Kubotawont start again and again


I can not get a fix for my b7610 kubota. I bought it new and from day 1 I have had problems with it occasionally not starting after using it. I was told by my kubota dealership to get under it and shake different wires etc. What the hell! I own an expensive tractor like this and i'm crawling under it shaking things to see if it works... This has gone on for my complete ownership and kubota can never find or duplicate the problem. It is now in my driveway blocking my cars and wont start. This is horrible I was promised last year by kubotas worthless rep that they would come pick it up and get it resolved, well of course after he asked me to take it to a different dealership for service. I want to point out it has been 8 months and they still have not came after it. Question of the day how do I get it to start well I either let it sit for days, how convienient or I have to hit the frame with my sledge hammer. Yes you read correctly, I have to his the tractor I bought 3 years ago new with a sledge hammer to get it to start. I don't know what to do or what direction to go, if anyone knows of a direction to get this resolved I am open for suggestions. My email is [protected] I am about to pay a roll back truck to drive around with it on the back with a sign beside it saying how I have been put off by kubota and how crappy my service and experience has been... Help


  • Ji
    jimblob Jun 25, 2009

    I agree their sales represenitives do not care but only want to make a sale they leave a lot to be desired. I refuse to by a Kabota product due to the sales representation and support or lack of that . It leaves me with a no confidence feeling . I rather by a Cub Cadet after my expereience.


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  • Mu
    mudpond Apr 16, 2015

    Maybe I should consider myself lucky at this point after reading some of the complaints. I wanted to buy a B2920 at a dealership in NY the only new tractor available anywhere around. And the dealer won't sell it to me because he wants to sell it to someone local. I live 200mi away, willing to go get it but nope.. wont trade my Kubota with 75hrs on it. I just wanted a bigger hp tractor..what a bunch of bull crap.

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  • Pj
    Pjf55 Sep 21, 2016

    My name is Phil I bought a B7610 I bought it used I had it a year with no issues. I went out to the barn turn the key nothing . I wiggled every lever I can think of. Also looked at the switches and I did not see a problem. I took it to the dealer and they told me that mice eat the wires in the ignition switch. They got the switch in and now say that the mice chewed other wires. Two days later and they can't find the problem they say there still tracing wires.
    Did you ever get your problem fixed and if so what was it. I hate to see what my bill will be.

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  • Bn
    Bnsf Jul 19, 2017

    I have a Kubota D1305 engine in a Grasshopper zero turn mower model 430D. The fuel injection pump broke 2 springs in the pump number 2 & 3 cylinder not working. I have been trying to find a service manual for this engine for a week and Kubota engine America is no help. The told me to call distributor Lostin Equipment in Houston, Texas. I did and after listing to a long menue, I chose service, some lady answered and I told her my story, she said they only had two service man and one was in Arizona and the other was busy. Left name and number for a call back. I then called again and listened to the long menue and selected parts,
    someone answered and I told my story again, then the phone went to the menue again, I hung up. All I wan is to purchase a service manual for this engine and Kubota makes it damn near impossible.

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