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Just Property review: Deposit not returned

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According to my lease agreement and my deposit return form I was supposed to receive the balance of my deposit back 21 days after the 1st of August. It is the 30th of the month which is 9 days after the 21st yet I still have not received the balance of my deposit. I've been sending back and forth emails to the portfolio manager who still has not given me feedback as to whether the money has been released or not. They always used to lecture me about my lease agreement and calculated additional costs when I initially wanted to move out yet they are now in breach of that lease agreement. If I was late on any payments when I was living there which never happened they would have definitely added interest but now they taking so long to release the money that is owed to me and I obviously wont be compensated for this delay. When it was time to make payments they got it on time which includes the deposit now they are crying to pay back my money. At this point I don't even believe that they will return my deposit money because it shouldn't have taken this long. There's already new tenants at the flat so I don't understand what's the hold up! These people look for every opportunity to inconvenience people and steal from them! All they see is money and do not have any sense of humanity or compassion. This company does not operate on any values or etheics what so ever.

Desired outcome: I want my deposit money back and to be compensated for the delay. A formal apology from them as well.

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