Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (LVAC)sales/billing/customer service

I had been a member for 7 years and got the perks to pay up front annually. Missed my renewal date for being in nursing school and working at the hospital BUT their computer system still allowed me to pay the full price for the yearly membership without problems or errors. So I paid for the service and now is being declined that service. Their system gladly took my money and did not return it for months of me thinking I am paying for my yearly membership regardless of being able to go in to workout or not, it is still a service I paid for. Customer service was extremely rude and not helpful in resolving the problem stating they have done all they could and I would have to repay double the price as a new member. Its just a way to make more money for them at the end of the day over customer satisfaction. Loyalty to the company for that long means nothing to them. Their community relationship for hospital workers and other businesses means nothing. So now my boyfriend and I will both be moving onto a new company.

Sep 30, 2019

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