Kuwait Airways / lost of luggage while travelling from delhi to paris via kuwait

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Travelling from Delhi to Paris via Kuwait by Flight No. KU382 on 28.02.2019 and from Kuiwait to paris by flight No. KU167 on 28.02.2019. But we have not received one bag while reaching at the paris Airport and we have been informed that the bag will come to your hotel on 2nd March, 2019, but it doesn't come. when we returning back on 10th March the same is not found on the paris airport also.
We have lodged the compliant at the Paris Airport and there were nearly 12 to 15 other persons also in the same flight without or loss of luggage.

Mar 23, 2019
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  •   May 11, 2019

    You need to apply for the compenstaion to the court in India (asstance starts from Rs 10'000) or in Europe (from EUR 250.00). The court shall award compensation by law and by the international rules for such types of the cases.

    We can assit you for complaining procedure in Europe.

    OLEG G
    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregularity matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    electronic address for request with documents in .PDF or .JPG format: aryan[at]

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