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Kg Jun 12, 2019

My family and I was traveling from Minnesota to kansas, on the day we where in our way home, our car engine light began blinking, knowing this is bad, we went to the closest auto garage. The owner came out and checked the coding but was unable to get what that code meant, so he called Briggs Kia in Topeka spoke to a service rep who refused to help him with this code. stated how would they get paid for the diagnostic charge. I called the Kia dealer that I use in duluth, mn. Who also said they could not provide the code results. He to l me I had to have it towed to the dealer. I called Kia roadside told me it would cost 275.00, wait time 45minutes. After 1hour and 45 min he showed up. We arrived at the dealer ship at 130. To! d him the story and that me and my daughter had to work tomorrow and needed the car fixed today. He said he would have it looked at and then get back to me. Needless to say he called at 530 and told us the R&R overlay harness was bad and would take 3 day in total. Or they could reset the coder and it should run fine. After getting hotel rooms 196.00 and food the morning The mechanic said that they have problems with this and made an up date that is to sesitivee. But also said to pick up a code reader and if it happens doing our trip to stop and reset it. Yes we did get the diagnostic test waived. My point is if they would have tAken 2 minutes to look a the car then we would have been in our way that night. If they would have tAken a few minutes to help a follow mechanic he could have reset the code and sent us on the way. instead he choose to be rude and cost this customer a lot of extra money. I feel it is fair for the co. many to pay my extra expenses.. Taking an extra step to help a stranded Kia driver would have made the difference

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