Kuehne + Nagelkuehne + nagel representative complaint

M Sep 06, 2018

A representative of Kuehne + Nagel by the name Omphile Lesejane has been providing my company with the poorest service I have ever experienced. We urgently need information from her that is required by the department in order to provide our client with authorization to import the waste in to South Africa (export from their side and import from our side in South Africa). We have been phoning her for days on end asking for information over and over, she never phones back and we as the client must always follow up on our requests. Her attitude toward a client is shocking and I do not see how Kuehne + Nagel has any clients if this is how their clients are being treated. We have asked for two things, two things over and over - on mail and via phone calls. The feedback that I need has still not been provided, the representative sends us info that she feels like sending when this is not what we requested, she doesn't respond to all our queries and till this day I must still follow up on her. The department and my client is on my case and because of her poor service our company looks bad when customer service is of the highest priority to us. If someone competent from Kuehne + Nagel gets back to me, please ask her exactly what was required and prepare this information before getting back to me. I am aware that the exact registration of the vehicle that wil lbe transporting the goods cannot be provided at this moment, but other details can be provided. The deadline is 07/09/2018 at 11:00. Please call me so that we can discuss this further. [protected]

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