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Former LA Fitness Employee:

After reading the numerous complaints on this board I feel the need to coroborate many of the issues facing LA Fitness. I want to first ofer my "inside" details of how LA Fitness operates its business. Let's begin with mangement or the lack of.

LA Fitness does not offer any formal training nor does it provide continuing education in the crucial area of managing personnel. LA Fitness also uses a very narrow metric for promotion within its manager ranks. This simple metric used is “sales” if you’re a great salesman you get promoted. That is it! Also, LA Fitness draws heavily from an employment pool lacking in maturity. Many of their "GM's" are simply children doing the work an adult should be doing. But paying adults appropriately would cut into Mr Welch building his new mutli million dollar house in Malibu California. Yep, its the truth folks. Same Wall Street menatality at LA Fitness.

As a customer, please don't put your health or your money in the hands of people who do not care about you after you've provided them a credit/debit card or check. Not to mention many of the people selling memebrships or personal training are not properly trained or educated to give anyone advice related to health and fitness. Also, these "agreements" that management likes to call are "contracts" don't be duped into their snake oil salesman type selling. Once you've swiped your card you're pretty much history regarding any value added customer service.

Another issue facing LA Fitness is their high turnover. I'm sure many of you have seen this at the clubs you frequent. How many times have you had a differnet trainer over the course of several months? If you're the average LA Fitness customer odds are you are likely to have 3-5 trainers during the course of your "contract." Why is this? Simply put, LA Fitness doesn't give two red cents about its employees. That coupled with there "creative" ways they have employees "punch in" for compensation has always been a source of confussion for its employees. Just ask an employee to explain it you. They're always looking for a way to screw their employees to save a few cents while their poor cusotmer service issue is left like a festering sore. Another tid bit worth mentioning, LA Fitness management would prefer the trainer not to call his/her clients if they are out sick. Why?????? Because some district manager gets a nice cut from the number of people who have walked through the door. Disgusting, isn't it?!?! So, they would rather a scheduled client come through the door angry than to have been notified by the trainer.

All things considered, I could not, would not recommend LA Fitness as a place for employment. Nor could I recommend it as a service to purchase. And all the previous complaints I've read are true. The stories I have heard and witneesed are dispicable on all levels of business. And to Mr Welch of LA Fitness, I hope the home you're building is close to a cliff! You F N SOB!!!


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    Andy Aug 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid first and last month fees. When I tried to terminate my membership, they told me the "last month" that I paid was really another fee and that I owed for the last month. I refused to pay it so they would not let me use the facilities for the last month.

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  • Nk
    nkm May 06, 2009

    Wow i thought i was the only one to feel this way about the company.

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    mywarren Aug 18, 2009

    I agree what kind of manager is at this gym. What give the manager the right to go throught her cell phone. I can'nt believe someone would do this. I hope there's something she can do towards this person.

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  • Bi
    Big bird Sep 15, 2009

    I Currently work at LAF and I agree 100% with what you have said. In fact I believe you were rather light on the criticism of LAF, is operations, and treatment of employees and members.

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  • Ni
    NicoleY Sep 27, 2009

    I currently work at LA Fitness as well and would definitely say I disgree with these comments 100. As an employee and a young female I have found there is no limits to a career with this company, and have been involved in daily and weekly sales and management trainings. They genuinely care about their people and supported me with paid medical leave last month when I had surgery. They have great benefits after 60 days of employment and great vacation and sick pay. As far as knowledge on health and fitness, all of our personal trainers are certified through the state and are very well educated in fitness. I am also a client on personal training and lost 18 pounds the right way. As far as caring about our members, we have a great complimentary 60 day follow up program to help motivate and ensure the use of the membership for all new members and I've had nothing but a great response to customer service at our facility. If as an employe or a customer your not 100% satisfied please do make a complaint to our operations staff in club, and your matter will be resolved quickly. We maintain a high level of customer service and if not we make the changes necessary to make it better right away. Try out the club for yourself before letting someone else make up your mind for you

    Nicole Ybarrondo
    General Manager
    4s Ranch [protected]

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    unkownone Oct 01, 2009

    nicole... you're a gm. You may be treated well. Try being a personal trainer and making only 6 dollars on a 30-40 dollar 30 minute personal training session. No benefits, no insurance. no disability...they don't care about their employees at all!!

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    gunit23 Oct 17, 2009

    this complaint makes absolutely no sense... therefore I do not believe it... how could you be so gullable to believe that in the first takes two eyes to read your MONTH to MONTH agreement

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    consumer2010 Oct 29, 2009

    I am really big on Customer Service and work as well; during my sign up the sales rep guy who took care of us was arrogant and prejudice, he really was having hard time with us trying to be as nice a possible. What's even worse he refuse to recognize us when he passes by. It's not even as clean, I have hard time going to the bathroom which is always dirty. One of my friend was in process to applying a few months back, and instead of her number being privately held by the managers or whoever was responsible of hiring that day, same day an employee calls her back looking for some stranger, how professional is that?? Now I regret having membership with them instead of 24 hour at least who have adults and do better customer service. I am glade Q club went out, they took $50 bucks out of my account when I was a teenager when they were trying to just give me pass for a week without a charge, never got the week pass and lost money.

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  • Jo
    Jolly G Nov 06, 2009

    If you have a complant be a man and show up to La Fitness or contact the VP who is easily availible to any and all employees or members. There is a reason that La fitness is the fastest growing fitness club in the world. They strive to have the nicest cleanest and most convenient facilities in the nation. This complaint was written by an old sales guy that was given a chance to make some good money and couldnt even get his own family and friends to buy a membership from him. Hey James if you couldnt make money a recession proof industry, good luck making a dime in the real world. Stop writting BS on a random complaint board and get a JOB that will train you like your a F N tard. If u cant sell a membership to a person who wants to change ther life for the better your better off taking orders at IN n OUT. Peace out James and ggod luck in life, your going to need it.

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  • Ta
    TasR44 Nov 14, 2009

    I started sending written requests of cancellation in July 2009, as the contract specifies.

    After SIX letters, they are still taking money out of my account, in November.

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  • La
    Laznet Nov 18, 2009

    Gross Place to work, Operations is overworked, Sales is full of ###, the trainers have overweight individuals doing lunges on a step and step ups. They have the same exercises for somewhat conditioned people too. Cutting the aerobic coordinators and making the operations cover the classes. There will be pleanty missed classes. It is not worth working here. They are a sinking ship. They have no regard for anyone. Customer Service is bad and just getting worse!!!

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    BadSanta Dec 05, 2009

    I work for LA part time as PT! Agree 100%
    Customer service, employee care and wages are SUCKS! As a fitness Pro I would not realy care, what is going on for 7.50 per session! KIDS are doing men job. They dont have ANY clue how to train and any care about clients!
    To get a job at LA is 6 hrs certification for PT or sales! That is a joke! What average person learn in 6 hrs abt kinseology or anatomy?! NONE.
    *It is so close to my house and it is cheap!* Does not worth a penny paid! Will regress and injur with improper personal training!

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  • Kk
    kkelley31 Mar 30, 2010

    I enjoy watching fox news while I work out but LA Fitness has stoped airing Fox and only allows CNN to be shown and I for one will be getting my workouts from anouther gym from now on and hope others will follow suit.

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  • Eu
    Eugene74 May 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I agree 100%. Executives are arrogant and don’t know how to manage people. Salespeople are pushy. Personal trainers are unknowledgeable. Front desk employees are unprofessional. Group fitness instructors are hit-and-miss. Everyone except the highest executives is underpaid. The clubs are either new and shiny, or old and filthy. If you’re looking to build a career in the fitness industry, you can do much better than LA Fitness.

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  • Rb
    rburn504 May 13, 2010
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    Verified customer

    all these reviews are true. I am still working at LA Fitness after taking the job in Operations because I didnt want to sit on unemployment. Now i realize I gave up just as much money on UI as I am making working 40hrs a week with no room for advancement

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    101nosaj May 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't comp;ain yet. I will need to cancel my membership and personal trainer contract due to the economy and how our income has decreased since we became members.

    Overall I am pleased with my results. In 4 months I've lost 12 pounds, I feel stronger, not as much pain in the knees and shoulder, and the other benefit, better sex.

    I am moving my membership to another club, more than half the price for the membership. The personal trainers costs are close to the same at all of the clubs.

    So, I guess the deciding factor is how they handle my cancelation.

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  • An
    Anonymous232 Jun 27, 2010

    Origonal post absolutley true. I was an employee for 4 years, started young and didn't know any better. BTW I believe Nicole Ybarrondo was soon terminated after her post? Call her and ask why. She may have also forgot how she had a broken leg and her VP Ben Venezuala harrassed her to come to some big greaseball meeting the next day. I was a GM, and let me tell you, it doesn't matter how high up you get, you'll always be treated like [censor]. "Worked like dogs, but paid like kings" is Luis Welch's motto. This horrible business is the responsibility of its owners, Luis Welch, the voice of the company, a greedy heartless sob, his wife Michu Welch, who runs the operations and Facilities, another dark hearted women who gets off cussing a storm at her employees and firing them on will, and chin yei, who talks a little, but hasn't much to do with his employees, although he pretends to. All of the Executives were recently demoted then later quit, even guys that have been with the company 20 years. Warning: Dont become a member, Dont become an employee, you will undoubtedly regret it.

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    anesti nova Aug 17, 2010

    It is about the indoor pool. Me and my friends we are members since it opened.They say they are going to close the pool for a week. We think a couple days will be enough to fix anything since it is a brand neww location!.
    Thank you for your attention

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  • Te
    tellamer Nov 10, 2010

    I'm a member of LA fitness since long time and I received an e-mail from LA fitness that offering multi club excess. I called LA fitness no one willing to help, there are telling me go on public [protected] but it does not give me any help. so how can I be multi club excess member ? Thanks

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    Lafit215 Jan 02, 2011
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    These posts are great! As a previous employee at LA Fitness (3 years), I couldn't agree more with the original post. This place was run like a circus side show! I worked up the corporate ladder to General Manager only to realize that my hard work would never pay off. Heavy turnover is a testament to how much Mr. Welsh cares about his employees! I've been speaking with several ex-employees about all the funny/horrible things that went on behind the scenes and I'm currently working on a sitcom (with financial backing). If you want to contribute, tell me about the poor service you received or perhaps a funny story about your employment at LA Fitness! Send me an email! Once I get enough material for the first 6 episodes, we may be watching it on tv ( in the near future) [protected]

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    pobarjenkins Jan 25, 2011
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    How could they garnish your wife's bank account for years without her knowing?

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  • Ye
    yeahright70 Feb 07, 2011

    I have worked with LA Fitness for 5 months now. I work in the kidz club at 8 bucks an hour. Not only was I never told anything about the benefits I was not given any of the papers I signed when I first applied and I was not able to read anything before I signed( that was bad on my part but the manager is to blame too.) The manager told me he was in a hurry and if I could just sign on the electronic pad and he would read it to me.
    The manager at my place is so rude not only to the employees but to the members as well. He was just given a promotion to some position where he is in charge of the complaints customers have. I have heard him on the phone and he is so rude if I was a member I would quit just because I don’t pay money to someone to be treated the way he treats members.
    He also has the employees lie about our hours so he looks good. If a child's parent is late picking them up and we have to stay pass 8:00pm we put that we stayed late so let’s say 8:15 he wants us to put it back and he tells us to make up the time another day and come in late 15 mins. I don’t feel it is right to lie on a time card and I am taking the risk of getting fired. I went two whole pay periods before I could make it up.
    He also has no care about the safety of the child as long as he does not have a parent yelling at him. He finally had to fire an employee because I told him a parent was going to go over his head and bring problems for him for letting a employee he knew shock babies still work there. He should have been fired years ago.
    I was never told by anyone I could work out for free I was told nothing. My manager has never told me about any heath benefits and my co worker has worked there for over 6 years and she also knows nothing of any health benefits either.
    We are never reimbursed for any money we put out of our own pockets for the children. I buy coloring books and toys. If you think the kidz club is clean you are wrong nothing gets sterilized it is covered in germs. So many of the toys are licked and sucked by children and they go back into the toy box that way. We are not given sanitizer, and if we buy it we don’t get reimbursed for it. I have called out sick once since working there and I was not paid for it because I am a part time employee.
    My manager has not spoken to me in over a month, I walk pass him every day he ignores me. He is the most unfriendly individual. Parents are always complaining to me but what can I do about it. He also is always yelling profanity in the gym so members are always hearing him. A manager should never be talking the way he does to employees.
    In December I was asked to come in and do fingerprints and fill out all this important paper work with my personal information on it with SSN, address, weight, height, and phone numbers, I came in on my day off and I did everything. A few days later my manager comes in to the kids club and says I never gave him the paper work, I reply with yes I did and you photo copied it. He said the company must have lost it could I travel on my time off to redo the process at the finger print place. I had a double shift that day and I had to be back to work in a few hours I get home and I called the finger print company to ask them why and how could you lose my personal information. and they were upset with me that I was accusing them of a serious issue, they called up my manager to talk to him, well it comes out that my manager lost the important paper work not them and the finger print company did not need me for anything he need the paperwork. So somewhere out there in the gym or wherever is my person information which could be used for identity theft. I was so mad he was going to waste my day and all he needed was the paper work I had at home (my copy), I went into work and gave him everything and he acts like is no big deal. Other companies would have paid for a company to watch my identity in case someone steals it, not him he acts like whatever his problem is gone.
    I also hate when the sales people bring potential members into the kids club and lie to them saying we all CPR certified and TB tested. We are not; I was never told I had to be, so if your kid chokes he is out of luck because I can’t save him I would try my best.
    I use to be a member at LA fitness years ago and I had a personal trainer he told me that not all of the personal trainers are actually certified some of them were trying to be but they were not at the time certified. My personal trainer saved a person’s life because he saw the signs of a stroke a member was having and that member had a personal trainer and that trainer was clueless.
    The machines at the gym are so old I think they are the originals. The YMCA has way newer machines. Most of the times the parents come into complain that the treadmill is broken.
    I have never worked at a company that is so unorganized and so unprofessional. I am not even given my pay slip because I have direct deposit, they said just go on to the computers at work and look at it. I should not have to go on to a work computer to look at my pay slip I should be able to access that information at home too. But I know that I should be given a pay slip. I waited four months before doing direct deposits because of knowing you did not get pay slips and they are always screwing up hours. I finally had enough of waiting a week for my pay check because my manager forgot to give it to me. I should not have to wait a week before getting my pay check. I was just told a few weeks ago you could access on the work computer when pay days would be. I was never trained or given any details of the job, all they cared about was that I could handle kids. I like the people I work within the kids club. The sales people are shady but that is a sales person for you.
    I might seem naïve but I honestly need a job that can work around my school schedule and it gives me an extra 200 dollars month. My biggest pay check was a little over 300 dollars, I am not making the big bucks I know but I should not be treated like crap either. I think it is a lot of reasonability to look after children and I think we are being taken advantage. The kids club is 15 dollars a month for your children to be there two hours every day and during the week you can come morning and evening for a total of four hours a day, which is nothing. 24 hours is more expensive but maybe there employees are CPR certified.
    Tip: Sales people are always pissing the kids club attendants off with when parents sign up for the kids club and they have two children they have them pay for one child, or if you have three children paying for two children and getting the third in for free. That pisses us off because the kids club gets nothing out of it but more children. We also love when the front desk and even our manager pockets the cash the parents give for the kids club.
    To sum it up LA Fitness is the worst employment I have ever been with. It will get me through school and that is it. If I worked with [censor]s in kids club I would have quit but I like the people I work around. I would not recommend employment or membership to LA Fitness, no wonder they are no for being a ghetto gym now. If I was looking into gyms personally I would look into the YMCA or doing a class at the local community college which is only 26 dollars for three months. Thanks for reading this long rant but it helps to get it off your chest.

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  • Pa
    Patrick D Feb 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been working out here for a while and it seems like the sales staff is only getting worse. They have no respect for anyone, they use foul language, and I have heard them yell at the front desk people and trainers. The Training sales guys are even worse, they continue to come up to you while you are working out to try and sale personal training to you. If you say you aren't interested they will respond with a condescending remark like "thats ok I know you couldn't afford it anyway" that's what was told to a lady on a machine next to me the other day by a guy name Tony. Turns out he is the manager for training. The place is clean and if you work out in the early morning or late night you don't have to worry about the [censored] that work there.

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  • St
    Steve Savage Mar 08, 2011

    LA Fitness club started playing loud, offensive rap music the whole evening.
    They removed Fox News and replaced it with controversial CNN.
    Membes leave weights and trash all over the floor, and staff does nothing about it.
    Interfaced with a sales staff person that was very immature and rude.

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  • An
    angrytiger Mar 25, 2011

    This is for Anonymous232 just so we are clear. You worked for LA Fitness for 4 years and you worked closely with the owners- I'm only gathering this from your description of how they were acting (though I honestly don't believe you were in that high of a position)- yet still you don't know how to spell either of their names correctly... Darn no wonder they fired you, I would have too! And seriously guys it isn't what the owners/ bosses are doing incorrectly, it is what you are doing incorrectly. Sooner or later you are going to realize all owners of companies ultimately want the same thing. They want their company to succeed so they put their heart and soul into their company. They do what they love and they hope you feel the same way about your job. And if you don't show the effort that they believe their company deserves then you will ultimately get fired. So for all the ex-employee complainers in the world stop half-assing your job and maybe your boss won't fire you! And maybe once you actually start working you will realize how much pleasure it brings to your life. So instead of spending all of your lazy [censor] time blogging about how much you hate life, you can actually have one. And if you don't end up enjoying your work, maybe you are in the wrong area of work. SO QUIT! No one is stopping you. Enjoy life and stop [censor]ing complaining!!! You all are just little annoying jealous pests. I am going to give you a brilliant idea.. GET A [censor]ING LIFE!

    PS: Life is not all about money. Not all rich people are happy, and not all poor people are sad.
    Money has no correlation to the quality of your life. Unless you are greedy. And from the looks of your blogs, greedy is exactly what you are. (Most of you at least)

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  • An
    angrytiger Mar 25, 2011

    Forgot to add this in my last remark.
    There isn't house in Malibu... You honestly do not have a clue what you are talking about, do you? Get your facts straight.
    And by the way I don't believe your complaint. I don't think you have worked at LA Fitness, and you obviously don't know anything about the owners. So stop your lying, complaining, and rude remarks. Because liars go to HELL.
    On another note, putting other people down will make you feel better? Sorry hun, life doesn't work that way.
    XOXO. Have a good life. Because your afterlife is going to burn you to ash.

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  • Fu
    FUK LA FIT May 01, 2011

    HAHAHA WOW I so agree with this article 110 %. I am a certified personal trainer, I was discriminated in the hiring process, as soon as I told HR I am hiring a lawyer they give me a job. I only like my fellow workout buddies that I see there other than that this fuking gym and its managements is ### ! my GF a 5 Year personal trainer got fired from a new [censored] manager who is FOB from India and doesnt know jack ### about management. I am a business Major and know a lot about businesses and Hands down this is the worst worst place for any trainer to work at.

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  • Ow
    Owens11 Jun 11, 2011

    Good for them. Fox News is not a real news channel.

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  • Sm
    smile24 Jun 18, 2011

    Ive worked for LA Fit for 4 years... truth in both sides guys. It depends what club or employees you have experienced. As far as sales being shady or arrogant... welcome to a common characteristic of ANY sales employee, not LA Fitness sales specifically. Kids club employee... at my gym EVERY front desk and kids club staff is CPR certified if they work a shift alone, it is company policy to have at least 1 CPR/AED certified staff member to be in the building at all times and toys are sterilized after EVERY shift at my location... sounds like a crappy operations manager, not a crappy company.
    For interested customers... just remember to read anything you sign. Fitness memberships are month to month and easy to cancel without further billing, IF you do it the right way, so read what you sign, dont believe what somebody you dont know tells you... big mistake.
    For interested employees... They'll give you a pay check but no commitment to you or your future. Kids club, training, operations... all good side jobs, but no career. Working operations I easily average $12-$15/ hr, but its part time.
    There is good and bad to it all.

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  • Po
    polt Jul 25, 2011

    Yeah I cancelled my membership soon after hearing too many complaints, but LA fitness known as LAF still has been charging my credit card. On the contract it says if before 3 days of use, you can go to the LA fitness where u enrolled to cancel instead of certifying mail. However these people still charge the credit card. I JUST CANCELLED THE CREDIT CARD.

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  • Cu
    curs Aug 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have you ever seen such a poorly run fitness center as la fitness. The Huntingdon valley, PA is one of the dirtiest, poorly run, and lacking new equipment gym I have worked out in many years. All of the straight bars have a layer of rust that does not allow for easy removal of weights. Not that anyone there reracks, just gives another excuse not to. There must be some sort of health violation that the particular fitness center is seriously violating. Could you imagine they are gettin 40.00 a month from new members and they are introduced to a DUMP! Luckily I pay 99.00 a year and I’m think that is too much latley. This is the furthest thing from turn key fitness, its more like rusty, petrified fitness if you ask me.

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  • Ho
    Hod4yf Oct 04, 2011

    I have been experiencing the worst customer service at LA fitness and am unable to get in contact with the right people to help me. Previously, when I join the young lady that sign me and my friend on my account gave us the wrong tags, instead of documenting the tags correctly they let it go on for months. When I request for someone to be taken of my account they kept charging me for that person so I tried to cancel my services. I have spoken to the Operational manger several times and each time he gave me a phony name. I call the customer service line for them to tell me that they do not have Manny Crowley, that they have Lawrence . On the 22nd I got a call from the sales rep willing to wave all the past balances if I rejoined, I told her I would be the only one rejoining she debited my account and told me I shouldn’t have any problems. Well, today I go in and was treated very poorly by a young black man, he gave me a phony name wouldn’t give me his supervisor's name or number, also refuse to let me speak to someone else and threaten to charge my account for the past due balance that was suppose to be waived. I asked to get the corporate contact and he said is corporate and that everyone reports back to him. I really love coming to the gym because the other trainers are very sweet and even the cleaning crew speaks and helps me out. But I am so disgusted at the treatment that I received today that I don’t want to come back. The treatment that I received today was not only unprofessional, but also very unethical and I refuse to invest my time or money where I can not get treated right. Several times I have address this young man that he has my account documented wrong and for him to be so selfish, and indignant to correct the situation and provide go face to face customer service is shameful on your company.

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  • Ja
    Jackey25 Dec 05, 2011

    This is the worst place i have ever worked at. They dont care about their employee's. Im 19 and i bust my ### going back and forth for the little clients i have. I dont have a car so i take the bus. My boss tells everyone to not give me clients. Im a damn good trainer. I once was 269 pounds! I am now 180 solid! I know how to train i love this job without him in it. I love my clients i live for this and all i ask is for some respect!! i dont get any. I will never come back here again. I cant wait to get new openings..

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  • Co
    Consumeradvocate2011 Feb 04, 2012

    United Employees Law Group is currently suing LA Fitness in a Class Action in California on behalf of employees. If you are a personal trainer now or have been in the past 4 years, please contact the law office at

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  • Dr
    Dradamh Feb 29, 2012

    LA Fitness signed my wife up for a membership that charged her weekly dues when she thought she was going for a 1 week trial membership. When I called to complain they stated that they had her digital signature.

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  • Si
    Sixela10 May 10, 2012

    I totally agree with this!! 100% I just wish I would have read it before I applied to LA Fitness. I went in to get a job and walked out with a job (: I was pretty proud of myself. For what is worth, I thought that LA Fitness was fairly clean and they have a pool! Which was a total plus for me. NOW I COULD CARE LESS! I worked for LA Fitness for 3 weeks...maybe 3 1/2. Anyways, from day 1 the managers did nothing for me. Like most of the comments above, there was no training involved (I worked with operations), the managers couldn't give two ### about what happened in the gym, and there was no communication whatsoever. I have NEVER had problems with employment, yes I have screwed up a couple of times, but nothing to terminate me! After working for a couple weeks I noticed that I wasn't on the schedule for the following week. So I politely texted my manager and asked him what was going response. So I called into the gym and talked to my GM and she said (and I quote), "There aren't enough hours for operations right now, I will call you back IF I put you back on the schedule" Why thank you for making that so clear!!! If the fact was true that they didn't have enough hours I would suck it up and move on, BUT the fact is that it wasn't true. The day before I called they hired a new employee (he actually answered the phone when I called), so basically I was lied to, laid off, and slapped in the face.
    I absolutely hated working there. Employees owed me money for EFT's that they stole from me, told me that they would pay me back, BUT COMPLETELY DIDN'T.
    Alright I could seriously go on a huge rampage, but I'm going to refrain myself because the bottom line is that I will never be going back to an LA Fitness to work or workout in and you shouldn't either. These comments aren't for the good of us to get things off of our chest, but to warn future customers or employees of the hell that you will go through. And yes like someone mentioned before, not every LA Fitness is necessarily bad, but it sure sounds like they're a lot that are.
    I'm just thankful for learning and getting out. Oh and I have an awesome job now. (: All better.

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  • Ki
    Kids Klub Employee Nov 16, 2012

    I totally agree with this post! I am a current employee of the Kids Klub and have been for the past 1.5 years. The turnover rate here is ridiculous and management relies on staff members to keep everyone informed of things. I'm currently on my 4th Operations Manager since getting hired as the people that LA Fitness hires are either WAY too young for the position or inexperienced. My last OM was quite a bit younger than me (I'm in my late 30s and work in the Kids Klub in the AM while my kids are at school), and she felt that she could just boss me around. I was even told "there's other employment opportunities for you if you don't like how things are run here" by her. My co-workers, too, are young (either teens or early 20s) with NO kids or no experience with kids. They complain every time a child whines or cries and frequently comment on how kids react to things as "annoying". They, too, basically watch TV and get paid for it with very little interaction with the children. If there actually was a dire emergency (split lip, bad fall, etc.) I don't think my co-workers would know what to do or even what kid belonged to what parent to find them in a very quick and efficient manner as there's times where I come in and a child is in need of their parent (had an accident, their two hour time limit is up, etc.) and no one seems to know what kid belongs to what parent.

    Employee coverage also... I have to practically be DEAD to find anyone to work for me as if you're not in the same click (my co-workers are all friends and got each other hired) you're an outcast. I tell them how things should be done as I'm a parent of two. I have to bring in doctor's notes to get coverage as our current temporary Operations Manager is young with an occassional attitude also and WILL NOT help you find coverage. It's our job if you need someone to work for you and I always get an automatic "NO!", so I go to my doctor and force management to give me off and actually due their job to juggle the schedule around.

    Kids Klub Sanitation... Yeah, right. I don't think the toilets have been scrubbed in at least a year as Club Pride (janitorial staff) rarely gets in the KK other than to change the trash. Nothing is cleaned or sanitized, to include toys, unless I do it myself as the other staff members feel it's "not their job". Every job you have to clean a little. I don't care if it's the gym, McDonalds, or wherever. Maybe my co-workers will care when there's finally a lawsuit due to lack of cleanliness or lack of response time when I child does get hurt as we are not CPR certified (unless you also work front desk).

    I do this for minimum wage since I enjoy working with children. Many of the regulars know me by name and actually look for me on the days that I do work. It, too, gives me something to do when my kids are at school. Would I recommend this to anyone else my age? Heck no! They don't care about you at all. I barely even get a hello some days and I've yet to actually have our new General Manager greet me even though I've waved to him through the window sometimes. If you're not involved with making the company money such as a manager or a sales person, you're mincemeat to this company.

    Thanks for reading my rant.

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  • Jl
    JL Haggans Dec 17, 2012

    If you support LA Fitness Pro Results/Body of Change (they change the name whenever they're being sued) then you are supporting MODERN DAY SLAVERY!!! The trainers get "paid" $6.00 per session ($4.50 after taxes). They're not promised an 8 hour day or a 32 hour week, so they can be at LA Fitness for 10 hours, if they train 2 clients that day, they "earn" $12.00 that day. The trainers get no sick days, no holiday pay, no vacation pay, no personal days, no medical benefits...not even a lunch room! The "managers" get commissions for selling you a session that's suppose to be for 60 mins, but the client only trains for 30 mins with the trainer. When the "managers" tell you they're talking to the "Corporate Boss" to get a "Special rate" for you, they're talking to a fellow associate in another section of the same gym, promise you free sessions (which they take from other clients who lapse using thier sessions, probably because they're disgusted with the lack of professionalism, but can't get out the contract unless they pay a 50% cancellation fee!), & when you finally figure out what's going on & call whoever to complain, GOOD LUCK! Be prepared to get lawyers involved if you want your money back, because that's what it's going to take. Congradulate the ppl of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania who banded together as a community & voted NOT to allow the LA Fitness Signature Club (coporate slave ship) into their community. Support your community fitness facilities staffed by members of YOUR COMMUNITY who actually care about you! Not LA Fitness corporation employees getting paid slave wages while being ordered to smile at you & rob you at the same time.

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  • Fi
    fireman25 Apr 01, 2013

    Gym is dirty /Equipment needs to be replaced ( same equipment from the day they open ) people that work on the weekend do nothing no paper towels crap all over the floor they could care less

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  • Ma
    madsahell May 27, 2013

    My daughter is an employee at L.A Fitness in Lou. Ky. She only works there because she is also a college student and has a hard time finding employment that works with her school schedule. That being said, she works on some of her days off, has worked in the day care has filed in and covered others that call in regularly and has worked most holidays. She is bullied on a regular basis by a young lady name Kayla. I've heard this named mentioned by several others that work out at that gym and none of the info. I have received is good. Why does LA Fitness continue to keep people like this on payroll and allow people like this to threaten employees with being fired when they have to call in 1 time for an emergency? Clearly, L.A Fitness does not care about the wellbeing of it's employees.

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