Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]no refund for amenities that i, paid for manager / owner disgustingly rude to paying customers

O Jul 21, 2019

My name is julia and my family (daughter son and 8 year old granddaughter) stayed at salmon falls koa this past weekend, (7/19 thru 7/ 21 was the rental weekend) we paid a deposit up front to rent a prowler rv for the weekend, (friday to sunday) this is the old kings & queens, flat rock bridge road campground it has now changed hands yet again, we use to camp here years ago, and we are familiar with the campground and the sites. Our site was on the north side, the trailer was nice and clean, however not level you could feel every person moving in the trailer, and sometimes felt like it was going to fall off the blocks, no biggie, friday night was fine, we checked in, was told that we could use the linens (even though we brought our own) the air conditioning worked well, it was the weekend of the heatwave, so we were very happy to have it!! Saturday we went to their general store to get wood for a fire, and see what else we needed (more water or gaterade would have been good too) seriously their "store" had not much for food but hey its a campground and there is a market basket less than a mile away... Anyways we spent our money in their store and enjoyed making breakfast when the electricity kept going on and off it would be off for about 15 minutes then kick back on, at first we thought our trailer blew a fuse but when it continued we figured (after talking with outher campers) it must be for the overload of everyone using their aircontitioners) that is understandable. We spent our day tubing down the lazy river, (the pools were packed) we got back around 2:30 and started to make lunch when yet again the electricity went off... This time it didnt go back on. We called the office and was told that there was an electrical problem and it would be back on by 6. No biggie, we were a little nervous about the food in the fridge our meats and everything were in there and our water and gaterade were in the coolers, we had to get bags of ice to make sure everything stayed cold. By 7 no electricity, the trailer was excessively hot so we got nervous and called the office we got voice mail. We waited another half hour and called again, voicemail. We went up to the office when they decided they were going to close, and spoke to one of the workers who had other campers complaining and questions about the electrical problem.. They were not offering any information, and had no clue when or if it would be turned back on... We saw campers leaving and we knew that wasn't a good sign. It was unbearably hot and we were all anxious and upset, we asked if they had info on the situation, they were as blank as could be I understand that everyone was upset, it was hot, and such an inconvenience, but these new owners not once made any attempt to talk to us in a manner that was acceptable. They were rude ignorant and unaccomodating to their paying customers!!! Again we understand that it wasn't their fault, but we asked for a refund after going back in forth deciding to pack up at 10:00 at night in pitch blackness in 98 degree weather!! Our food went bad we had to throw out all our food except the water in the coolers, mind you the trailer temperature inside was 90 degrees the fridge had warmed and all the food was warm and went bad. We went to the office after we cleaned the trailer packed our car and asked to speak with the manager/ owner bill. The lady in the office called him and he and his crew all showed up on their golf carts.. We told him that we undersand the situation was not his fault but we payed for amenities (not cheap to stay there either) that we couldn't use, we lost all our food we would like to have a refund or at least part of a refund for a day and a half as we had no choice but to leave we couldn't eat any food, and couldn't sleep in a metal trailer with no air conditioning. Bill was the most rudest person and needs some customer service training.. He blatantly told us (and I quote) you are not getting a refund and I am done with this conversation.. And he walked into the store and locked the door!!! We sat there almost in tears, I have never been so humiliated in my life!!! Quite honestly if he and is goons had made the slightest attempt to even offer his paying customers even an ice cream for the inconvenience (the do have generators working there!!) we would have been a little more understanding, but let it be known that this will be the last time I give one dime to that campground!!! Bill needs to learn that his customers are his bread and butter, and his attitude towards his customers will break his business.

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