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I ordered 2 lamps, a headboard and 3 solar powered lights for the outside. I received and email that the solar powered lights ran out before my order was fulfilled and they gave me a $10 credit...that didn't help. The lamps were delivered. Beautiful and in good condition. I ordered a king sized headboard and they sent a queen. I have emailed them but haven't received a response. They sent an email that they would be back with me within 1 business day. This is ridiculous that they don't have a live person to speak with during business hours. We will see if they readily send me a return shipping label for exchange or return on this "non returnable" item. I am very frustrated. I love their merchandise, but they need to be more available to their customers.


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    WWEST Jun 27, 2012

    I retract my frustration! Joss and Main were VERY responsive to my issue and contacted me right away. They are replacing the headboard! No complaints from me!

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    Frustrated2000 Oct 02, 2012

    I just ordered something from Joss & Main and realized after I submitted it that I entered the incorrect billing address information. I tried to call customer service and was told that I won a free two day cruise. I tried to dial 0 to skip the prerecorded message but was transferred to another prerecording of the same message with a different voice. When I tried to dial 0 again, I was disconnected. I tried this three more times and the first live person I was able to connect with was from the Caribbean Cruise line as opposed to Joss & Main. This whole endeavor wasted at least 15 minutes of my time and I still haven't been able to correct my order.

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