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Kansas City Power & Light [KCP&L] review: this utility company sucks

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KCPL opened a new account for me and did not send my bill to the correct address. We waited and called three times and were accused of not contacting them. Now they want $200 of a $600 bill or they will cut the electric bill by this Friday. I work at a local retailer that does not pay that much and on a fixed income. I also am a Marine Reservist and taking care of my mother.
KCPL was sending my bills to my former residance in TEXAS and is doing nothing to take off late fees and unwilling to work with us at all. Is there anything that can be done? Doesn't seem like it.

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Oct 19, 2019 10:21 pm EDT

I live on a small set income being disabled and elderly. Now KCP&L are charging almost $400.00 a month for electricity. This is a small house but I need electric for my oxygen machine and my son his CPAP. Have tried to get help but everyone is so strapped because all of the low income families need help now. With winter coming the application for LHEAP has been turned in. It only helps with gas. Can't have heat from the furnace without electricity. Now KCP&L will be Evergy. So KCP&L bought out another small company to make their monopoly ever bigger. I am to sick to move or I would. Not ready to die yet but looks like the vile Illuminati, have me pegged as a throw away.

Oct 09, 2019 2:50 pm EDT

KCP&L automatically enrolled me in budget billing without authorization or notification. They have no evidence that I signed up for the service but claim there is no way for them to do it unless I request it. Now that it's Evergy, my bill is due in 20 days and its 500% higher. I asked about options or a payment plan and Evergy told me they could reduce this month's bill by ten bucks.
I filed a complaint with the MoPSC but it looks like I'm going to be cut off as I certainly don't make that kind of money and have nothing to sell to make up the difference. MoPSC seems to have as much influence as a bug on a windshield. Such shady business. It's amazing what companies can get away with when they have no competition.

Sep 28, 2019 3:28 pm EDT
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It is very sad that you allow a customer to be without service who have small children with asthma and give the run around on when services will be back on. We have asthma and have machines that need to be plugged in to for our health. And to have to wait days without services is poor customer services and you all have no compassion. Unacceptable

Oct 14, 2018 1:28 am EDT

I agree we need to file class action lawsuit against kcpl they claim i busted up their equipment and i was nt even in the city at the time they claim..when i tryed to get the time frame they are charging me with they will not show this is not right..

Sep 18, 2018 2:18 pm EDT
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Their new billing called "Demand Charge" which allows them to take the highest month charge and bill you that times 12 months even though you only have electricity on for 1 month.

Sep 18, 2018 5:58 pm EDT
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I've tried to move from he residence I was previously resided at, and KCP&L is telling me my name is on the account. I never received a bill while residing there and my name is not on a Account. They are telling me that I'm responsible for the bill and can't obtain services until the bill is paid. Again, I never opened a account at that address.

Sep 18, 2018 12:46 pm EDT
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Small apt. No washer dryer no dishwasher no furnice just baseboard heaters bill running over 150.00-190.00 monthly bills incorrectly references to previous billed statements incorrect 3 utility charges uncertian where they got the figures from

Aug 24, 2018 9:21 am EDT

This is one of the biggest price gouging utility co.s I've ever had the displeasure of relying on for service. There needs to be a special committee formed to investigate this co's billing methods

May 23, 2018 12:05 pm EDT

This company is a monopoly! I couldn't agree more with you all. I called 6 weeks ahead of time so I could upgrade my breaker box. I was told everything was set up. I had scheduled my vacation to do this. I called a week ahead of the time to confirm this and they knew nothing about it! I had to call on my first day of vacation when I was scheduled to work on it and waited for half of a day for them to get there!

I have had to administer two estates with one of them being in Probate. They wanted their payment or they would shut the power off right in the middle of winter. "Too bad, " they said "we want our money. Somebody needs to pay this bill or we will shut off the power. We're so sorry for you loss." Yeah sure you are.

I asked for the Budget Billing to be changed. I sent over Court papers, death certificates, etc... They made an estimate and that was as far as it went. Never got a refund.

When I tried to explain the situation, they hung up on me.

Thanks for the info. I will complain to the PSC.

I had to pay the bill, along with the late fees for a deceased relative that had all of their estate frozen.

May 17, 2018 6:02 pm EDT
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I have reported KCP&L to the Missouri Public Utilities commission and recommend others do the same. The only way to catch their attention is to appeal to those who can fine the company for fraudulent billing practices.

I have *twice* in two months received a bill from them that is 50% higher than anything I've paid in the 20+ years I've lived here. When I called customer service they first claimed they were doing a "cycle readjustment which can temporarily result in a higher bill". When I asked them to show me how this worked they could not-- and their online records disagreed with claims they were making.

It turned out my bill was "estimated" rather than a true meter read. Of course such estimates are always extremely high. I demanded a true meter reading (which is done automatically and remotely these days via digital contact-- they no longer use "meter men" for this area). That resulted in a significantly lower bill.

But then I receive my bill for this month, and there it is back up in ludicrous levels again. So I emailed customer service and told them I was asking the Public Service Commission for an audit of their billing practices... and proceeded to do just that.

The company is a monopoly. Complaining will get one no where. Discussion will result in excuses and misinformation if not direct lies. The only recourse the consumer has is to go to the consumer complaint area of PSC.

Mar 19, 2018 10:22 pm EDT
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My story is similar to so many others... KCPL is an arrogant monopoly.
I agree KCPL needs to be sued as a monopoly and that monopoly needs to be broken up.
Where is the competition to KCPL?
The Missouri Public Service Commission obviously condones their unscrupulous behavior. Makes me wonder who at the MPSC is getting paid.

Sep 21, 2017 12:55 pm EDT
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I've lived in many different cities in my life and KCP&L is by far the worst yet. Just moved into a new house 9 months ago and every month the bill gets higher and higher no matter how little power I use until finally I shut everything off except for the refrigerator and one TV. I kept calling about it because the bill continued to rise. So they came out and changed the meter. A week later they sent a bill for more than double the high #*/ss previously sent and wasn't even time to be billed yet. Lady on the phone said she'd sent it to billing. Haven't seen or heard anything back and nobody there will tell me anything, just the runaround. I'm on a fixed income and handicapped. Now the bill is so high I'm in big trouble because energy assistance won't cover it and I refuse to trust their payment plan. I think the government should step in because this company is obviously corrupt and been taking advantage of the poor for too long. My neighbors, family and friends have all been victimized by KCP&L. I just don't know what to do now. I don't want to give up my home but I can't live without electricity. Does anyone know how I should go about tackling this awful problem?

Mar 28, 2017 9:12 am EDT

Man- beyond disappointed. Just so harsh. Never sent my bill, never for a phone call. Then they just disconnected my service while the home was under frame. Cost me thousands for a 100 dollar bill they never sent me...Then I got chewed out on the phone by the manager for not paying?

Jun 16, 2016 3:37 pm EDT

I have learned the hard way that you should check to see if your future husband has a prior bill or if he was married and they had one together . But here is the whole thing you just cant call and ask for information about someones bill . Before i got married my balance with kcp&l was at a 0 balance . I got married called them to let them know that i was moving and would need service and was honest enough to update my information well that turned out to be the biggest mistake, I learned very quickly that my new husband and his ex wife had a prior bill and mind you that both of their names were on that bill, I was told that the balance on their bill would go onto mine ... 1, 500 that is how much their bill was ... i got stuck with the whole bill, at that point my hands were tied i had to have service i have three kids that i have to provide for so they told me they could turn it on but that would go on my first bill and guess what i had that balance due after one months service plus my bill that i had for that month ..I work full time and take care of things the best that i can with no help from child support or state aid ... I eventually got the shut off notice at the time there was no way that i could come up with that amount so i called to check about a budget plan to keep it on . The only option i had was to agree to a payment of 417.00 a month i continue to struggle every month to keep my power on and his ex wife got off with having to pay nothing at all . Very crap deal and they always say how awful it is about the debt that wasn't mine but then they wont lower the payment so i can keep my electric on .

May 26, 2016 1:06 pm EDT
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I'm 3 weeks from denlivening baby #2. I have a 15 month old at home. I'm a SAHM and full time Graduate student. I made a mistake...not opening mail. I had it in my mind that I needed to pay electric but simply forgot between doctor appointments, trading in a car, doing all the shopping cooking cleaning taking care of baby and getting some small projects done before baby arrives. But thought, like any other city, KC would post a 24-hour disconnect notice. No. It was in an envelope like any other. Sorry, my mistake. I come home in 80 degree weather after going to the post office to find a blank disconnect notice paper and no power. I call KCP&L immediately and make my payment. They say someone will be out tomorrow between 6am and 8pm to restore service. I tell them I'm 8.5 months pregnant and have a 1 year am I going to make baby dinner? I have a heart condition and the heat and stress do not response other than between 6am and 8pm tomorrow. I called twice today. It's now 3pm, still no tech. He was here earlier than this to shut my service off yesterday...go figure! Our lease is up next August and we are moving out of Kansas City. The city income tax, ever increasing water bills, and craptastic service from KCP&L is enough to make a Kansas City lover move to the suburbs.

Oct 21, 2015 4:10 pm EDT

I made call to disconnect service 3 months ago and it never got cancelled. Now they are saying I never called and they expect me to pay 600 worth of fees when I haven't lived at that place for 3 months. They say they can't see where I called and because there is no record ( when I did call) they can't help me. They manager was really rude and kept saying it was my fault and they take no responsibility for their employees mistakes. Worst customer service ever and I was given the chance to switch companies I wouldn't even give it a second thought!

Sep 04, 2015 10:39 pm EDT

I have 2 accounts with KCP&L for several years. Today I and talked with an agent who said her name was "Kim" she was very, very nasty, and told me that she will not hold her line for a manager. She has more important calls than mine, and since a manager is not available to take my call she will not hold up her line. I was abused by this agent, and the said thing about the call she felt very comfortable with being very nasty and unprofessional, and told a manager, cant help me. I insisted on holding the line for a manager, and told her do not disconnect the call I am a customer, and she proceed to hang up on me with malice. I called back spoke with another agent named "Nick" and advised I needed to file a complaint for customer abuse and the reasons why. I will report the customer abuse to the Missouri Public Service Commission, however, I don't think it will help, however, something must be done.

Sep 10, 2014 10:02 pm EDT

we are 1 pole away from rea and they wont mess with them eather we are tired of being ### raped by [email protected] doubble billing mother ###ers about to take bolt cutters to the line suppling us from them to see how much bill jumps not even using there ###

Jul 30, 2014 5:50 am EDT
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we agree KCP&L suck..We had been on budget billing suppose to be the best thing well we had been paying our bills on time fell behind one time and they removed us received a shut off for $2398.00 cause my budget was lower than my bills cause of them i owe this much so i contacted them very rude dont give a crap about there customers just there monney refused to give us and kinda payment deal..they dont understand what its like to like in a rural low income area cause they set behind a desk with no worrys they live in vig city ...i have had it with kcpl something needs to stop with this company ...

Jul 05, 2014 12:50 pm EDT

Why in the blue hell has there not been a lawsuit filed against these people? Constant rate increases, unfair and unexplained charges, unnecessary and irrational delays in servicing customers due to "policy, " no alternative to using their service... What exactly are anti-trust laws for if not for stopping runaway crooks like KCP&L?

May 13, 2017 10:12 am EDT

Let's all file the class action lawsuit👌🏿.. [email protected].com, I'm in who's with me?

May 28, 2014 7:02 pm EDT

You are not alone. I just got my service restored after they mistakenly shut off my service. My bill was paid, not delinquent and somehow they had me on a shut off list. My husband came home from work to find a disconnect notice and no power after working in a warehouse all day that the temperatures reach well over 100. I called KCPL immediately and was told that they could not send anyone till the next day because they don't do same day restoration. This was after telling me they weren't sure why my service was disconnected. So luckily my neighbor allowed us to run an extension cord to keep my fridge and deep freeze running. After speaking with KCPL and telling them about my fridge situation they had audacity to tell me it wasn't allowed for me to run an extension cord to my neighbors. REALLY my neighbor allowed it who the hell does KCPL think they are to tell me what I can and can't do .I stayed home from work the next day to ensure that all my electronics, and a/c were not damaged. I called KCPL 3 times to find out when someone would come to restore my service. The Only thing they would tell me is that I was on the restoration list and someone would be there sometime between 8 and 6. Seriously they messed up and they can't give me a time that they will fix it. No one showed up till 230 in the afternoon. Temperatures inside of my house were well over 90. I must have complained enough to the right people because I did get them to give me a $50 credit toward my next bill.I am in complete agreement with the rest of you KCPL DOES SUCK BALLS! If I could go to another electric company I would in a nono-second.

May 28, 2014 11:49 am EDT
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I paid and electrician to upgrade my service from 100A to 200A and he opened a ticket with KCPL and they came and did their work and then he did his. KCPL came and put a new meter on and ran the new wires to the house. A month later I get my bill and there are three charges for tampering for $200? They have this revenue department that is a joke. You leave a message and they will get back to you in 5 days. I got nowhere with the first person so asked to speak with a manager. That was May 8th and they did not call so I left another message May 16th. Still no call and it is May 28th. Checked my bill and the charges are still there. Worst service I have experienced and they are blatantly generating revenue with these charges. I am going to switch my power to another company... oh wait, I can't.

May 01, 2014 1:51 pm EDT

I feel the same. Didn't receive a notice that they would shut off our power. Delivered the disconnect notice and shut it off. I paid full amount due within 30 minutes and the tech was sitting down the street, however, was told their "policy" was to reconnect within 24 hours. Totally inhumane way to treat people. Even my small town water department turns on water faster than this conglomerate. I am so disappointed in this company and think its a monopoly. I think if you pay by a certain time they can turn it back on. Their techs aren't that busy to come do a 2 minute connect.

My husband works two jobs, and we have three children would with a life-threatening disease. We missed our payment this month, first the first time in eight years. Our electricity was shut off, and with the fault of our own, did not see the shut off notice. I think it should be listed on the outside of the mail, like the water bill.,
We paid within 30 minutes of our electricity being shut up. And paid the total amount owed. But would not turn on our electricity until 24h later. They said that is their policy.
My husband was so upset, he cut the small lock that they put on box, it's more like a plastic tab.
24h later they came to turn on our electricity, but Claimed there was tampering with the box. So instead of reconnecting our electricity after paying in full, they added more locks to the box, one with the a metal clamp.
I called KCP&L, and they were very rude to me. Told me that I owed over a $1000 before I could get my electricity turned back on. And that I have to call a number for their revenue protection department. I called immediately, and I had to leave a message and was told I would not be contacted until 24h later.
We got a hotel at this point, and we tried to make the best of the situation. I removed all of our food that could spoil, and stored it at the hotel mini fridge. Making sure my kids had clothes for school the next day, making sure my daughter's medicine stayed cool, and that she had everything that she needed, because she is insulin-dependent. We tried to enjoyed the night at the pool and to get the best sleep we could.
The next day I waited for their call on my cell phone. Think God I have a cell phone.
They called almost exactly 24-hour later.
I had to pay my highest bill times three, that would go towards our deposit. Pay a tampering fee of $165, plus a $30 reconnection. Total $1, 175.00 to reconnect our electricity.
We paid it of course, because we have three children. Plus our food in the fridge was starting to spoil. It was nice to know that we will get $980 back after 12 months.
This whole experience caused us to be without electricity for three days. It through our lives upside down. We went into instinct mode. We got through it, but they definitely did not make it easy on us at all. Even though we paid in full within 30 minutes of our electricity being shut off.
I feel they run this company in a humane way. They take advantage of their power, literally. Everyone needs electricity to survive properly in this lifestyle. And they take full advantage over anyone they can. The customer service is extremely rude and has no remorse for their actions. Though I have to say, there were two employees out of the seven I spoke to, that were kind and seem to care and help me through this process.
I am so shocked that my own city that I have contributed to, would treat me like I was nobody. I feel this is so wrong, or I would not have put this much time and emotion into writing this letter.
Something has got to change, because if they are treating others like this. That could possibly be not as capable or financially able. I can't imagine how difficult they could make it on other citizens of Kansas City.
I feel that they are abusing their power. I got shut off over $200. Even though I have paid $250 towards our deposit. I have been paying this bill toward KCP&L, for over 12 yrs. And I have never had this situation occur, not even close.

Aug 18, 2019 9:33 am EDT

This company does not care about customer service, because there is no real way for the public to hold them accountable. They are abusive and exploitive to the maximum, as your story so clearly illustrates.

Mar 19, 2014 11:29 am EDT

KCP&L are maggots. They think they are GODs and they think they can abuse and control their customers. We need to file a class action law suit against these son-of-a-###. They abuse their power too much and they provide ### services.

Jan 12, 2018 9:36 am EST
Replying to comment of rcjetpilot

i agree that there should be some legal recourse for kcpl customers, maybe we should also sue the commision that rubberstamps every rate increase they ask for without hesitation. the irregularities in billing should be investigated. and a reaganesk monopoly busting should take place as well.

Sep 26, 2013 10:34 am EDT

I am a single individual living in a 900 sq ft apt, I am gone 11 hours a day and sleep the normal 7 to 8 hours at night. My air conditioner has never been set lower than 82 degree's and my electric bill runs between $177.00 up to $276. a month. How in the hell is this possible? I called to get someone out to check my meter and the rep informed me that the tenants prior to me had much higher electric bill, (who gives a d***) my live style is 100% different than the prior tenants who did not work or sleep normal hours so to compare is ridicules. Since receiving $276. 2 months ago I have completely turned my air off, my bill went down $99. and was $177. and this now my newest bill is $217. WTH? My neighbor who keeps her air on 76 degree's has a power bill comparable to mine, how does this happen? Grrrrrr!

Jun 18, 2013 3:49 pm EDT

Couldn't agree more! This company is a blood sucking parasite! The number of complaints I have are too long to list! DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU DON'T ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BECAUSE THEY WILL RAPE YOU AND LEAVE YOU ON THE STREET TO DIE!

DONT DO THE LEVEL PAY ! thought it would help me budget my money and received the highest electric bills I have ever seen in my life. I have an 800 sqft duplex and was paying $191 a month.. average bills are typically $135 during Summer months and $65 through Winter months. I ended up getting to months of service for no charge but it definitely didn't help with my budget. This company has continued to raise their rates by 10-12 % every year for the last 5 years. Even though the economy is stressed and people are out of work The Missouri Public Service Commission has allowed this increase no matter how many of us show up at the meetings to boycott. I have seriously thought about moving out of the area because this monopoly rules with an iron fist unfairly. We all need electricity ! As rates increase so does the cost of living, and in the last 5 years we have incurred a 50% RATE INCREASE. I pity those who are elderly and on a fixed income...

Aug 17, 2012 11:28 am EDT

Agree this company SUCKS, no customer service. Newly established acct for a college student, was given a “turn-on” date with confirmation, moved on in and next day service was SHUT-OFF for “tampering”. Oddly enough they called the landlord the day before (why?) and asked several questions until she told them they would have to contact us (renters). Spent an entire day on the phone with KCPL got nowhere, was forced to submit an enormous deposit, service fee and tampering fee. Yep, college students with no idea what is going on. Gave the 2 business days until called to confirm receipt of our money, no, no, no and 10 days later still no. Unable to speak with management, we wait another day…finally they received payment (it was sent priority mail and it took 10 days [doubt it]). Got confirmation it would be on Friday morning, at noon called KCPL and guess what…they LOST the order. C’mon Warrensburg, MO is an extremely small town. Innocent college student trying to do the right thing, has been put in a horrible financial situation. KCPL SUCKS!


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