Krogerfront end manager carol at 5050 rutgers ave store in roanoke va

C Sep 14, 2018

I am a job coach that has a client working at Kroger. went in today to just check on my client whom was working. I went to approach the front end manager Carol to say hi and let her know I had been there and as soon as I said hi she jumped down my throat. She raised her voice (almost a yell) and started telling me I cant just stop in and I have to have an appointment. Carol was very unprofessional and loud. I was not asking her to have a meeting nor was I pulling her away from any customers or employees. I simply wanted to say hi, She did not give me the opportunity to say anything else. Once she yelled at me, I felt threatened and told her I had emailed to set up a meeting because I knew my client was having some difficulties and she begun to yell again. Not only was it embarrassing for me but I am sure others felt uncomfortable. I ended up walking away while she was talking due to her continues yelling. I know that the guy in u scan observed this happening and several other people. Kroger was busy.
This is not the first time Carol has been rude that is why I am posting a complaint. I have had several unpleasant interactions with her and observed several very unprofessional things in the past, l oud almost yelling conversations on the phone with someone while customers were around and such.
Under no circumstance should a supervisor or any professional talk to ANYONE in the tone and voice level she yelled at me in. It was very upsetting. My client observed this as well and when I went to say bye to her she asked what happened. I did not say anything. Carol is not an approachable person and I have never in my 3 years as a job coach been treated the way she treated me. I don't care if she is busy and had 1000 things to do, you don't talk to people the way she talked to me.

this happened today 9/14/18 about 11:15am.

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