K Aug 13, 2018

On 4/26/16 Pinnacle Auto sales purchased a copier from CCA solutions located on
140 east Pittsburgh street Greensburg Pa. for $742 including tax(serial number lvz5722779, machine ID 10570). After the install, on or around 02/06/2017, a clicking noise was checked for defects, lubed and a fee for the service of $118.72 was charged to Pinnacle auto(tech noted the it may be a bad fuser). On or around 02/20/2017 the problem arose again and the new fuser needed to be ordered and installed at another fee to Pinnacle Auto of $118.72. upon of one of the services the technician saw some sparking that he described as "something he had never seen before". At that point my concern was that possibly we got a faulty/unsafe unit and could this defect be effecting other unit parts that are now out of warranty? On 07/25/18, Pinnacle auto replaced the "EXIT ASSY" because of a jamming issue the prevented the use of the machine from the front. Fee for the parts and labor $536.36. The meter at that time was recorded at 81197 by tech, Steve. To summarize, Pinnacle Auto has spent $773.80 on this machine repairs, in addition to the $742 purchase price. I have personal experience with another store and other kyoceras and have not experienced such expenses with regard to a new Kyocera.
Pinnacle is requesting help in regard to this machine, such as replace with a different one possibly? reimbursement of expenses possible? My cell phone is [protected] and my email is [protected]

Ken Moore
Co -owner


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