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M Sep 04, 2018

Good day

For many years I was part of the Comair (BA/Kulula) family whereas I worked for them as a Flight Attendant. I was extremely proud to be part of this company...until I travelled as n passenger 3 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, due to traffic/parking set-backs that early Friday morning, I arrived few minutes late @ check-in counters - for my Kulula flight to CPT.

At Check-in counter, I was informed that gates are already closed and then he referred me to the Ticket Sales counters. The lack of assistance/help from the Staff member was not impressive. (Because of my flying experience, I knew that gates were not closed at that time. I only had hand luggage, and therefor I could've run and still made that specific flight in time) Got to Ticket Sales, there was only myself and another person waiting in row. Waited about 30 minutes for assistance. The person in front of me, almost walked away out of frustration. Staff member who eventually assisted me, was also very unapproachable - I was informed to pay additional R1017.00 to get on next available flight. (After she originally informed me to pay R1700.00 and I said I simply cannot afford it, she started - with an attitude - to look for other options)..

I am extremely disappointed in Ground staff's assistance as well as the fact that Kulula passengers must pay so much extra fee's - specially if they know that there are definitely available seats on next flights?


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