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Kurz Law Group Dennis Kurz

I used this attorney in a civil suit against Nissan on a breach of warranty claim. He later left that firm without any notification to me, at any time whatsoever. I happened to find out about his departure from the firm in the midst of a hearing in late 2013 ONLY because it came up that Judges Hughes (the judge in my case) had removed Mr. Kurz from practicing in his court on my case because he found him "unfit" in some manner relating to being properly licensed in Texas. At that hearing it came to light that he had violated the attorney client privilege between us, by leaking an e-mail to the defense counsel with false statements regarding my case, to get out of having to appear in court and to save himself from sanctions and possible license suspension. This e-mail was admitted into evidence which can be found on Pacer in my case, stating that he never felt my case had any merit and "begged" the firm to drop it. This patently FALSE statement caused the judge to make a ruling during this hearing to grant my settlement awards (which had already been won and were being held in the court registry) to the opposing counsel in the amount of $16, 500. Through an attorney acting as intermediary we made multiple efforts to contact Mr. Kurz to hear his side of the story and to ask him to "Self Report" to the Texas State Bar. He ignored us for almost three months. In spite of multiple efforts to contact him by certified mail, it took him almost three months to FINALLY respond to me directly, but that was ONLY because he read my review here on AVVO. When I inquired as to WHY he did what he did, he responded that the defense counsel, which was representing Nissan, had threatened him with sanctions and a request that his license be suspended. He stated that he contacted the opposing counsel HIMSELF to negotiate taking his license "off the table" and also managed to get them to drop him entirely from even having to appear even AFTER he had been subpoenaed to appear in court on my case. Which explains a lot and clarifies the reason for the leaked e-mail, but also clarifies Mr. Kurz lack of ethics and integrity. He not only cost me my settlement award, but he also very possibly compromised our appeal. He violated not only his fiduciary duties to me but also the client / attorney privilege. Not only did he not serve MY best interest as is his duty and his solemn Oath, by putting his own self interest before mine, but he also deliberately sabotaged my case. I will be posting follow ups to this review as this progresses once the Texas State Bar receives my formal complaint and be sure to keep this review updated so the general public may know if it is ever rectified. At this time, Mr, Kurz is taking NO responsibility for his actions, choosing instead, to make excuses and point the finger at everyone else. This is not an "opinion", it is a fact. Mr. Kurz disputed my previous review on AVVO and was successful at having them removed due to having finally contacted me. What he most likely failed to inform AVVO is that he offered no resolution and the excuse he gave in NO WAY resolved this matter and in fact, only served to further illuminate his act of betrayal as self serving. Since the time (last week) that he contacted me, he has had people posting glowing reviews there that even admit that they, themselves, did not use him personally.People, please be discerning when you choose an attorney. These review sites are here for a reason!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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This so called attorney listens to your case builds you up and convinces you that he can win money for you and stop unfair collection procedures. He barely follows up with you and even switched firms in the middle of my lawsuit. I only noticed and inquired about the change of firms after being contacted by a new paralegal working for him who left the name...

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