Kellogg Companyempty boxes of cereal

I bought a variety box of cereal from Sams club for $8.99. the next morning on the 11th day of april I got a box of cereal and the box was empty so I got another box and it was empty too. I saved the second box so I could give you more information the code on the top of the box is 01080 0 25 fk 023 23 08 and this is frosted mini wheats . I would like replacement for this product or compensated for this problem. Cereal is rather expensive for someone on a fixed income. Contact me at [protected] I will be waiting for an answer oh the bar code on the bottom of the box is 38000 21993 1 I have been eating kelloggs cereal for along time and I'm not real happy with this problem. Thank you

Apr 17, 2019

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