Kodak 7250 All-in-one printermultple defects/problems


I purchased a Kodak 7250 about 2 months ago, and almost right away it didn't work right. The on button does nothing no matter how many times it's pressed, after scanning a document to make a copy the printed copy is a different size and only part of it is actually on the paper and adjusting the size before printing doesn't help, it turned off by itself and the only way to get it to start up again was to unplug it, the OK button didn't do anything ever, when I changed the black ink cartridge the machine kept telling me it was empty same with the color cartridge, and every single document I printed resulted in the last page being printed blurry. I tried the on-line chat 2 times and it said this service was not available but on the third try it allowed me to vent but I gave up after literally 35 minutes of no response. Then I went on-line and saw all the complaints about their printers and thought holy cow this thing is junk and the service is non-existant, look at all these other complaints. I called Kodak while I was on the chat thing and after more than 45 miutes someone picked up and said he was sending me to the special ESP-7250 & 9250 department. Well they obviously have big issues with these things because although they refused to refund my money they were quick to offer a replacement which will be here in 3 to 8 business days. I don't hold out much hope that the replacement will be totally fine for years to come. Besides the obvious issues it isn't a very solid sounding unit, it isn't user friendly from the stand point of getting it to scan and save because there's a lot of steps to get through including setting it to best print quality every time you want to print. Why can't you set it to best print setting and save the setting? Who wants a substandard copy? I copy documents to use in my business I can't hand someone a blurry contract, the default should be the best etting from the beginning. I would definately NOT reccommend this unit. Ironically there's a story from 2 days ago about Kodak's lawsuits against iphone and RIM and the author says it's Kodaks business model to utilize the patent infringements as a major source of income. WOW that's incredible and short sighted. Hey Kodak ever hear of R&D?

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