Kenmore Elite Stove / Ovenracks fall out of oven

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oven racks in Kenmore Elite (Model 790.[protected]) fall down

My mom has had this model stove for a while – but after the first year the racks started falling down. the oven expands and the racks fall down. Last thanksgiving I lost the bird and was pissed, Almost burnt my entire arm. Now its an everyday occurrence these days – to the point that anyone that tries to us the oven loose rack of items. I’ve burn my had twice, and my nieces and nephews are not allowed to use the oven. MY mother is 75 and had not had a new stove ever and she saved up years to buy this piece of ****!!!VERY DANGEROUS OVEN. HOW COULD THEY NOT RECALL THIS DANGEROUS OVEN???? IT is a BIG saftey hazard. Last year we called sears and they would not help in any way. WHY would a company wait for LAW SUIT before they correct a problem. THIS IS SO VERY DANGEROUS FOR ANYONE TO USE> NEVER BUY KENMORE stoves. I will be posting this on my several twitter feeds and Facebook profiles. This is a terrible way to treat a senior citizen!!!


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      Apr 30, 2015

    Agree 100% I have the same problem...

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  • J
      Sep 04, 2019

    I have same problem. Report to

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