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R Nov 06, 2019

I am a disabled veteran. I bought a car from Wilmington Auto in Ohio. They found Peoples bank to be my lender. I did not ask for Peoples which is my bank as well. I got my car totaled. I took 3 weeks. Did all the insurance paperwork and gap paperwork. Some costing me money to overnight. I called about my Gap. The customer service rep says 30 days or longer. I mention the 1 2 3 steps and 3 to 7 days to pay off. She said no not for you. I asked for a supervisor. I have PTSD and depression. Imagine my thoughts. Supervisor named Simone answered. She stayed JM&A will not pay my claim. The dealership was not allowed to use my personal bank period. With me asking or not. Now it has to go to an analysts to review rejection and determine how to handle. I who paying. Probably the dealership. Oh they might take 3 weeks to tell them. Smh this outragous. Also I can stop.paying the loan but on me Simone states. I asked if I need Samone says no. I state I will leave a negative review. I am told they will drop me if not needed. Yes the company who wants they fees still but refusing to help. I repeat what she stated explaining she made a threat. She states no bit a review is a threat. I stated so if i post one the. No help. Samone says no but belame the dealership. Thos is horrible. Stay cleat of this company. I broke down crying while on the phone

  • Updated by Rich Weiss · Nov 07, 2019

    JM&A reversed decision and paid. I was persistent taking every avenue I could.

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