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La Senza Corporation Complaints & Reviews

La Senza Corporation / bras sizes and the type

Jul 26, 2019

They do not have push up brad for big breasted women I find it discriminating because some people just don't like thin bras they like push ups only and it's not fair it there for example should be at least all sizes with push-up like COME ON like I said once and will day it again I felt...

La Senza Corporation / shipment never received

Jun 27, 2019

I made an online purchase 2 weeks ago and never received the merchandise. I was sent a confirmation email with the tracking details and Its not moving from its original location. I've been tracking it for days now. I've contacted la senza 3 times about it already and haven't gotten a...

La Senza / [protected]-09-mw-38b/re

Jan 21, 2019

La SenzaThe worst product and shopping I have faced in this shop in ellante mall chandigarh. When I talked to Ms. Pooja manager of this showroom was so rude and didn't solve my problem it was like mentally harassment talking to her. Ms. pooja was so illiterately talked... Worst just worst experience her...

La Senza / gift card

Jan 03, 2019

Hi i would like to receive a call back from ombudsman as per a situation that has accured. I totally frustrated. I got lost my wallet durring the holidays. I was shopping and going to you store to purchace merchandice arriving at the conter i had knotice 2 cards of 50$ where missing( i had...

La Senza Store in Halifax / bikini panties

Sep 27, 2018

I recently bought 7 pairs of panties at a La Senza store in Halifax NS. 5 of the pairs were "ribbed". They come in a burgandy and black. 2 pairs were a different style. I wore the first pair and at first they were comfortable. They were a size medium and during the day they stretched...

La Senza - Sherway Gardens / customer service

Sep 14, 2018

Hi there, I was made feel like a psychopath for questioning my receipt. I tried my best to understand the breakdown of it all and I asked why I was charged $10.00 for reactivating my online account. I never realised that this is an extra charge. If I knew this, I never would have opted in...

Lasenza / Al Khobar / Al Rashid Mall / SA / employee

Aug 28, 2018

Hello...I want to complain about the female employee who works in Al Rashid mall in Saudi Arabia. I came to the shop at 10:20 in 28/08/2018 and the employee wasn't there. I checked the working hours next to the door and found that it must be open at 10:00! The door wasn't even...

La Senza / customer service

Aug 26, 2018

Visited La Senza Gateway yesterday. When I got to the shop the 2 ladies who are suppose to be assisting us as we get inside the shop were busy talking personal things and they were extremely loud. This made it hard for me to even ask them for assistance cause they were just caught up in...

La Senza / extremely rude customer service

Jul 06, 2018

I went to a Lasenza Express store at Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). The woman at the check out counter, probably in her late 50s or early 60s, with short white hair, was rude and racist. Noone in the store greeted me or asked if I needed help, even though I was the only...

La Senza / service

Jun 07, 2018

Disappointed and disgusted with this location. Will never come back here. I was shopping during the promotion of buy 2 bras get 3 free. As I was cashing out, I was trying to redeem my birthday coupon of $15. The lady at the cashier asked her manager why my coupon wasn't scanning in and...

La Senza / overcharged

May 08, 2018

I went to lasenza in bayshore about 2 months ago, where I was charged twice for my 1 bras purchase, I realized the next day while checking my online banking account, where I then called to let them know. After 2 months of them saying they will be sending me money I still have not received...

La Senza / ottawa employee is far too pushy

May 03, 2018

I went to the store in bayshore with three friends this afternoon, and an employee named Elisa was there to greet us. Immediately, she glues herself to the most well dressed friend. We were looking at the ten dollar bras in the back, since we wanted them for just a fun craft. Elisa say...

La Senza / thongs

Apr 25, 2018

La SenzaHi There I bought a several pairs of panties and I'm disappointed in most of them. First of all one pair of thong panties came apart the first time I put them on. Also, 4 other pairs are way too small. I usually just buy the thong panties, but the store was very busy and I felt pressured into...

[Resolved] La Senza / two new bras

Apr 15, 2018

I have bought hundreds of stuff from La Senza recently and always from past years but I bought two bras recently and one snapped right apart after the third time of barely wearing it and the other one or other two are dis coloured and almost ready to rip and I wash all my bras separate...

La Senza / customer service

Mar 19, 2018

I encountered a situation while in a lasenza store in North Bay Ontario Canada where I felt unwelcomed unless I bought products from the current sale I picked two pieces of underwear from a 10 for 35 dollar rack as I only wanted two I go to the cash and the cashier asks me if I have 10...

La Senza / bra and underwear

Jan 23, 2018

I am really disappointed with your product I am a faithful and long time customer I only shop at la sena for bras and underwear I purchased some cotton under in December 2017 They were washed once and literally fell apart Stitching completely let go In December 2016 I purchased a bra and...

La Senza / sexy demi front close bra in pink

Jan 13, 2018

La SenzaHello. I've just ordered a couple bras from you. A pink sexy tease demi front close bra and one in black. I am very, very dissatisfied. I have pictures of these bras yet I can't upload them here so I will describe. The pink one is dingy, faded, and the seams are coming apart with fray...

La Senza / assumed of stealing

Nov 26, 2017

will never be going back to the la senza in south gate, the lady helping me at the dressing room didn't believe i had two things so she took my bags to make sure. than after i left i put the one item i was getting on the rack. she approached me very rudely "so where is it huh is it in your...

La Senza / la senza

Oct 17, 2017

Made one purchase with La this was on October 14, .2017. I was charged $25.00 for the purchase I made everything fine. Logged into my account today October 17, 2017 I see a hold on my account for $25.00 for what I just purchased from them one time and that was October 14, 2017. Why...

[Resolved] La Senza / service

Aug 26, 2017

hello today august 26th my friend and I were at Bayshore and purchased 79.95 dollars worth of items The cashier that was serving us cashier number 3115627 forgot to place items in our bag. First of all my friend and I were waiting for the bus when we realize the membership card that we...

[Resolved] La Senza / nubra stick on bra

Aug 02, 2017

I recently bought a Nubra for a wedding. I made sure to follow the instructions on package and by the lady that sold it to me so I knew I could wear it again. I wore it for nearly two hours and suddenly one cup lost its stick and came off. Not completely but enough that it wasn't holding...

La Senza / customer service

Jul 10, 2017

Hi I went to the La Senza in Ottawa at the Bayshore shopping centre I was greeted by Elisa who greeted me nicely and asked if I knew my size which I didn't so she measured me brought me to the fitting room and gave me a bra that was too large. She said shed be back to check on me, 5...

[Resolved] La Senza / sales associate

Jul 07, 2017

Had an absolutely infuriating experience today at La Senza at Mayfair mall in Victoria. The sales associate rang my friend through perfectly chatty and pleasant and upon my time took it upon herself to pretty much call a meeting with other associates and discussed store design and such...

[Resolved] La Senza / extremely poor customer service

Jul 03, 2017

I was at the lasenza store located at ION Orchard singapore. Was about to payments for the items, apparently one of the item's price tag had abit of tear hence the staff was unable to scan the tag. The staff even had the cheek to ask me, "can you go get a new one?" I honestly dont think...

La Senza / bras

Jun 20, 2017

I am a 31-year-old mother of one. Yesterday I spent the day searching for a backless push up bra. After spending a long time searching, I landed at La Senza (Square One Location) where they did have the exact bra I was looking for. However they only had it in beige. I was told that you...

[Resolved] La Senza / bra selection

May 21, 2017

I bought two bras from the store at Select City Mall at Delhi without being aware of the different types of cuts available at the store, I bought two different cuts. As a result one style only fitted me well and the other kept on troubling me but I continued to wear it as I had washed it...

[Resolved] La Senza / sticky strapless bra

Apr 11, 2017

I bought a sticky strapless bra yesterday and I took it out of the package and realized I would not wear it. So I put it back in the box. I went to return it and she said she couldn't refund it because it was out of the box, nobody informed me when I bought it that it was final sale...

La Senza / employee

Mar 26, 2017

You have an employee by the name of Sarah Parsons at the Orchard Park location in Kelowna, BC. She is the most unprofessional, and rude individual I have ever met in a retail setting. I have seen her at her previous job at Dynamite in the same mall and got nothing but the worst service I...

La Senza / store dress code

Mar 22, 2017

As someone who has shopped at lasenza for 15 plus years, I was appalled when I brought my 16 and 12 year old into the store at our local mall this week, as were they. My girls actually asked to leave as they were very uncomfortable in your store. Every single employee had a see through top...

La Senza / sales representative

Feb 17, 2017

Good afternoon, I have been a faithful customer of La Senza for about ten years and have never had any issues until recently. On this recently passed February 14th I was at your South Gate Mall location in Alberta, Canada and one of the sales representatives made an awful, confidence shredding...

La Senza / cross br

Jan 08, 2017

Hello I am from Windsor Ontario. I emailed your head office awhile ago about a complaint regarding a cross cross bra that I purchased because it hadn't fit me correctly and wasn't able to return it or exchange for the same price because of a tiny miniscule deodorant mark on it that wiped...

La Senza / misbehavior of staff about returning

Dec 01, 2016

Hi, i am sonam oberoi one of your recent customer of your brand Recently like two weeks ago i visited to your store in pacific mall the lady handle very easily and in a nice way but she gave me so many things to try but when i purchased she gave me bigger sizer and after 4 days like i wa...

La Senza / billing

Nov 27, 2016

I visited the La Senza store at Phoenix, Market City Mall, Kurla, Mumbai, India and purchased items worth eight thousand rupees. The lady who said she is the store manager called Asha swiped my card. My charge went through and I got a message on my phone confirming the debit. Something wa...

Lasenza / don't know anything about my order!

Oct 12, 2016

I ordered from Lasenza in the past and previous time I had a great experience with these guys so I decided to order again. I bought some lingerie from Lasenza and my order arrived in a timely manner. I was very satisfied with the quick delivery and must say that items looked amazing. But...