JustFly.comjustfly is an absolute scam!!

O May 26, 2017

I had the worst time with JustFly and I don't recommend them to anyone, they are far the worst to deal with.
I decided to use them only because of their super cheap prices. I felt that there was something funny, because their prices were TOO cheap, but anyway decided to book my ticket. I paid for my booking and they took my money right away. I realized that there was something wrong when after an hour I checked my mail and saw that there was no payment confirmation or e-ticket. I contacted JustFly and they said that I'll get everything within 24 hours which was the most ridiculous thing ever, but I decided to wait till the next day. Nothing came.
After that I have contacted them numerous times and got noting but empty promises. My flight is next week and I still don't have my ticket! I can't even cancel because they don't allow me to do that.
When I contacted the airline they said that I have to deal with JustFly.
Stay away!!! JustFly is an absolute scam!!

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