Resolved Jitterbug Cell Phoneterrible customer service

Jitterbug customer service apparently just ignores my e-mails. I sometimes never even get a email response back from them. Even when I do, they don't follow through with the things to which they've agreed to do in the phone book. I've tried numerous times to get them to make changes and/or corrections to my phone book. The changes never happen. They say to keep the phone plugged in after entering the changes, etc whether I've done on their website, or if I did it right on the phone. No changes ever get done. I've asked them three times to remove the duplicates that the phone book shows for three different people. I've also asked to reposition some of the names/numbers, but that doesn't happen either. Programming in names & numbers from the phone itself is exasperating to say the least, cause it takes an eternity to do it, so I 've been making changes and additions right on their website. That's a really easy way to do it, but it would be even nicer if the changes would be done. They don't get done. This company loves to take your money, but they don't like to give good service.

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