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Subject: Complaint regarding order No# [protected]

Dear Sirs,

Reference to the above-mentioned subject, your kind professional detailed reply will be highly appreciated after investigating the following points regarding the above-mentioned order.
Before going through the complaint details, it’s worth to mention that although this is my first shopping experience with Jumia Egypt, it’s one of my worst online shopping experiences ever which I’d rarely compare to any of my previous experiences with other online shopping stores, either inside or outside the Egyptian market, which make Jumia Egypt one of the most unrecommended shopping sites so far based on the following points.

1- The unjustified delay in the order shipment & delivery: As the order request has been placed dated 3rd of May 2017, with a delivery time frame within 24 hours. Even though, the order has not been delivered until date 6th of May 2017.

2- The worst follow-up service ever: Even though I’ve submitted more than 3 complaints via phone through the call center & customer service department, I’ve not received any professional follow up to justify the said delay or even to apologize with a commitment to deliver in a specific time period, as if it’s normal to accumulate complaints on a single customer order without the minimal professional care to avoid a double complaint or even follow-up on the original complaint status & make sure it’s been closed within a standard time frame.

3- Totally unprofessional handling with customers complaints: Although I’ve submitted more than 3 complaints with a clear request to be contacted via an executive customer service officer to clarify the whole issue, no one has bothered to contact or even send a professional detailed email to state the reason for just delay & confirm a delivery time until the end a business day working hours dated 6th of May 2017.

4- Contract agreement with one of the worst courier companies in Cairo (Move Me): Even I don’t know the exact evaluation standards to choose a courier company as one of your delivery contractors, being an internal company issue. But I’m almost sure that such company can’t even be an option based on the minimal professional evaluation & customer satisfaction standards, as it’s totally unrecommended based on most of the personal customer experiences inside Cairo governate including my own.

• The last disastrous update from the worst courier company (dated 6th May 2017 – 05:45 PM): I received a call from a person call (Mario Ashraf) who supposed to be El Tagamoa district branch manager for the said courier company (Move ME). He confirmed that the order will be delivered by 6.30 Pm after confirming the delivery address, then he called once again at 7:15 PM claiming that he forgot to take the order & he didn’t notice such (unbelievable) mistake until now!!!.
As if we are dealing with a delivery boy for a Popcorn kiosk, not a courier company for an online shopping store.

The simplest definition for an online shopping site, is to ship & deliver a specific item door to door, as an alternative for the customer instead of going out & approach the regular shopping stores. At the end, if you are delivering such disastrous quality of shipping service, so the simplest logical question would be (What is the point of your existence?!!!).

Having said that, I’m looking forward for your professional investigation results & feedback, being a multinational service company, expecting a prompt reply with a full detailed justification for all the above-mentioned points & an ultimate problem-solving solution, along with a satisfactory customer compensation for all what’s mentioned above.


Menna Khater
002 [protected]


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      Dec 22, 2018

    Please i want to order men's polo and it showing 3 colour so i will like to know maybe it is the 3 that will be delivered

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