LabCorphorrible service


Th new company I was hired by requires a pre-employment drug screening, and contracts with LabCorp to undertake that screening. I found the number of the local LabCorp office online as well as the address. I called the number to schedule an appointment, but was promptly put through to a recorded message. I attempted to get through to an actual person multiple times to schedule an appointment and to get further directions to the business, but could not get past the automated system. The recording stated that pre-emploment drug screening was conducted between 9 A.M. and 4. P.M. and could be done on a walk-in basis. So, I decided to drive down to the location without an appointment since they were not required. I spent 20 minutes searching for the location, as neither the address nor the online map clearly showed the location, and as I stated, I could not get past the automated system to get clear directions from a person. Finally, I found LabCorp on the back side of a strip mall. i arrived at LabCorp at 2:19 P.M. on a Thursday afternoon, during the regular hours of business. But, when I walked in, I was rudely ordered to sign in at the register, and only after doing so was I told that the woman who conducts the drug screening was out of the office and wouldn't be back until after 3 P.M . So, after enduring a complete lack of service from the beginning, after searching for the location for 20 minutes, after being rudely treated by the technician, I was still unable to take the drug screening. I am going to recommend that my company search for another contractor to do business with in the future.

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