Lacoste Operationsmen’s jumper

Hi there I Am writing to complain about a
Problem I had with the quality with one of your men's jumper.
I brought a jumper tracksuit set to wear out
The next day to an event as I got home I noticed it had a whole in the arm, what was not the problem we managed to exchange the jumper, but not in time for the event.
The jumper as seen in picture is a mixture of black and white and come's with details to wash on temperature 30, as I did I also washed the jumper on its own!
In the picture you can see a collide of the two colours at the top that I am unable to remove. This jumper is £95 and the mixed colour will not shift the jumper can now not be worn and as their was nothing else in the machine to mix with and was washed on 30 I would like to ask what can be done to refund or exchange this jumper or tracksuit all together because the bottoms can now no longer be worn what all together has cost £175
Kind regards

Lacoste Operations

Oct 06, 2019

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