Kogan Mobile 90accesscut off after 30 days

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Signed up online for mobile phone service on a 90day prepaid access account. After 30 days I could receive calls on my mobile however I am unable to connect to any mobile or landline number I dial. The numbers i DIAL ring however when they pick up they get a dead line. Kogan advertise that you can reach them 24/7 on a 1300 number for assistance how ever call calls to this number were not answered after 32, 45 and 65 minutes respectively. I originally signed up for 2 mobile plans however cancelled one due to the problems getting them set up. I am only sorry that I didn't cancel both back in December 2012.
This company has proved that they are not customer service friendly for Senior citizens who want to talk to a human when they have problems. I say buyer be very aware when dealing with this company which when the product is sold works on the principal of "OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND"

  • Updated by Where's Marcel Espresso · Jan 31, 2019

    its been 4 weeks now still no response from Kogan, never buy anything again from Kogan!!!

  • Updated by Bhoot · Apr 09, 2019

    Kogan is truly useless. This product proves that it you pay peanuts you definitely get monkeys.

  • Updated by Desiree Baxter · Oct 11, 2019

    My 58inch television is not working


  • Lj
    Ljb3 Jan 05, 2019

    My TV as ordered on 25/11/2018 has still not been dispatched. Would like to have a refund as lost confidence in co. and had the run around with wrong item being sent/then returned.

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  • Yo
    Youkong Taing Jan 05, 2019

    I have purchase 2x Kogan Solar Motion Sensor LED Light and I receive only one. It supposed to be Christmas presents. Please help.
    Product received on 14/12/2018
    Order number : TPBHTQAB
    my email address : [email protected]
    I cannot contact Kogan in any which way.
    my phone number is : 0406 148 501

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  • Bl
    Blueran Jan 05, 2019

    Bought a bit of stuff of you guys and getting a little upset that no one will help me with my issue . Again tv is locked into changing colours . I turn tv off and disconnect and just automatically turns back on and does same thing . Nothing on remote works when in this cycle .I, m sure its simple but what do I do . 0428155443 Ian

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  • Mo
    Mordor Walking Jan 06, 2019

    It stopped to work after just day.Where should we send it back? Can you replace it? You are Santa for the 4 year old owner😉

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  • Bu
    Buckleysg Jan 22, 2019

    I purchased on the 5/1/2019, Kogan shredder for about $70, it was only for home use, shred bills etc. I arrived yesterday, opened it this morning, plugged it and followed instructions.

    Literally, shredded one piece of paper. It stopped working and now cannot contact them.

    Should have just stuck with Office Works

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  • Wh
    Where's Marcel Espresso Feb 11, 2019

    I bought this bar freezer about 6 months and now is not working, sent more then 10 email to Kogan and no-one respond.

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  • No
    Norman Tyler Feb 12, 2019

    Trying to return a faulty TV have contacted Kogan helpdesk numerous reassuring emails but we go around and around in circles they said they were going to orgainise a pick up and then the next email is asking for photos and a description of the issue which I already did 4 weeks ago.

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  • Ce
    celine li86 Apr 07, 2019

    hi there,

    i have purched iphone 8 plus 256 G on 29th of janurary 2019. however, i have received incorrect item which is 64G iphone8 plus.

    order number is PHF7X9WN
    invoice number 28956085

    I need exchange it to correct product or refund money . please contact me by e-mail ASAP

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  • Ge
    Georgina Mant Apr 08, 2019

    Kogan Order MFYDVM8K-received a faulty product have been emailing for 2 weeks to no avail, simply getting the run around.
    Washing machine is 4 months old, i am getting laundromat fees, have sent videos, photos etc and not given a solution that works.

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  • Bh
    Bhoot Apr 15, 2019

    Tv does not turn on. It keeps saying loading for 2 minutes then turns itself off. This tv is under 1 year old. Normally it would take over 5 minutes to load but since 2 days it does not load at all hence cannot trouble shoot. Speakers are bad too.
    Need a replacement or cash back

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  • Am
    Amal Kolasinac May 22, 2019

    Just got the Tv today, turned it on, it worked for about an hour the the screen went blank I was watching you tube and haven't touched the Tv
    2b 84qly3 is my order number email is [email protected]
    0455800077 phone number

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  • Ro
    Rodney Morris Jun 02, 2019

    we bought a 65inch tv in October 2018 and it is currently showing no picture with sound. we have disconnected all cords and replaced them but it has made no difference... still no visal picture... product no
    KALED65ju8000QA Kogan 65"4k led (series8 ju8000) We woulod like a refund.
    contact no. 0447632296

    Roxene Morris

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  • Pa
    Paul hoole Jun 23, 2019

    I ordered my home gym on 26th of May I still haven't received it can someone please me on 0430725233 thanks Paul hoole

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  • Ke
    Keyarna Baker Jul 30, 2019

    I've after-payed a iPhone 6s plus I've only had this phone for 2 weeks and I'm still paying it off every fortnight. It has blacked out and hasnt turned on

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  • Ia
    Ian Fraser Sep 07, 2019

    The TV is not working, i have checked the remote and it is working but the TV won't accept the signal. Agora Smart TV Model: KALED49MU9000SZA

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  • Ca
    cathy007 Oct 14, 2019

    Australia Post did not ring my doorbell - I WAS home to receive the parcel. They did not leave a note in my letterbox. I had to collect from Strawberry hills.

    Delivery address:
    cathy brown

    3 Naulty Place
    NSW, 2017, Australia
    Delivery service:
    Australia Post
    Phone: 13 76 78

    Tracking Number

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  • De
    Desiree Baxter Oct 17, 2019

    The television will not do anything except saying no service how do I make the television work no good if it doesn't work please help me to fix it thanks.why is my television faulty and how can it be fixed

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  • Ma
    Marvin TDR Nov 07, 2019

    This lawnmower continuously cuts out and is difficult to start/ restart. The batteries are fine and the problem occurs even when a fully charged battery is used.

    The product is virtually useless.

    The Kogan site does not allow complaints or warranty claims to be submitted - it simply stops.

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  • Ch
    Cherrine Dec 25, 2019

    On the 9th December 2019, my credit card was charged $99.00 for goods I did not order or receive I require a refund immediately
    Cherrine Jarrett 0409918118

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  • Product has never arrived, Contacted Australia Post and they say contact the supplier. Kogan web site just give me the "run-around". I have tried to contact the supplier, however the Kogan web site does not allow me to contact anyone regarding my complaint. Please help

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