John Deerezero turn mower / dealer customer service

M Aug 12, 2018

John Deere Z335 and Z345 R with faulty hydrostats. When questioned about it they clam up and will not respond. The problem is that the pumps are faulty and do not provide enough pressure. It burns up the hydrostats. The problem starts at around 20 hours and by 80 hours they are failing. They only have a 120 hour warranty. Other similar mowers from different companies have longer warranties. They will not stand behind their product. However, they still want a payment each month. Very untrustworthy. How can any business operate this way? I live in Tennessee. The local dealer is Tennessee Tractor. When I took the mower back to the dealer this is what happened. They kept my mower for a week, and during that time the salesman was the go between for the lead mechanic. He took my mower and put it up against the building to destroy my mower. Then called me, told me, the noise and the things it was doing was normal. When they knew from the start what was wrong with it form the start. They are selling them anyways. What they should have done and what most dealers will do is put in in the shop, order upgraded parts. Not tear my mower up worse and lie to me. The dealer and John Deere need to have something done.

I am very mechanically inclined and I knew they were dishonest the whole time. They took me for being stupid. They had no right to do what they did.

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