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S Feb 14, 2020

Road side assistance is pathetic.
I have been stuck on the road side for almost 2 going on 3 hours on a busy road.

After 2 and a half hours I was informed that the tow will be coming in half and hour!

I then asked as to where is he coming from... And was informed that he's is coming from a far place and then I HAD REQUESTED THAT THEY GET SOMEONE LOCAL... I was then informed that the local guys would only be available in around an hour as they are on a job...

This seems extremely odd...

My home is roughly a 3 minute drive from where I have broken down.

I highly recommend that this matter be further looked into as to why are clients being made to wait these long periods for service and made to wait and possibly be victims of crime and so forth also not being suggested to being sent someone to boost their vehicle and pressured into being towed.

I am disappointed with the level of service

I will be canceling my policy with king price

I will be advising all colleges, friends, family and members of my community of my experience and dissatisfaction.


Ismael Gaffoor
[protected] Tovey Crescent

Kindly verify if all of this jazz adds up.

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car insurance

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