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I booked a flight with for my daughter to fly from St. Louis to Venice, Italy to visit her Aunt over Christmas break. I booked initial flight on 9-25-17 for dates 12-12-17 through 12-21-17. On Nov 3 I received an email from Justfly stating that the airline has changed my itinerary and in order for me to view the changes I had to click ok within the email. Upon inspection of the new itinerary I noticed that it has my daughter changing airport at her first layover that are 1 1/2 hours apart. I called the airline to see if they provide the transportation between airports and they do not. I then contacted Justfly to ask if they provide transportation and after being transferred and placed on hold I found out they do not either. I then asked if there was a flight she could be changed to that didn't involve the change in airports and was informed that they would submit a request to the airline and would email me in 24-48 hours. After 48 hours with no receipt of email I called again, was told again the same thing, they will submit request and I will receive email in 24-48 hours. Two days later and still no receipt of email I call again. Each of these phone calls cost me 1-2 hours with transfers and hold time. They will tell you to hold for 3-5 min and continue to update you every 3-5 min for at times an hour. I have spoke to 5 different supervisors and now am told they can not change flight unless I pay $400 fee. I have spoke to the airline and they have a flight and we're willing to change but unable because Justfly has control of the reservation. I plan to go as far as I possibly can with complaints, newspaper, media to get word out about how horrible this website is. I just pray my daughter makes it to her destinations and home safely without issues. My hopes are to prevent others from the frustration I have had to incur during this process.

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