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surly service

I am in for a BNP as a test of my congestive heart failure. First thing they do is slap me with a letter that says they will bill me because the diagnostic code was not on the slip. No explanation of how to resolve this. No consideration. No questions allowed. Just sign or else. They will not contact the doctor. They will not lift a finger to help in any way. I tell my doctor and his staff spend 30 minutes on hold before giving up. Labcorp does not provide them with the information to resolve this properly.

Now I have to help my doctor track this down and get it resolved so I don't get billed. Doctor provides me with correct code and I take that to the labcorp office. The surly receptionist tells me she cannot do anything. I have to push her to tell me how to get it resolved. Surly receptionist gives me the number of client services. That is a runaround. Now I have to sit on hold to get to client services. Client services tells me WRONG! I have to contact billing. Call billing and they put me on hold for a while. Finally surly mean rep Valery tells me the doctor has to do this. It is up to me to push Valery to give me details on how this is to be accomplished. Would not volunteer that unless pressed.

Finally I get the fax number and how to submit diagnostic code. Just gave it to my doctor. I will never use labcorp again. Not just because of this. Their phlebotomists must have been ex junkies. No, I take that back. A junkie knows how to find a good vein. I have had one sit there and probe around with the needle 3 or 4 times before giving up and getting someone else to do it. Aren't phlebotomists supposed to be trained and certified? That would require at least a 5th grade level of reading and writing. That has bee lacking with most at labcorp. I think they use fake phlebotomists. Of course on top of this is all the billing problems and threats to bill my credit card. I don't think I ever met a nice person at a labcorp office either.

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