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Okay, I have read many experiences of the Kirby sales tactics and here are my solutions

1. If you want one go on ebay and buy one, the older ones like the Sanitronic and The Classics are still good vacuums. And 2000 dollars for the Sentria? Try 800 on ebay.

2. If you already have a kirby just simply tell the salesperson you do

3. If that doesnt work say you've worked for the company before and you know what he/she is trying to do

4. If that doesnt work just simply tell them "If you do not vacate my property willingly I will call the authorities and have them do it for you"


  • Fa
    FACTSca Nov 18, 2015

    I dont understand what some of these people dont get about pay. I been in kirby for over 13 years and ppl think just because they show up to work n screw around they gonna make money. Its called being responsible and accountable and most of young ppl these days are scammers their selfs. Dont want to listen, follow simple directions, or work hard. Putting hours in isnt working hard because most of the time they on their phone txting or on facebook but blame companies because they are scammers and liers. Thers not one person iv ever seen not make great money working hard following program, how ever iv seen hundreds if not thousands of people who came through doors wanting a handout, screw around, not take serious, dont listen amd blame companies and pay structure n not listen. Hey my top salesman in office has asburgers hahahah hes a great example because he is doing better than people that dont have any mental diagnosises like that they are normal. And i tell people that that come in. Look this kid has a mental condition and doing great u know why? Because he listens and works hard doesnt screw around like everyone else. Some people dont get it and most young people dont understand what hard work is being dicipline and listening is. Thats y they answered ad on CL because nothing else they done worked andexxpect us to fix em but dont want to listen. It dont make sence

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  • Te
    TEXASWITHPRIDE May 29, 2015


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  • Jo
    Joseph Richardson Jan 01, 2015

    I worked for kirby for 2 years was the best 2 years of a "job" i can remember I only stopped because of personal reasons . I earned trips was even the lead sales person for the daytona beach vacation ( in the beginning i almost quit like [protected] times). I have Earned the 5 diamond award also. This business is not for the faint of heart like most businesses most people will fall flat on their face its not kirby's fault you dont have the intestinal fortitude to learn your craft. There were 30 people in the training class guess who was left after 4 wks? ME. that is the nature of the business 99% will fail because they are not enterpreneurs/sales people you NEED to have that mind set. When you buy a kirby on ebay or whatever that is probably a distributor that went out of business. Kirby is the best cleaner you can buy there is no doubt in the 2 years i have seen it all and i never EVER felt that whoever house i was in didnt need a kirby and i always showed them the value even if they didnt buy they were left saying ill stay with the dirt there are people like that. Kirby is more than a expensive "sweeper" its a home cleaning system hell i made over 2000 dollars cleaning carpets with it. A proper salt test will prove to anyone the difference between a KIrby and EVERYthing else...Now to shady people in kirby you cant blame kirby for that, there are shady people anywhere you go . I have never seen a kirby sell for 2000 and the salesperson get 50 there is no way unless the sales person owed $ to the distributor...Mr bolden my distributor in Columbus ohio at the time was a honest man he even fronted me money 1000's at a time when i needed it but i always paid him back so there where times i made 2500 in a wk but only saw 500 from expenses he fronted me.
    Every situation is different, Kirby has been around since 1914 and NEVER sold in a store says it all. Make sure you buy on from a good salesperson i know i worked hard in every home i was in esp older folks i was sweating at the end of the demo and their carpet looked fantastic! You have to earn peoples business and learn salesmanship its not lying or swindling its integrity, honesty, and being informed about your product. Its also telling people they have 3 days to cancel its part of your job to inform them so you should handle that as soon as you sell it. And make sure they know how to use it properly before you go.

    I knew a lady that said she hated her kirby... I asked why? I didnt even work for kirby at the time. She told me it didnt pick up anymore and it was junk i went to her house to find she didnt have the belt on...It was so easy she loved the kirby again alot of times its just information, people forget alot of what you show them when you leave make sure you see them take the power head off 3-4 times before you leave and make them promise you they will watch the video...Hope this helps anyone selling kirby's its simple but will cut down on cancellations. This business is for serious people but as with all door to door sales only a few REALLY get what is going on and you have to filter thru many people to build a GOOD organization (when i was recruited i answered an ad that said needed people to install electrical systems lol the kirby was the electrical system!) . If you dont have a good distributor find another one.

    In the end the people working Kirby 360 days out of the years DESERVE any money they make. They are out there rain sleet or snow knocking on doors and meeting people old, young, rich, poor, conservative, crabby, Wifes home alone, whatever the situation perfect your salesmanship and you are deserving of ALL the money you make. You are doing them a service and it takes a professional to sell a Kirby cold from a doorknock to show enough to get the prospect to buy and feel good about it. Hats off to the Kirby people knocking doors doing it right always with integrity...My Kirby is from 1995 and the only things i have bought are bags and belts it still cleans like the day it was bought shampoo and all. How much $ do you think i saved using it ? More than the price of it in the end the kirby COST you nothing if you use it! It can actually make you $.

    LIsten to Youtube "must listen the strangest secret Earl nightingale" Zig Ziglar "Reaching the TOP" or youtube Napoleon HIll " if you can conceive and believe you can achieve" if you feel like giving up in the business you can HAve success!!!
    Joseph RIchardson Columbus Ohio

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  • Ha
    Hateawhiner Jul 24, 2014

    There are horror stories that stem from every company that deal in sales and every employee out there has one. If someone gets fired for not coming to work on time, not putting forth their best effort, no call, no show, the employer is the worst tyrant in the world for being concerned about his business and profit. It is not a Kirby distributor's job to hold your hand and make money for you. If you are not making money and are not good at sales, quit! Go to Burger King or McDonald's. Most of the time, the people that are complaining don't succeed at anything anyway so no distributor wants them on their team. I would also like to say that I am not taking up for all Kirby distributor's everywhere because there are a few who make everyone look bad. Just like the few child molesting priests, the few judges that have been caught taking bribes, the few law enforcement official that get caught stealing drugs from the evidence room, ect. I could go on and on. Of course you have people that practice deceptive sales also have day cares that abuse children but you don't want ALL day cares closed do you? If you don't like the Kirby Opportunity or do not want a Kirby in your home, then DON'T WORK THERE AND DON'T BUY IT! Simple enough? And this idiot Kniguh talking about a revolver, whatever loser! People, stop being silly naysayers because Kirby is a BILLION dollar a year corporation and all you guys are doing is showing intolerance and ignorance. As far as blaming the dealers for doing their jobs and being nasty and rude to them for trying to feed their family in a legal manner, if you think a pushy salesperson is a problem check out some of the guys that would run up in your house and just TAKE what they want, screw trying to work for it. Maybe this site is only for people who can't make money with Kirby and customer's who can't afford them.

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  • Jp
    Jp bez Jan 21, 2014

    Good day,
    After reading the complaints of other people make me realize Kirby has a wonderful product but NEVER, NEVER had a good after sale service. I live in South Africa and it' just as bad as elsewhere. I bought my machine Legend 2 in 1989 and is still working, that tells you it is a excellent product. I live in the North West province for the last 17 yrs and is it a problem to find a reputable dealer that can service my machine. I managed to get in contact with somebody in Rustenburg but they are 21/2hrs away from us. I have contact them but also experience problems, there office in Potchefstroom in our province now try to establish a workshop but they failed they cannot give service. I think the best thing will be to contact our Minister of Trade and Industry to STOP trading with KIRBY to South Africa, this is not now but ever since I have bought my machine in the Free State Province.
    I have reported a serious case to your Mr Gedard tel [protected] about fraud, which UK office followed up and removed him
    Please can you respond to my complaint and let me know what we can do it has become unacceptable.,

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  • Ro
    Robert Sandler Aug 19, 2013

    I have had Kirby salespeople come to my door. Always dress professional. i have let them in a couple times. Going door to door has got to be a hard job for anyone.each time I have let a Kirby salesperson into my home they have been respectful and done a good job at what they do. They have also done a great job cleaning my carpet. I bought a Kirby from the salesperson after a 3 hour demo (I asked a lot of questions and they cleaned a whole carpet better than I ever had done before. I would never pay $2, 000 for just a vacuum. But than again Kirby is not just a vacuum. it shampoo's carpeting and furniture and with a life time rebuild contract I'm proud to say my home is cleaner and healthier than people's home that do not have a Kirby . As for buying used Kirbys from Ebay. Come on I don't want someone used dirt sucker in my home. Kirby is a great American company that builds a product better than anything else available. hands down. Kirby is the only true Full home care system on the market. As the salesperson said. "Just $2. a day for a short time to own something that will protect the thousands of dollars I have invested in my home is a very small price to pay. After all people spend a few thousand bucks on rider mowers and then buy a $1500 shed to protect their $2, 000 rider lawn mower that does not cut the grass any better then a walk behind.

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  • Ol
    Ole' Kirby Spirit Feb 28, 2013

    I am a DPS for Kirby. While I agree that the hours are long, there is certainly a lot of money to be made if you have proper work ethic, and are a good people person. If the product was junk, do you really think we would be celebrating our 100th year in business? I want to know how it's a scam? My house isn't real? My nice clothes were stolen, I guess? No. I started out as a dealer working 80+ hours a week. I knocked doors and yes, 1 out of 3 said no. However, my first month BECAUSE I am a people person, and am easily liked, I sold 18. I won a free trip which was amazing. From there on I sold like crazy and started winning "Kirby prizes" like a 5, 000$ Rolex watch, 6 pairs of Oakley sunglasses and an Ipad. All for free. Demos=sales and if you do 3 a day, 1 will say yes. The product will sell itself, it's the dealer who has to get the customers trust and respect. You have to know your selling points. You have to know how to overcome objections. When you pull a pad, don't be rude and make a statement about how dirty their house is. Simply ask a question and continue asking questions. It's a lot easier than you think, but heck. As a DPS I recruit and do the training and while the turn around is high, we get some good salesmen through that door and everyone is given a fair opportunity. You will get paid for what you sell and we are straight up from the get go. TO ask a fair question, if I came up to you and said "You will be selling Kirby vacuumes." Do you really think you would want to go into training all happy? Hell no. You work for the money and to people who dont know Kirby, don't get it and don't understand it. Bash all you want, but I will leave on this last note: Look at the people giving you advice. . . .If they are in a position that you would like to be in 5-10 years from now, go ahead and take it. If they are some lowlife dirtball who thrives on laziness then I guess pick your poison. Regardless, you people that lasted a week? Take a hike, bro. You have no room to trash talk something that you didn't even give a chance. In training when I say "If you don't try it for 30 days, don't try it for 30 seconds" you better make that decision to either leave immediately, or ride out 30 days. If you choose the in between, I don't think you have any room to make any comments. Any person who has lasted longer than 30 days have great things to say and are considerably rich, like myself. Were not paid to say these things, we do have a choice. . . I hope this helps to those who are chancing Kirby in their future.

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  • Ki
    KIRBY RIPOFF Nov 08, 2012

    I agree Kirby is the biggest ripoff on the planet. NEVER BUY A KIRBY VACUUM!!!

    My wife bought a Kirby from a door to door salesperson. Was told she could pay off the loan without any interest or penalty at any time. She went in and paid off the loan after 4 weeks and was told $2600 was the final amount. $1400 of that was loan charges. Now six months later they are telling her she had a $53 balance on the loan and after six months she owes them $850 in interest. This is after paying $2600 for a $400 vacuum you can buy on the internet. So now this $400 vacuum is going to cost about $3000 in loan interest. RIPOFF...DONT TRUST A WORD THE SALESPERSON TELLS YOU...United Credit is in on the ripoff with Kirby !!!

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  • Of
    ofaaaaaaaaaa Jun 19, 2012

    I'm working for these scamming f***ers. I'm quitting tomorrow. They even lie to the employees and don't give breaks. I'm working for UNDER minimum wage, for a check I won't be getting because I didn't scam 45 people in a week. f*** kirby and all its ###

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  • Mu
    Musicisthekey192 Jul 20, 2011

    So I almost worked for Kirby. I got hired, went through training, and decided to turn down the job. Training was only for two days(which I thought was rather short), and I was getting really bad vibes about the job. During training the supervisor kept talking about how much money we could make, but also said "If you're not gonna give it 30 days, don't give it 30 seconds". They only pay you if you work there the FULL month, which I think is extremely unethical. I talked to a girl who had worked there for quite a while and told me that most people work 6-7 days a week, who does that?
    When I looked up the company I also saw TONS of bad reviews about people not getting paid and having to work long long hours. I considered giving the job a shot, but I don't want a job where I'm afraid of being coerced into working 6-7 days a week or that I won't get paid if I for some reason decided to quit or got fired.
    It's obvious to me that people get paid, otherwise the company wouldn't exist, but it's also obvious to me that the company exploit their employees and treat them like slaves.
    The supervisor also talked about manipulating a customer into letting them stay in your house for 2-3 hours. I heard tons of stories about them tricking old people into buying things that they couldn't afford. Those situations probably weren't ALL because of them, but I'm sure some were.
    ALTHOUGH i can say that the Kirby vacuum in its SELF is an amazing product. If I had the money I'd for sure buy one.

    poor company.

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  • Mi
    Mister_Fixit Feb 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We've had a Kirby for about 15 years and my wife would give me up before her Kirby! When the salesman brought in a NEW Kirby for demonstration, we let him clean our carpet. When the sales pitch kicked in and he told us the exorbitant price of this NEW Kirby... we balked. He did give us $100 for our piece of s*** Montgomery Ward vacuum. I asked if they take Kirbys in on trade. Of course, he said. I asked if they ever sell them. He said YES. I then asked him about the unit he used for demo, saying it was no longer a NEW unit but a USED unit. It took him a bit, but he finally realized that.
    So, to make a long story short, he started out at about $1800 and we got it for $800. Absouletely no complaints on this machine... EVER.
    Now $800 is still a lot for a vacuum. Our ex son-in-law used to sell them and told me that they leave the factory with a cost of about $250 - $300. Someone is making a ton of money.

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  • Po
    ponty-boi Feb 15, 2011

    i work for kirby in south wales in the uk and they are great i get paid £1400 basic if i do 60 demos a month with no sales. i get £300 comision if i sell them £1500 and £100 comission if sold for a £1000 thats the sentria model with a 3 year warranty and a service and my factory distributer is great he will also sell recondition machines and they have all new parts and are like new he will sell them from £200 upwards they also come with a 3 year warranty and service not to get mixed up with a lifetime warrantys its only a lifetime availability parts for every machine kirby makes. when i sell 15 units i get to go to marbeela in april dont have to put my hand in my pocket and when i sell 12 i become a team leader with 5 people on my team getting £50 comission for each unit they sell i dont know how they are selling kirbys in america but it is obviously the wrong way in some places and i think its the honest salesman what does best in a business like this. sammi

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  • Su
    sunnymc Dec 14, 2010

    I just had a Kirby sales team leave my house. When they knocked on my door, they told me that they would clean the carpet of one romm in my house for free. I asked why, then they said that they would get credit for their college. I am a generally nice person so I said sure, they could come and clean my carpet.

    Then when they came in and started setting up they told me that I would have to stand there and give my full attention to them while they presented their sales pitch. I wish I would have known it was a sales pitch because I really didn't have time to stand there for two hours. They showed me how well the vaccuum worked, and they told me that I needed to by the vaccuum. I really couldn't afford the vaccuum since it was like $3200.

    Then the man started insulting me and saying, "how can you live in these conditions?" "How can you let your children play on the carpet in this house?"

    The most insulting thing he said was, "How would you like it if I rubbed this dirt in your face?" while he was holding up the swatch of dirt that had been vaccummed from my carpet. Rude, right?

    It was then that I told them to leave my house right now. They did leave, and I am glad. Because of this experience, I will never own a Kirby vaccuum.

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  • Sn
    snuff Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While Kirby vacuums may be good, their people are pure con artists, as least what I encountered. I was told I had "won" a free shampoo from CPK. Ok, great - I had a room that did need carpet cleaning, but I also expected (and certainly got) a sales pitch. This carpet cleaning was to take about an hour. After three hours, all that had gotten done was one good demo of the vacuum sweeping itself. So many pieces it would take me a week to get the house done. Then it would be time to start over. Sorry, I have better things to do than clean all week. And then he called my Dyson sweeper a piece of junk! Certainly no junkier than the kirby! And certainly much more affordable and easier to handle! The carpeting had been vacuumed in about four foot stretches, changing the filter after each swipe. Oh, and yes, he had to vacuum the bed as well. Oh, I should sleep so well now. Ha! I also had a small rug on the floor that got one half vacuumed and that half actually got shampooed! The other half got nothing. So after three hours, my patence was running thin. I reminded him he had not yet finished his cleaning/shampooing and if he didn't plan on finishing his job, he might as well pack up and leave. He called his driver who finally came by. Meanwhile nothing more could be done with the cleaning as there were filters left all over the floor waiting for his driver/supervisor (or whatever he was) to see first! This guy finally came by, told the demonstrator that I had told him I was booting him out. Fine. It was quite obvious to me these Kirby people never intended on doing the job. It was nothing but pure SCAM! So the next 30 minutes were filled with painfully slow cleaning of and putting away all his equipment he had used. He had already used my phone to call his "supervisor" several times which turned out to be long distance. Now all this pokiness. Then the driver or whatever, would not even come back and pull into the driveway to pick him up. How rude!! He just kept driving back and forth and stayed on the street and finally, after the demonstrator whistled at him, stopped and let him put his stuff into the van, after the driver finally unlocked it, and then they all left. What a relief! The whole time the demonstrator was here, he kept pressuring me to commit to buying a sweeper and how much could I put down. That along with unnecesary chit chat. I refused to purchase. I was also to be given a survey to fill out per CPK, which I never got to see except from afar. The demonstrator and later his driver, asked a couple of questions and I was never allowed to see it. I have no idea what was on it, or what they wrote down, if anything. All it seemed I was to do was to say how much I would like to own a Kirby.

    Then on top of that, I had a few heavy pieces that needed to be moved back in (they did move them to another room before starting). I insisted that the lone person now needed to get these back into the room. He didn't want to but finally did help with it as I told him I couldn't by myself.

    I want no part of Kirby, if for no other reason than the con work they do, not being honest and how rude they are. Very poor reflection on what a good product could be.

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  • Ki
    kirbyguy123 Aug 11, 2010

    I have worked for the kirby company in Indiana for a couple of years now but i have visited offices all over the counrty. From what i have seen in my experiences there are alot of bad sales people and distributors out there who force people to high pressure sell the equipment. Fortunately for me my office is ran by a very good distributor. One thing you have to understand is the pay scale most distibutors put their sales people on isnt fair. So it forces them to have to sell harder and be more forceful. i;ve seen a kirby sell for 2000 and the salesman make $50!!! That is just crazy. If i sold one for that much i wouldn't have to work for a week. The problem is that the distributor keeps his or her sales people hungry for money and overworked. Dave wallace of nashville TN is a prime example of this. This fatso encourages people to lie to sell kirby's. I don't know but i have never sold a kirby to someone who was not completely satisfied with their purchased. Kirby vacuums are a terrific investment for your home as they will always pay for themselves and save tons of money and last forever. I donot agree with what some of these people are doing. as a matter f fact i would be just as angry. but there are many of us who do not high pressure and lie. don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Most of us are good hard-working people. And whoever says that their wal-mart vac can outclean a kirby you are lying and you know it!!

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  • Il
    I LOVELIRKBY Apr 02, 2010

    Kirby is for everyone, but NOT EVERYONE IS FOR KIRBY. There are distrubituors and agents out there that give us a bad name, but don't blame the Kirby Company for it, blame those individuals. There are many great distributorships that do the right thing and I'm fortunate to be apart of one. I have been working for Kirby for 6 months now and I have recently become a manager. When I started Kirby I made $200 in my first 3 weeks, but I expected that because I wanted to learn and I knew when I'm great at it the cash will come. The next month I sold 16 machines and earned $3750. In my distributorship, If you don't make money but you work hard you are recognised for it and paid for it anyway (even though you didn't make the company any money). Once you have the skills to sell, the ability to teach others and lead them, you get promoted and recgonised, and the longer you stay and learn the more money you make. You also get to go on fabulous trips around the world a few times a year, which are all expenses paid and very well organised, with amazing pre-planned activites.

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  • Co
    Complkirby Mar 26, 2010

    kirby will tell you statistics with no actual proof!!! Y becuase they are full of ###!!! its a good vaccum get it on ebay its way cheaper. never work there unless you wanna work all the time with little chance of making good money(some people do)and ripping off people/someones grandma. I worked there for a week and could not deal with the deception. They get you to work there the same way they talk people into buying a vaccum when they tell you "free carpet cleaning" its all ###!!! ### Kirby and any one who partakes in there ###!!! Go to hell kirby!!! If you see an add that say "Carpet Cleaner Hiring" or anything like that its a trick!!! They will not pay you what they say!!!

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  • Bi
    BigRuss Mar 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Love The Kirby Company & Kirby Vacuums.
    Yes, I sold for them a few years ago and I am
    going back to sell once again... in two
    weeks from now.

    I will also be opening up my own Dealership
    as soon as I am given the go-ahead and prove
    myself through my selling Kirby's

    Here's to SUCCESS in EVERY way.
    Thank you GOD.

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  • De
    destructor Feb 27, 2010

    You know everyone is right. The Kirby its self is a great machine, but the people who sale it are conartists. I mean the lies that most of them tell to get into the door and then about how long the presentation takes and then down to what they can sell it for. I mean considering they only pay between $200 and $300 to get it from the factory how can they in good concious charge 1, 000's of dollars for the machine. So people beware and choose what you will pay for the machine. And make sure everyone you know knows this as well

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  • Lo
    Local316ninja Feb 20, 2010

    Scanned It Day After They Hired Me Thought I Would Make It Available For Everyone

    I Worked At (C.P.K. "Central Plains Kirby") Wichita, Ks, For Four Days And Then Saw That Most Of The Team Leaders Are Scam Artist Who Just Scratch By So I QUIT!!!... Although Some Of Them Are Hard Working Honest People...

    The Ugly ### Homely Woman Team Leader I Was With Stole A Silver Coin From A Customer Got Caught And Blamed It On Me!!! Crazy B****CH!! Just Remember (C.P.K. Representative/Team Leader Sarah She Is Homely, Fat, And Has Messed Up Teeth)

    She Will Try To Steal From You If She Can What A Bi**ch!!...

    I Thought It Would Work For Me I Could Have Done It But... Half The Team Leaders Are Pushy Jerk Offs Who Are Trying To Scam Folks Into Buying Something They Just Cant Afford, Dont Get Me Wrong "Kirby Vacuums" Are The Best Out There But You Do Not Sell Things By Pushing Them So Hard...


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  • Lo
    Local316ninja Feb 20, 2010

    Alot Of Kirby Salesmen Are Good People Honest And HArdworking, But Some Will Push In And Wont Leave Also Steal From Customers I Worked At C.P.K "Central Plains Kirby" Wichita KS, For 4 Days And Quit After I Saw My Team Leader Steal A Silver Coin From A Customer... She Got Cought And Blamed It On Me!!! Crazy B***ch

    Just Remember "Sarah C.P.K Representative She might Steal Your Stuff...

    The Only Thing I Disagree With Is The People Who Work For Them Half Of Them Are Cool Honest And A True Good Salesman...
    The Rest Are Scamming Duche Bags Out To Make A Quick Buck By Profiling You..Below At The Bottom Of This Post Is A LInk I Posted Of A Photo Copy Of A Commission Sales Sheet They Gave Me The First Day...

    I Would Have Been A Good Salesmen But With Those Few [censored] Team Leader People Setting Things Up I Wouldnt Be Able To.. Their Methods Are F***ed Up...

    Kirby Sales Commission/Comission

    Tinypic Scan

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  • Sc
    Scammed by Kirby Feb 15, 2010

    Kirby is a rip off and not worth the cost. The salespeople will not take NO for a answer. The guy who sold me my kirby seemed like he was high on speed. They tried to talk me into paying $250 a month. I quickly turned that down. Then they kept lowering the price and would not leave. I was scared and my husband was away because of his job. I ended up signing the contract just to get them to leave. I wish I would have called the cops but I was honestly scared and had 2 guys in my house and my young daughter. I ended up paying $50 a month and I looked over the contract really well but I honestly think it was changed and I ended up paying about $1500 for a vacuum. Their is no way that I would pay that much. This was 3 years ago that I got the Kirby and it was the biggest waste of money. I was expecting a free carpet clean without all the Kirby B.S. I would NEVER BUY A KIRBY EVER AGAIN!. And would so love to sell the Kirby that I have but I can't bring myself to have someone pay me for this peice of junk. I would feel like I would be ripping the buyer off if I sold this vacuum to a person.

    If I had to do it all over again I would of let them clean my carpet and then made them get out soon after finishing. All the positive comments on here I think are scammers also. How could anyone work for a company that rips people off. Im just sad that my money has worked in keeping this company going. Im sure I will encounter Kirby sales people again and Im fully prepared to kick them out after they clean my carpet. I have stopped using my Kirby about a month ago and have since purchased a Bissell for $150 and it has picked up all the dirt and dust and pet hair that the kirby left behind! Their are better vacuums that are cheaper then the Kirby but does the same job if not better. Buy a Dyson or a Bissell but DO NOT BUY A KIRBY!!!.

    If someone comes to your door offering to clean you carpet for free slam the door in there face or let them clean your carpet and brace yourself for the struggle of getting them to leave your house. DO NOT BUY A KIRBY EVER!

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  • Yo
    younggranny Jan 20, 2010

    Hello, my name is Stacy and on 19 Jan, 10 Mr. Davis came to my mothers house in Mansfield, Ohio with his demonstrator. He introduced himself and her as well. He then left her to present her kirby product. This female was friendly, humerous and courtious while demonstrating this product . I was very close to buying this expensive item and can certainly afford it, until Mr. Davis returned and literally tried to bully me into buying it. Upon experiencing this mans foul attitude and verbal attack, I put his foul ### out of my sick mothers house. I hate that this young lady after doing an excellent job of presenting and representing not only herself, your product and your company only to have the sale vanish because this man had me so ready to kick him in his ### so hard, that he could have threw up my shoe leather until at least 2020. If this is the kind of aggressive tactics that you teach your lead personell then I can clearly see your company either being severly sued or some truly pissed off customer on his private property beating the living hell clean out of one of these people because Mr. Davis came extremely close last night. P.S. These people should have the good sense not to ### with people while inside of their homes because at the point when you are asked to leave and you don't, YOU ARE TRESPASSING and if you stand there and talk ### to them where they pay all of the bills with their hard earned money, YOU SHOULD GET YOUE ### THUROUGHLY BEATEN. If for no other reason than your own collossel stupidity!!!

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  • Ch
    Christine1118 Dec 09, 2009

    Sorry guys. I believe anyone who is saying anything good about this company is being paid off to do so. IT IS A SCAM. Do not work for this company. The only thing about kirby that is true is that they make good vaccuums. They treat their employees like crap. They play mind games in these training sessions. I have just been in contact with the labor board and found out that what they are doing is illegal in my state. I also made other phone calls and found out that lots of things that theyre doing in my area are against the law. Never Ever Fall For This SCAM!

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  • Br
    britt23 Dec 08, 2009

    i work for kirby and have for awhile now, and it is the best company i have ever worked for. it's funny to me how everybody is bashing the business, yet we are the only company growing and giving promotions despite the economy now.

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  • Mi
    Michael971 Oct 28, 2009

    KIrby treats its sales people as independent dealers which means they are self-employed and have to pay both halves of their SS and medicare withholding.
    The IRS has a definition of who is an employee and who is an independent contractor in IRS publication 15-A.

    If anyone has worked for Kirby in the past they download IRS form SS-8 and submit it to the IRS. If the IRS determines the sales person should have been classified as an employee then the Kirby distributor should have been paying for half of the SS and medicare withhholding and unemployment tax and worker's comp for the sales person.

    The sales person can then file an amended return for the year when he was working for Kirby and get more money back.
    Kirby screws the people who work for them and they should be entitled to get their fair rights.

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  • Sh
    Sharon1987 Oct 13, 2009

    I think any one who has anything bad to say about kirby's are full of it. Sorry but it's true if you bought one illegally it's your fault, if you didnt want one and couldnt aford it but coulnt say no than it's your fault. Take responsibility for your own actions. The kirby is the most amazing thing i have ever seen it is the only way to wash your furniture and it sucessfully take out all the dust mites, old skin and dust mites eggs of your beds witch in term makes it healthier for you kids to sleep on. With that said after cleaning your beds it has been proven to lighten up you and your childrens asthma symptoms. I think everyone in the worl should have a Kirby. Think about it how many vacuums will you buy throughtout a lifetime?, how much do you think that will cost you and your family but with a Kirby you get a lifetime warranty. It has so many atachments to clean places you probably didnt even think about cleaning before bottom line is there amazing and you need to get one.

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  • Se
    Sewok15 Oct 08, 2009

    This last guy tells it like it is. You can make good money doing this job but the only way to do it is to be honest with the customers. I worked for a guy who would lie to the customers non-stop. He would say we were college students and we get credit for school to get in the door. He would then tell them that it would only take 15 or 20 minutes just to give them a free carpet shampoo when it is more like 2 hours. Now any person with a brain knows once you lie to someone and they know it you are not going to sell them a 1700 dollar vacuum. If you would take time to get good leads instead of forcing your way into peoples homes you could make much more money instead of just wasting your time. My first day on the job we sat outside a home for two hours waiting to be picked up by our boss. Finally he comes and gets us and says that the van broke down. Once he realized that one of my co-workers house keys were in the van he had to tell us the truth and that was that our van was IMPOUNDED. He refused to tell us why the van was impounded because it was "too negative" and he wanted to keep it positive. If I'm going to be stranded somewhere for 2 hours I deserve to know what is going on.

    The best thing about Kirby was also the worst thing about it in my situation and I will explain. My boss was a 21 year old kid who dropped out of high school in 9th grade. He started working with Kirby as an 18 year old and made around 50, 000 a year because he was a pretty good salesman. I'm sure he didn't use ethical tactics but he was making good money. Now once he was with the company a few years he decided to become a distributor on his own. His old boss gets a 50, 000 dollar bonus if he promotes 3 of his workers to become distributors. So now this guy who works in marketing and literally spelled market *markit* during training is in charge of teaching all these other people how to sell these machines. He wants to make more money to pay for the investment he just made by starting his own distrubution center. He now tells all his workers just ### the customers into getting one and if that doesn't work call me and I will ### them into getting one. So he is all but forcing us to lie to these people and the sad thing is you shouldn't have to lie because the product is that good that people will want to buy it on its own merit. The bottom line is you can make money doing this but if you are working for someone like I was is it really worth it?

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  • Se
    Seasoned1 Sep 22, 2009

    If you believe you will do well then you will and if you believe you will not do well you won't. Whatever you believe you’re right. I started Kirby the same way most people did and that’s by a blind ad in the paper. The interview was also blind. But here is how I see it. I was in a classroom of about 40 people most of which were skeptical. I looked around and thought you know I don't know anybody here before the interview nor do I care about these people here. What I really care about is to be able to pay my bills on time and have an opportunity greater than your average job. What I noticed is that everybody in the classroom was too concerned with the guaranteed pay structure for in-home presentations. What a joke!!! I would not even do this for that amount of money. I would rather be a parking lot attendant. You know maybe I'm too smart but I looked at Kirby not for the guaranteed paycheck but rather at the much larger picture of compensation for units sold. I was told by my Trainer that I should shoot for 15+ sales a month to start and get my medallion pin. Well first I looked at the product it’s been around for over 80 years and needs to be demonstrated in order to sell because it does so much and the opportunity is real for those who work smart. So in short I started to work in the Kirby business. My first month I sold only 4 Kirby's learning how to sell Kirby's and have a good presentation. Let me tell you that was not a lot of money, I would have made more babysitting. And also everybody in my class all quit. But I continued on and my second month in the Kirby business I sold a whopping 27 Kirby's. Not only did I receive my 15+ medallion but also my 24+tab. I was compensated more than anybody I knew and in the next six months I had received my 5 Diamond Medallion for having over 5 months of 15+ sales. Oh by the way I had a top month of 34 sales. I knocked doors honestly. I told people that I sell Kirby systems and just to take a look I will shampoo a whole room of their choice free of charge for their time and if they like the system they wouldn't have to twist my arm to sell it to them. Whether or not I sold the Kirby the customer always got the free carpet shampoo I promised and I did the best shampoo ever. You know we all live on a ball of dirt called EARTH and Kirby's will always be here. The easiest way to sell Kirby’s is to take a brand new Kirby into someone’s home and pull dirt lots of dirt. That’s what sells Kirby’s. So if you’re thinking of quitting Kirby or your not too sure about selling or getting paid then do yourself, your trainer, and your family, spouse, or friends a favor and quit today. But if you believe deep down inside that you can sell a fantastic product honestly then don't listen or even hang around the negative people because they will always give you all the reasons why it can't be done. I started Kirby at age 19 in the year of 1984 (I sold Heritage Kirby's) and left Kirby in 2002 when we were (selling G-6 Kirby’s). Today I enjoy life to its fullest Thanks to the Kirby business.

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  • Ra
    raindance Sep 10, 2009

    I have just started working for Kirby still in the training and they have reassured me that the appointments are pre-set appointments and that I WILL get paid even if I don't make sales. And that I will be paid once a week. And they seem like they are really telling the honest truth but all these horror stories have me terrified!! I have no job right now and am about to be out on the street along with two other people that are depending on me to come up with rent by the end of the month. can someone, ANYONE! please give me a glimmer of hope? I was told that the money we are "promised" is not just for selling it is a salary that is paid basically because we are providing advertisement for the company via word of mouth, and that every thing we do sell is an additional $200 on top of that but that we are guaranteed a certain amount. I am soo soo scared can someone please give me a straight forward honest answer that is not just bashing? Am I going to get paid?

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  • Ju
    ju-stin Aug 30, 2009

    first off the kirby business is just like any sales business. you arent going to make big commission checks when you first start. when a new dealer first starts they are pretty much like the kid in grade school trying to sell chocolates for their school. this job really isnt a rip off, you are an independant contractor here, as an independant contractor you are supposed to put up the money for all your supplies, and yes that includes the vacuum. but the company gives you all your supplies free of charge, and doesnt start actually charging you for them until you have made a bit of money and you can afford the cost i.e. area dist. and as far as buying kirbys on ebay, there is no warranty with those, just because kirbys are only authorized for sale followng in-home demonstration, and that serial number still matches up to the original owner, so really its kind of like buying a gun registered to someone else.

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  • Mo
    MOUSEMAN Aug 28, 2009

    Kirby is ###ing worthless as a job. First of all the ad in the newspaper said factories inc. not Kirby vacuums not even Riverland Development which is their name on the outside of their building. So I show up and saw where it was in a tiny building I thought I was in the wrong place I was just a college kid looking for a summer job in a factory, so I go in and they tell me that I’m at the right place and when I try asking what the job is the woman their just gives me a paper to fill out. So I feel it out still having no clue what the job is and then the guy who owns the company who is what they call a “dealer” takes me to his office and just talks the entire time. He doesn’t tell me what the job is or ask me any real questions besides stuff do you like making money and do you like working when you want to, hmmm… no [censored] I like working I’ll do it for free… stupid ###! Now that’s what I wanted to say but of course I didn’t because my parents raised me right and I was respecting this man who if I would of know what he was really doing at the time I would of just left. So the interview gets over and he says I’ll give you a call tonight around 7 and let you know if you get the job or not. Well 7 comes around and their where a lot of names on the list when I signed in so I think, ok their where a lot of people he has to call so ill give him an hour before I go out and start my night. He doesn’t call so I figure ok I didn’t get the job so I go out and at 10 my phone rings it him and he tells me that he’s sorry that he called me so late he just had to call a bunch of the other people on the list before he go to my name and that there is a three day training pried before we start and he tell me when and he says ok I’ll see you then and hangs up… before I can ask him what the job is. Are you seeing a pattern her? Now you would think that you would call the people that you are going to hire first but I guess not maybe that’s just me. So I show up and theirs about 15 other people there and the room is just empty besides chairs and some posters and some stuff in one corner. There is nothing that says Kirby anywhere! Then the guy comes in and just talks to us for about 2 hrs before he even starts to hint of what the job is. Once he does bring the vacuum out one guy just gets up and walks out he was an older man… a smarter man. Even once he does bring out the vacuum he doesn’t even touch it for the entire time it just sets there. We were in their for 8 hrs. the rest of the time he just talks to us about how much money we can make, [which is the biggest part of this ###ing scam] and tells us about the trips we can go on. If you have kids or are young enough to remember school fundraisers, this is what I compare Kirby to. They get you so hipped up on all this money we can make and all these trips you can go on you forget what you here for. I was there for a summer job to make money I completely forgot that. Well this gets me and most of the rest of the people to come back the next day. Day two comes around and the entire time it is one big demo. We the apparent feature salesmen of this product still don’t touch it, and there is only one day left. But by the end of this guys demo I was ready to sell my sole for this thing because he is that good; he is that good of a scam artist. So day three gets here and we mess with it do a demo blah blah blah and then at the end he tells us that we have to do at least 5 demos before we can start on Monday and tell us we should do them with people we are conferrable with like friends and family. Pretty people that will want to give us a chance and encourage us so they buy one just to boost our confidence even if they can’t really afford it. One guy that was in there with me sold 5 during this, I saw him the other day he didn’t sell another one and quit after 2 weeks I don’t have a clue how he lasted that long. So I schedule my demos with people and don’t sell any. Go in on Monday at 9 and he decides to put me on this thing call a van crew with 2 other new guys and 2 so called experienced guys and drives us to a small as town and starts dropping us of on different streets and tells us to walk the streets and try to get “knocked into houses”. Some of the houses in this town that we had to go up to looked like the dam vacuum price are more than the house coasts… [censored]es yet again. So I get into 3 houses that day and all of them where little old ladies that I have way begged to let me in. I felt like a ###ing peace of ###. The last lady that let me in only let me in because I told her that I was going to quit once I got back. We had been out there since 10 it was 8 and there was an hr drive back. On the way back {we got back at 11} I did the math in my head and I’ll do it for you 13 hrs a day for 6 days that’s 78 hrs. We would get paid 375 for 13 knock in and 525 for 15 but if we only did 12 they didn’t owe us a thing. So say we do get 15 knock in that’s 6.73 an hr... However we would get commission if we sold some bout it wouldn’t get added on so we would have to make at least two a week before we could get more. So let’s say we sold one in five id say for something that costs 2800 retail that’s pretty good. So that’s 290 each so 870. And 290 is the most we could make if we sold it for less than 2800 we would make less that actually sounds fair to me. So that’s 11.15 and hr only if you sold at least 3 in a week. The math shows it this job ###ing blows. I quit when I got back and gave my boss a big ### you. I can’t remember my bosses name or I would put it on her because he is such a good scam artist that he would problem acutely try to use this in one of his seminars for new recruits. ### YOU MR.BOSS no ###ing wonder they don’t want to put KIRBY VACUUM on the outside of their building someone would most likely never get anybody in for the interviews it is also kinda funny that they do have a store that’s sells Kirby’s but they are about 10 miles down the road and I’m sure nobody their even knows about this place called RIVERLAND DEVELOPMENTS

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  • Ki
    Kirby Killer Jul 23, 2009


    [email protected]

    I was not informed of their 3 day policy and when I called 2 days after purchase, the phone number DID NOT WORK! When I finally got a hold of someone after the 3 day period at the Rancho Cucamonga sales office, I was treated rudely and with disrespect. The owner of the office refuses to return my phone calls. If that isn't pulling a fast one on someone I don't know what is. LETS ORGANIZE TO SHOW THEM WE WON'T BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!

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  • Kn
    Kniguh Jul 15, 2009

    what up now mofos

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  • Kn
    Kniguh Jul 15, 2009

    ### kirby

    ### solicitors

    last time they tried to come to my house the guy and his manager actually came inside soon as my wife opened the door and started taking their equipment out and demonstrating to her.

    They asked where I was and said it was good I wasn't home so that they could show her the vacuum without my pressuring them to leave over $

    Little did they know I was around the corner listening to every word; last thing they saw was the business end of my revolver, they ran out pretty quick. YEAHHH BOI!

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  • Ye
    YEAHH Jun 19, 2009

    ### that. I've been working for the past week and a half as a canvasser and it is the hardest thing I've done in my life. I wake up at 9am and go to work at 10:30pm. I get home around 9:30pm and haven't made a freakin' cent, though this week (Today is Thursday.) I've knocked 5 people in. idk. I haven't decided if I want to stick, it's hard work..BUT I will tell you. A Kirby REALLY is the best investment you'll ever make. Those vacuums are worth it. People are just closed minded. I'm in Texas, it's humid and 97 degrees outside. It's hard work, but if you can make it've got an awesome job.

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  • Ki
    Kirby man Jun 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kirbg and their authorized dealers is a pure sales opportunity. Indeed if you don't have any sales experience, the Kirby opportunity might just be the ticket for you. But you have to be honest with yourself. If you aren't a salesman, or not inclined to sell, or have an interest in selling you are wasting your time as well as the time of the people attempting to teach you.
    I have sold many, many, machines and can personally attest that there is NOTHING in the world that can compare to it for picking up dirt in your home. Nothing.
    It is encumbent upon YOU to determine how you are paid, when you are paid, and what you need to do to get paid. I've never been dissapointed to receive my pay when it was promised to me.
    Do you think that anyone is going to pay you for not selling anything? Even the 60 demonstrations that you are required to perform to get your salary is designed so that even an imbecile with no sales ability can market these machines. Having said that, should you get no sales after those 60 demos, you get paid 100% of what was promised. Why? because it's impossible to NOT to sell driving those sales attempts, impossible.
    I recommend that instead of complaining about the process, buy into it and learn how to sell. Why quit your first week and then grouse about the opportunity? You didn't have any particular skill when they hired you, but they gave you an opportunity with a plan for success. At the end of 30 days you'll KNOW how to sell AND have a chunk of change in your pocket.
    It is a fantastic opportunity, especially in this hard economic environment. Might not seem so to the casual observer, but these machines are flying off shelves into peoples' homes. It's due to the superior cleaning aspects of the machine. It's something that delivers on it's promise.
    It's something that if you didn't see for yourself, you wouldn't believe. That's why they are only sold (legally) through home demonstations.
    The greatest tragedy is a sweeper sold through big box stores or through million-dollar ad campaigns on television for a piece of crap machine.
    When you match what you've bought at the box store or through some online pitch to the Kirby, THAT'S when you know you've been had.
    The Kirby is an All American machine that fulfills it's promise as the best machine of it's type in the world. I challenge anyone's sweeper against this machine. The Kirby will destroy it. Not compete; destroy.

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  • Ga
    gazza101 Feb 01, 2009

    hi everyone i recently left kirbys in long eaton in derby after only 12 days of working for them, i was promised a basic of £1200 a month plus a commission of £300 a sale plus a petrol allowonce of £100 per week, wot a LOAD OR CRAP !!! after paying for my petrol out my own pocket and showed reciepts, asked the company for wot they owed me got told that i hadnt done enough sales and wasnt entitled to anything, so i decided to keep the hoover until im paid wot im owed is this okay to do ?

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  • Sa
    sam Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My partner and i worked in the kirby company for 4mths, having family and friends saying that its got to be a scam don't work there. We ignored everyone and went ahead working there anyway, not knowing what we were up for. We were told all theses good things, bonuses, up grades, big money (NEVER SEEN A CENT!), we were never payed for our long, hard and tiring work. We started early and didn't finish until midnight. We were told that we had to go on a work trip to dubbo, one of there so called most top selling places (LOAD OF CRAP!) never got a cent when we were down there.
    Still waiting for our money, and we will not give up till we get it!
    To all thoses who dont want to fall for a stupid advertisement make sure you research there background first.

    Your's truly someone who got scamed.

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  • An
    Anthony Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have to say I have been working for Kirby for about 2 years now. I am 21 years old and making more money thatn my mother who went to college for 8 years. I never lie to a customer and I dont try to push myself on them. I am upfront about everything from the beginning. I tell them what exactly I'm going to do and that there is no obligation for them to buy anything. You would be amazed at how many people are receptive towards honesty. I sale an avredge of 6 vacuumes a week and have gone to the bahamas won many cool prozes and so on. Kirby treats their employees right and its not just off comission here. I am guaranteed a $500 check every week regardless of if I sale something or not. Bad week, still have 500, good week maybe more. All I can say is that if you dont like the Kirby then you dont like a clean home. Its a small group of people who is giving kirby a "bad" name. Thats with any buisness. Go to a used car dealer and see if you dont get "pushed". yet you still go and the go to others. Look at the big picture and stop complaining.

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