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outdated link is damaging my professional reputation

To avoid misleading the public, I'm requesting that Leagle immediately updates information regarding my license to practice law. This is what they have now:
However, on January 8, 2020, the Appellate Division fully reinstated me as an attorney:
Please confirm your receipt of this email and advise me when the records can be updated. Thank you.
Alex Rozenzaft, Esq.

  • Can someone post the real identity behind We know for a fact that this name that's showing up Donald Johnson in Little Rock Arkansas is all fake because the real owner does not want his identity known to the public.

    The Arkansas Attorney General's Office only has an email for and no one is able to find out who is behind this vicious data mining monetized website.

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  • Read somewhere that the owner of could possible by an Attorney by the name of Jeffrey Allen Steinport, or at a minimum he knows exactly who is behind because he does lots of data mining with dozens of monetized websites. These people just sit back in the comfort of their homes behind a computer uploading the public's legal information for their money making schemes. They are ruthless, unethical and mentally deranged.

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dr. paul twomey collecting and publishing the public's legal documents and hiding behind fake contact information

651388 Hello everyone! To all the people who have been harmed by by having their reputations and careers ruined. The owner of Leagle, Inc. and the website is a Dr... Doland Johnson —, donald johnson is destroying people’s lives

597165 Donald Johnson is the owner of Donald Johnson has a long criminal RAP Sheet with multiple criminal convictions in his background – see the attached Court...