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This is not the first time I have had a run in with this KOA owner Paul Castro. He is very rude and the first incident was him demanding deposit an full month payment before getting my info an what space I needed an duration. I refused to give before my card number so he became hostile and I was in shock how awful this man is very colorful choice of words. I tried getting propane from the same man Paul Castro at a different time . Letting him know it was not empty that it would not be the full 9 gallon, so he doesn’t try an over charge me. He continued to raise his voice an tell me he was gonna charge 4.99 a gallon if it’s not 3 gal or more. I told it him it will be more than 3 gal. He continued to yell at me an I was not gonna take his rude yelling. It came to the point t I told him I don’t want to buy from him he said F you get the F outta here. Repeated him self over an over I wanted the public to see this man an how he treats customers especially a female customer. He expected me to be submissive an take his verbal abuse. I was able to pull my phone out to capture the owner an his lovely choice of words. For this Owner to be able to get away with treating customers this way should not be acceptable especially using KOA as his business. He needs to be aware that he can’t treat any female so horrible,

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