lasership — lasership east brunswick nj

Stated package was delivered and it was not when i called linda from the east brunswick office basically ignore the complaint and ended the conversation. This company is stealing...

Lasership — product not received

I called my local facility and request for my package to be held. I was told the package was there and will be waiting for me the next day. I called at 8am confirming my request...

Lasershippackage not received

I ordered a package that that according to my email was delivered at my front door yesterday the 19th of July at 2:04 pm-not there! I called the company and was asked to wait 24 hours to see if it would arrive and if not, call back. I called again today at 3:30pm and was then informed I would have to wait until 8pm to see if it would arrive! Then I could have the dubious privilege of calling back yet again to see if I wanted the order to reship or get a refund. This is the second time this has happened and I am thoroughly disgusted. In the future I will not deal with any company that uses Lasership and urge anyone reading this not to do so either. Why lie and say the package was delivered? I was home all day yesterday and today so please don't insult my intelligence. This company is pathetic!!

Lasership — package not received

474556 I have reason to believe my package that was marked as delivered on 04/26/2018 was in fact stolen by the delivery driver. The driver marked the package as delivered at front door...

Lasership — employee complaint packing warehouse westdeptford nj

I am an employee at lasership in Westdeptford NJ and I am making a complaint on another Employee named Danielle Johnston, a few of us has caught Ms Danielle Johnston having sex...

Lasership — delivery service

Our building management requires that all deliveries be brought to the recipient's apartment and NOT left in the lobby. The benches in the lobby are for residents to sit on...

Lasershipyour driver

One of your drivers. Decided to go around me in a merge lane and push me into oncoming traffic.. When honked at he gave me the finger. Not real professional carrying a company logo. If this is the service you hire my company will find other services. This happened at 11:56 am on 2/16/18 on SR46 Sanford Florida, By the airport. The packages are tracked so you will be able to find the driver.. White van LS logo's on doors. Light skinned male with short dark hair and glasses. order

I have contacted Walmart's customer service twice, because according to Lasership, they delivered my box to my apartment (which they did not). I do not understand why any reputable company would use Lasership. I am reading bad review after bad review. Walmart is sending replacement items once more (3rd time) and according to the customer service representative at Walmart, they do not know who will deliver the package. This doesn't make any sense.

Lasership — package from

474556 I ordered a package containing suits and shirt from which was about to deliver on 29 december. Lasership telling me that they deliver the package and signed it by someone...

Lasership — shipping

Was in my leasing office today...Lasership delivery lady comes tearing in, yelling "where are they"...all leasing agents we're helping other people. She said she was dropping off...

Lasershippackage not delivered

I ordered some items from Amazon for same day shipping. Was home all day and got a notification that my package was delivered. No one buzzed or rang my apartment. Nothing. I walk downstairs and there's no package. It said it was left in the front door but nothing. This is the second time in a row, in a month span, that my package was "delivered" by Lasership and I received nothing. I despise Lasership and have called them and complained and all they tell me is that they'll start an investigation. Never hear back from them.

Lasership — delivery service bad

This is the third time I had a problem with my package. 1st time they I rece, ived email from amazon stating my item was delivered. After an hour it was left at the wrong door...

Lasership — damaged delivery and property

474556 Package not only damaged, contents ruined...paint leakage all over porch, walkway, driveway, front door and more. Called twice, emailed, got a response and emailed again wanting...

Lasershiplost package

I was supposed to attend a halloween party this past Saturday (oct.28).The package was supposed to be delivered on Oct 23.
I was home all day and didn't receive a knock or package. I was told by the seller to wait an extra day, still no package. I put in a complaint for lost package Wednesday morning and was told to wait 48 hours, which put my function at the next day. I received no call so I called lasership.
They told me that the investigation was complete and I needed to contact the seller. I asked how it was complete and I heard nothing back, I was told the driver retraced his steps amd said it was delivered to me and to call for a refund. I explained that I took off work that dayto make sure there was no issue so I know the driver is lying. Again told to get a refund, asked if I could talk to a manager because that isn't acceptable.
Three different occasions I gave my number and said I will get a call back.
Never received a call, so I called again today and after talking to one rude employee I was able to get someone that wasn't rude at all, but told the same thing.So I gave up, but had to write my experience