Jumiapuppy training pad

N Mar 25, 2019 Review updated:

So I ordered a puppy training pad for large dog (see screen copy of the website) and I received this (see second pic). The training pad could hardly fit a Chihuahua. My dog is 7 months and large...

I consider the ad is deceitful, yet Jumia will not refund?

2700 Ksh sure are not worth a law suit but you should reconsider before losing a customer over your own mistakes.

The so-called training pad is unused and in its original box. Please take it back.


Nathalie Amiot



  •   Mar 25, 2019

    Are you sure you don't mean 7weeks? He looks awfully small for 7months.

    Puppies should not be trained to go only on a pad. That is damaging to the environment and the pad might be irritating to the puppy's underparts.

    I agree with you that the pad is on the small side, I have seen large that are made of hospital bed pad material (blue tarp material on one side and absorbent diaper material on the other) and really are quite large.

    Maybe they want the dog to not have the run of the place when they go which is why these are on the small side. You can't go around your house with poop hiding behind the couches can you? Just like a kitty litter box is not the size of a child's sand box, this should not be that generous in space either.

    PS. God is he cute!🐕

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  •   Mar 25, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Ok, upon looking closer he is 7months and still adorable. However, he really ought to know how to go outside. Relying on training pads might give him the security that he could just go whether there is a pad there or not.

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