Ladbrokesafter the off scam

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I placed a bet in ladbrokes after the off a logo came on the tv screen say if you are quick you can still place a bet after the off, well I did and my forcats won £118.00 for £20. 00 forcast when I went to collect my winnings iwas told the bet was to late, and that my stake was returned, I argued the toss and phoned customer services after a few hours the investigators team phone me and said out of a gesture of good will we will pay the winnings, that left a sour taste in my mouth, so I tried somethinf different, I placed a bet £10.00 win on a 66/1 outsider and place the bet after the off same way as the first time, the bet lost, I asked the assistant can you check if my bet was on he replied yes I was 6 seconds to late you see you only have 30 seconds to place the bet thats not what ladbrokes advertise I did get my £10.00 refund back so what I am saying is dont just let ladbrokes rip you off cmplain to customer services and they will refund you ladbrokes are trying to sacm the public shame on you ladbrokes

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