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Keller Williams Realty review: telling lies to my realtor hoping to gain a higher price!

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On November 12th, 2006, an offer was submitted to Keller Williams for the property listed above in the amount of $225,000. The asking price was $250,000 and was told to ‘counter-offer at above $242,000 or don’t bother calling back’. My final offer was $235,000 and was told that ‘I should have came back with $240,000. It makes me wonder why the listing agent is so adamant about obtaining $5000 more since her commission after closing is minimal on a difference of $5000 more.

About two weeks later, on November 29th, 2006, the asking price for this property was dropped to $240,000. There was no callback to my agent to ask whether I was still interested in purchasing this property for $235,000. My agent resubmitted the initial offer of $225,000 and was told the counter-offer of $235,000. This was the final price that I had submitted two weeks ago. At this stage, this left an extremely bitter feeling of discrimination & I did not bother to meet that counter-offer.

My perception of this whole experience tells me that the listing agent did not communicate with the seller, exemplify discrimination (for whatever reason, may it be racial or other personal motives) as proven by the second offer confirming that she would have given it to me for $235,000 but never even bother to call to ask.

*****I sent the above paragraph via email to the agent******

Within a few hours, I received a harsh voice mail from the agent after sending my initial correspondence, stating that I don’t know who you are but I’m sure I’ll find you, call me back’. That voice mail sounds extremely threatening & it would be more viable but for the fact that I included my phone number & email so obviously she could find me. I then called the agent & she was extremely rude on the phone, yelling & screaming, stating that I threatened her & she wanted me to take back what I wrote.

She wanted me to write a letter to rescind the above email, I told her to send me an email & I will respond to that). I told her to explain her side of the story, & she said that when I made the initial offer, there were 2 other offers, one of them being the same as what I counteroffered at, which was $235,000 & that she brought this back to the seller & he didn’t want to settle, that he wanted something more. I then asked her why didn’t she contact me prior to lowering the price by $10,000 & she stated that she doesn’t do that. She again mentioned that there were 2 offers on this house after lowering the price & that she will not contact my realtor if the deal falls through since I’m not interested in it anymore. She’s obviously bitter at me & putting words in my mouth. Throughout the conversation, she was yelling into the phone & I told her that I’m not yelling at her but talking to her in a mature manner & she immediately apologize profusely & said that she yells at her husband & this is just how she is. If she really didn’t do anything wrong, why would she yell at me & have the urge to threaten me about stating my personal opinions about this whole experience. She also stated that she used to or is still serving on the Pennsylvania Realtors Organization Board of ethics and taunted me to file a dispute. My opinions are based on the facts & the entire process I had gone through. Her stories doesn’t match up, she stated there were 2 offers when the original offers were made & that the seller didn’t want to settle at $235,000 & wanted more, but then within 2 weeks, the asking price dropped by $10,000 to $240,000. And now, the seller is willing to settle for $235,000. When I brought up this point, there wasn’t any response. Also, she stated that there are 2 offers again & the house is sold, this was also conveyed from my realtor after speaking with her.

*******It's been 2 days since my initial correspondence with her & I have yet to receive any emails from her confirming what she told me about the other offers on that property******

It is very obvious at this stage that the agent lied about other offers on the house & the house being sold. It is still on the market & she was trying to raise the bidding price by telling lies to my realtor hoping to gain a higher price.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 22, 2019 5:03 am EDT

I am here complaining about Marisol Tovar, real estate agent in Keller Williams Natomas, CA. This women is a complete fraud and tried to scam my family and I. She manipulated, lied, coerced us into purchasing a damaged home. Marisol was very unprofessional and crude women. Cursed us out via phone and threatened us. She deserves to be exterminated.

Oct 02, 2018 11:10 am EDT

An agent called my cell phone, unsolicited, from [protected] twice in 2 minutes. The second call he left a voicemail asking me if I was in the market to buy or sell a house and to give him a call if I were. I am on the DNC and will never do business with a cold caller nor a company who doesn't respect that.

Sep 04, 2018 5:51 am EDT

Mary Hamilton is a complete snake in the grass. She lied to me completely and was pushy and aggressive and solicited relentlessly. Her reputation is correct that you need to keep her away from you! I cannot stress enough how AWFUL AND UNPROFESSIONAL AND SLIMEY SNAKE she is! BEWARE!

Aug 15, 2018 6:57 am EDT

I have a KW agent in Paris, TX who has lied to and manipulated me on several occassions. She has even cost me to not be able to sell my property. So I notified her that I wanted to terminate our contract back on 22 June and she redponded with " O NO YOU'RE NOT!" Now she will not return my emails or texts. How do I get this contract terminated ?

Mar 28, 2013 5:20 pm EDT

I've delt with Keller Williams agent on two different occasions. Both of which led to me cancelling the purchase contract based on information that was left out by the agents. Perhaps it is a failure by Keller WIlliams to hire competent agents rather than a company tactic to be deceiving, but I avoided all Keller WIlliams properties after those two, and had great success purchasing my home through another company.

Feb 05, 2013 2:59 pm EST

I have found the agent from Keller-Williams who is representing the sale of my home as leaving me feeling upset, guilty, pressured into decisions (this is regarding over a buyer who defaulted on the contract for my home), and has confused me saying one thing on the phone one day, then changing her mind the next day. I have lost confidence in her in selling my home due to her incompetence. I had only hired her because she was someone I knew in passing and she offered. It's been a nightmare! Who and how do I report her?

May 09, 2011 1:09 pm EDT

this is a common situation in real estate no matter who or what company you are dealing with. Many times a situation like that seems fishy, however when working with over 100 clients per year we have seen all situations. Another perspective on this situation is that the seller really did not want to sell for 235k. After your negotiation did not work out, they did not get any other offers since your offer and they came to the realization that they may have to come to 235k to get to the current market...wether they liked it or not. It may not be a situation where the agent did not pass on information. The agent may have (and most likely did) go through all those scenarios with their client. The seller may have said no.

The next question is that if you really did like the house enough to offer 235k and you hadn't found anything you like better, and you thought it was worth 235k prior to that, why didn't you make that offer work? It would make sense if more, nicer properties did come on the market. Actually, they may have adjusted to that 235k price because they at least knew the market value was there. Plus, that would open the opportunity up to buyers that maybe weren't looking at their higher price, and many times that can cause a multiple offer situation if that is what the property was worth.

Maybe you found a better deal and better home so it is not an issue. If you did settle for a property that was not as nice or higher price, then it may have made sense to jump at the 235k. Again, it is all about what the property value is to you. If the value of that property at the later date was less, then you definitely made the right decision.

Sometimes when we see one side of the story, our mind does help us justify things and make up our story. It doesn't necessarily mean the agent wasn't doing everything they could to help that client get their home under contract. Some listen to advice and some don't. Our job as a listing agent is to represent our client the best we can...wether we completely agree with their decision or wether they listen or don't listen to advice.

Nov 07, 2010 5:30 pm EST

You all need to realize that your experience with ONE SPECIFIC AGENT is not a justifiable reason to make offensive comments about the entire firm! No real estate firm, whether its Keller Williams or not, trains their agents to NOT answer phone calls or lie to their clients or disrespect anyone! Because that one agent you dealt with was rude, dishonest, or unethical you cannot jump to the conclusion that the entire firm is the same way. You need to be aware that real estate agents are independent in making their business decisions. That one agent you had worked with may be a bad agent (based off what I have read in the previous entries, I agree with some of you that the agent did make a mistake) and needs to be disciplined, but you cannot blame the firm as a whole for their wrong doings. I have been in real estate for many years and have worked for multiple firms, each claiming they are better than the other in providing great client/customer service, but what matters are the specific agents and their specific views and opinions. The agents may be from the highest rated firm for customer service, but that agent may not be the best agent for you!
So please, before you criticize an entire firm for one agent’s mistake or wrong doing, take into consideration that that agent is independent in what they do and the firm does not and cannot teach a person respect, common courtesy, and honesty. They can only promote it. It is up to the agent to use those characteristics.
If an agent does treat you wrongfully, your best way of dealing with it is directly contacting their broker or ethics board.

May 02, 2010 8:16 am EDT

I agree. I had a horrible experience with a Keller Williams agent in Texas. I will never hire them again. Worst business experience I have ever encountered.

May 28, 2009 12:57 pm EDT

I have equaly horrible service with Keller Williams here in the Madison, WI area. From the beginning our agent has had horrible communication and little to no follow-through. When I brought this concern forward to her superior she offered a co-listing agreement with another agent (the one we wanted in the first place). Things conitnued status quo and the lead agents communication got worse. i beleive she had a vendetta against us and anytime she called or emailed she was short and unprofessional. We called her one day on a question we had regarding feedback from a showing. She called back and left a message stating she was very busy for the next few days and if we could call her back in 10 minutes she would talk to us otherwise "have a nice day." I followed up with her boss after that message and her boss (the supposed CEO and Team Lead here in Madison) attacked me over the phone...stating we (the clients) were the ones with the problems! The lack of professionalism from the agent and the supposed Team Lead I would never recommend to anyone! Buyer or Seller Beware!

Mar 13, 2009 7:12 pm EDT

Keller and Williams realtors are horrible! I understand they're very religious, and thats great, but let me tell you that they sure as hell dont act like it! My realtor tried to contact the selling agent over and over and they were completely unreachable. For someone who wanted to sell a house they were always "in a meeting". They didnt return emails until days later. My realtor called and sent emails to let them know we excepted his offer and apparantly he had "prayer" all day and doesnt accept phone calls after 8 pm. For a real estate agent to be this way (obviously no work ethic what-so-ever) is absolutely appauling! I respect religious people, and religion but stop thinking about yourself and put yourself in the other persons shoes for once! This was my first home and they constantly came up with one "problem" or another. I will NEVER deal with this realty firm again! Apparantly they hold themselves above everyone else and are very disrespectful.

Jun 24, 2007 5:56 pm EDT

I have known Joanne Mamrosch for 25 years. I have completed many transactions with her and have NEVER had an issue with her integrity. Her job as a sellers agent is to protect her sellers and to get the best offer and terms for them. If your offer was not the best that is the reason you lost it.

Mar 01, 2007 7:02 am EST

It seems that this is a trade mark for Keller Williams no matter what office.

Mar 01, 2007 6:55 am EST

I had the worse experience of my life when dealing with Keller Williams.

I am now looking for a lawyer to settle this. I plan on submitting my own complaint shortly. The office I dealt with was in Waldorf Maryland and the both the owner/seller and my agent was Keller Williams Reps.

Awful experience filled with lies.


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