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LaserShip - Service

My package was never delivered it was stolen by one of your LaVernge Tn workers.

Tracking number 1LS731002614701

This is the 2nd time your company has stolen from me. If this isn't resolved in a hurry I will be contacting a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against your company. This is unacceptable behavior and should be corrected immediately
Darryl Slater

Desired outcome: I want my package

LaserShip - Delivery

I have proof-pictures they send me of my packages once they deliver them and they always have it at the wrong apartment. I live in apartment 26. 2 of the 3 times my packages were delivered to the wrong address, I respectfully got them back. However third time was a different story. I went the apartment 21 and The lady denied she has my package. If only these delivery drivers could pay attention to the apartment number!

Desired outcome: I would like my package reimbursed and consequences for the individual who denies she stole it.

LaserShip - “Attempted” delivery

I ordered a package from Amazon which was supposed to be delivered today (I paid an extra delivery fee to receive it today). During the day at 7:09pm I received a text from Lasership stating that they made an "attempt" to deliver my package. Which is false since I've been home all day long. I called Amazon about my delivery issue and they transferred me to a Lasership representative. I was told that the driver will contact me once my request was made to be delivered today. I still haven't received any word from Lasership about my package. I would like a refund

Tracking number LS1933557

LaserShip - Lasership delivery

Its ridiculous! i've lost 2 packages in 10 days. This company should be shut down. Its services are very poor. And im tired of losing my money cuz they don't do anything about it. People depend on delivery services because of its convenience. But when they steal, lose, damage, or deliver to wrong address. Then it becomes a problem.
"bbb" will know about this!!

LaserShip - My packages were stolen

My packages got stolen 4 times in different occasion again recently person women under wears and now dog food. They do not bring the packages to the door and this is not a private house. I live in a...

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LaserShip - Delivery

Yesterday (06/15/21) my package was out for delivery all day. Around 9pm I received a text stating my packaged was undeliverable due to not having access to deliver. I have NEVER had this issue before being that I don't live in a gated community. We have a camera out front and it did not show anyone attempting to deliver my package. I called the company I ordered from and they stated there's nothing that can be done because the product is now being sent back to them. I called LaserShip and was on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. The package was a gift for someone leaving the country & now I won't be able to give it to them.

Lasership is a scam. They said my package was delivered to me and then when I called they didn’t even have the correct tracking number. Said they would get back to me within 72 hours. I know they stole my package and I know no one will help me fix the problem. I don’t understand why business still deal with them. I don’t trust if wrong online anymore after this incident.

LaserShip - Order from old navy

Ordered from Old Navy, order was in 3 separate shipments. 2 by UPS and 3rd with Lasership. Received email saying order was delivered at 6:59 on June 9 2021.

8I was sitting outside on my patio from about 3pm - 7:30pm on 6/9/2021. No delivery was made to my home that day, nor to my neighbors accidentally.

order tracking: 1LS722711149461

Desired outcome: I want my package!!!

LaserShip - Says package delivered but never received it

It says package delivered but never received it and clearly you can see it was stolen because it says 1:59 PM it was loaded onto vehicle, 1:59 PM out for delivery and 2:00 PM was delivered that's clearly a lie how can all of this happen within a minute !

Desired outcome: Need my refund back please !!

LaserShip - Lose too many packages

LaserShip has lost several packages so far, purchased through Amazon. The only communication available is to talk to Amazon customer service, and they will request you to wait for another day, and they will send out another one the next day if we didn't get the original one on time.
It totals about 4 days of delay and it's quicker to get 2 days of shipping through UPS. I always have to wonder then why they even put the next-day delivery.
ON top of this, those original packages would never show up. Either it went missing or they actually never sent them out.

LaserShip - Delivery

On My package, my address was clearly written on the package that was shipped from Adidas.
Driver delivered to wrong address and posted a picture of the Ian delivered at the wrong house

LaserShip - Amazon delivery of a $300 headset

Amazon chose Lasership to deliver my headset on May 1st. I received a notice on Amazon that my item was left outside at the front door of a 5 unit building. I called Lasership and got hung up on twice, one person's name is Abdul because I asked if it is Lasership's policy to leave packages outside unattended and not ring someone's door. He insisted that Lasership delivered it at the address and that all the company needs to do. He further said that I need to contact the seller to resolve the problem. I needed the headset for work, which is why I requested one-day shipping from Amazon. This has caused great inconvenience and loss of time to address this matter with unempathetic and disrespectful employees.

Desired outcome: Compensation for the lost item.

LaserShip - Package was not delivered! Requesting 52.67

My name is Adrian Yates, 11007 Mill Centre Dr Owings Mills, Md 21117 [protected]. My tracking number is 1LSCYJR0007OY6S My order # is [protected]. I ordered from Fashion Nova and I tracked the package until it got to Halethrope Md . Lasership said the package was delivered 4/1/21. I found out later that the package was delivered to the wrong address. It was 2 pair of Tall Jeans 1 pair 23. 99 and one pair 20.99 plus shipping . I have called Lasership over 6 times and no one wants to notify Fashion Nova and be accountable for delivering it to the wrong address . Fashion Nova has declined my claim and I have nothing. My money is gone and no package came to my home I have my Ring doorbell on and recording everyday and no one came to my house, it sees everything, ! Fashion Nova needs to here that the package was Lost/ and for the status to change and say not delivered to my address so that they will pay me my money, When I talk to Lasership they said to wait 2 days and they would try to get the package back but I been waiting since 4/1/21 and I still have nothing, this is the worst delivery company and Customer Service I ever received, people don't have money to waste esp in these hard times I need my money back and Lasership is responsible for losing it. My next resource is the BetterBusiness Bureau!!!

Desired outcome: I would like my 52.67 refunded back to me, for leadership horrible accountability. They never accepted responsibility for delivering the package to the wrong address.

LaserShip - Safety and possible fraudulent activities

03/25/21, I received my Lasership delivery from as I do on a monthly basis. Since Covid-19 Drivers have been wearing masks and not asking you to sign for delivery, but would knock on...

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LaserShip - Property damages

The tracking number is 1LS720861737057, The driver, Britney, caused bent two steel fence posts and damage 2 fence panels as she tried to exit my driveway. She became rude when I asked her for her insurance information. I have called Lasership concerning this incident on several occasions and have not gotten a reply. I urge Walmart to stop using Lasership for deliveries due to the company's lack of concern for property damages.

Desired outcome: Pay for fence damages of $150

LaserShip - Amazon packages

Hello I was expecting packages from Amazon through laser ship on numerous occasions. I'm currently awaiting packages and for some reason I'm not receiving them. I also left instructions with the company just in case they could not get in building I gave my phone number. But still no packages. I have called lasership multiple times and half the time I'm unable to get through.

Desired outcome: I never received my packages and had to request for a refund from the company

LaserShip - Delivery Service

I made an order from Amazon that was suppose to arrive " Next Day Delivery". They used Lasership, well of course there was no delivery. Lasership marked it as delivered to my front door at 8:30 pm on the 2nd. There was nothing left at my front door, no deliveries at all. I contacted Amazon CS and they tried to tell me that it will take them 3 more days to investigate my complaint and issue a refund. I refused that answer that solution, spoke to a supervisor and received my refund within 24 hours.

I hope Amazon stops doing business with this lousy and unreliable carrier. I think their drivers steal merchandise and are not background checked before hired. actually I hope the attorney general receives complaints and begins an investigation about this carrier. They are the worst!!

LaserShip - package never delivered and horrible customer service

I ordered from Under Armour on Feb 12th with Shoprunner 2 day shipping. On February 14th the tracking info on Lasership's site noted that is was sent to the wrong distribution center and to check back in 24 hours for an update. That was 12 days ago and I have reached out daily to Lasership and they tell me I will receive it in 1-2 business days. Eventually, they just stopped responding to me and there is no change in status. Lasership is one of the most notoriously bad and unreliable companies on the internet with many BBB complaints. Their customer service is useless. Every time a package is sent via Lasership I don't receive it for one reason or another.

Desired outcome: Delivery my package!

LaserShip - Delivery

Tracking numbers

Ship to:
Linda coletta
10051 dog patch lane
Clermont/minneola, fl 34715

I filed a driver complaint this morning. Packages were delivered last evening (about 7:00pm), 1/5/2001, and left in the dirt, right next to one of the 4 professionally made signs, on my driveway (i've included a picture). The packages were put in the dirt, next to a sprinkler system, and are wet and the product ruined. I'm wasting my time to deal with the incompetence of your driver. What is lasership going to do about this??

Mike coletta

LaserShip - Lasership delivery

Hello. My package was shipping through Lasership on the 9th and since then, there have been 3 delivery attempts. Each time, we have called them to provide additional instructions for the package to be delivered. When we call the LS 804 # to ask for a supervisor or options on how to get the package, they keep saying they've sent the instructions to the facility but now on the 4th attempt of delivery, the tracking says they need more instructions so they clearly aren't getting our instructions. I want my package, and I want it now. This is ridiculous!

Desired outcome: Package delivery ASAP

LaserShip - Delivery

i witnessed the deliver throwing my package on my front door step from my Ring doorbell which is recorded . i could not upload the video due to the size but i am highly pissed! the customer service line never answered and I was on hold for almost an hour. This is highly unacceptable when trying to expand a company because as of today I had never heard of LaserShip.

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