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Deceptive statements

My son took my 2003 Hyundia Tucson in for an oil change on 7/11/10. While at Jiffy Lube he called me and told...

stay away from them

Jiffy Lube Store #1677 on 4/10/10 showed me a print out that my battery was going to leave me stranded on the side of the road because it had almost no cranking power. I said there $110 was too much, but I did get the oil change, air filter and air cond filter for $130. I went to Advance Auto Parts and they checked my battery for free, gave me a print out that it met or exceeded required standards and then recommended I take the car to NAPA when I did want a battery because it was still under warranty.

stay far away from jiffy lube

I recently went to the jiffy lube in bozeman, mt for an oil change. Just to get registered it took too much time because of all the add ons they want to sell you. When asked about the air filter, I told them they changed it last time I was in (3, 000 miles ago). Pretty soon a technician came into the waiting area with a air filter seeing if I wanted to have it changed. Surely air filters last longer than 3, 000 miles. Further more it took almost 2 hours to get out of there.

  • Jk
    JKDE Mar 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stay away from Jiffy Lube. They do not have ASE certified mechanics.

    I decided to try Jiffy Lube as I saw they offered 4 x 4 service. They said they had everything to do my Jeep right. Proper oil / filter change and full chassis, 4 x 4 drive train lube. The worker first starts draining the motor oil then stands in the pit under the Jeep for a few minutes doing nothing. I asked him, anything wrong? He says I don't have grease fittings so he can't do the chassis or 4 x 4 drive train lube. I pointed out all the grease fittings underneath and noticed he had that caught in a lie look on his face.
    Realizing I am talking to someone who is trying to scam me, I decided to stop right there and said fine, OK, just change the oil and filter.
    I made sure the worker put the oil pan drain plug back in correctly. Putting it back wrong is another famous Jiffy Lube trick of their trade.

    The oil filter on the 4.0 liter, in-line 6 motor has Metric threads. Next to the threads on the filter it is marked Metric. The worker is spending about 10 minutes looking for my filter. I asked him if he was having a problem. He said no. Finally I see him having a difficult time screwing a simple filter on and go over and ask him to let me see it. He turns it over and it is the wrong filter marked USA next to the threads. He then admits they didn't have the correct Metric thread filter. So instead of telling me they don't have the correct filter, the worker tries to screw on a US thread filter for a V8 engine and nearly cross threaded the engine side permanently!
    I told him to put my old filter back on, put in new oil and then complained to the manager. I was not charged for the oil.

    Had I not known what is right and correct to do, I would have been ripped off for a 4 x 4 chassis lube I never got, and had a wrong oil filter put on that would eventually cause me motor problems later on as I drove. Jiffy Lube is a scam.

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broke car and didn't pay

After an oil change from Jiffy Lube I noticed oil leaking on my clean driveway. I found out that Jiffy had stripped out the drain plug threads from overtightening. Jiffy did not honor their satisfaction garuntee, did not fix my car, and did not return my money. I wrote to the Jiffy Customer Service Dept and rec'd no help. I wrote to the Jiffy CEO/President and rec'd no help. I will never use Jiffy services again and strongly recommend no one else take chances with their cars either.

The car repair and oil clean-up was out of my pocket and should have been paid by Jiffy.

  • 08
    08ashu01 Jun 30, 2011

    I agree no matter what they do they will never own up to anything. I have several witnesses to Jiffy Lube screwing up my car. They drained my oil and never refilled it. They won't refund me and now my engine is messed up. I talked to a lawyer and they said that unless I can find a group of people that can pin point a shop Jiffy Lube has so much money they will just go case after case stealing your money like they already have. And because I don't have a video it's their word against ours. They piss me off so much. If I had the power I would shut everyone of them down and make all the head honchos pay for running such a fraudulent business.

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Jiffy Lube should be sued

I went to Jiffy Lube in Seaford, NY this morning to get my oil changed on my work car. The car was running great, but it was just over the 3, 000 mile point. Jiffy Lube tried to sell me everything, and would not take no for an answer, and even put my mechanic down, who is a personal friend.

After they finnaly understood i just wanted my oil changed, which i even wonder if they did? They called me out to the bay, and said my car was making unusual noises, which it was NOT making when i drove in. Then my check engine light when on. I had to drive all day worried about the car breaking down. i took it after work to my mechanic, and he said they pulled the spark plug out and wedged it in between the others. he put it back and the car sounded normal and the engine light went off. When i called them they said they did not do it, but I know they did. I am going to put them out of business.

Or perhaps they will put themselves out of business with treatment like i got. I was also wondering why my car was the ONLY car there???

  • Mo
    monica humes Apr 29, 2010

    I went to the Jiffy Lube in Cherry Hill, NJ with to get a simple oil change with a coupon. When I went to pick up my car they had done what they claimed were 500.00 worth of repairs. I asked to speak to the manager, I do believe Chris Fifis. He was more concerned with stuffing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his face and rudely told me to just pay the bill. When I drove it home and got in the house I noticed I had a clump of peanut butter on my dress and on the seat. Hmmmm... I took the car to the Goodyear and they told me they didnt even change the oil. Avoid this place like the plague!

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  • Ba
    Barracus Aug 31, 2011

    I can't believe this. I just got my car back and looked up complaints and the guy's name "Chris Fifis" popped right up. My complaint is that they charged my for a radiator flush and destroyed the radiator not to mention that I had oil burning off the top of my engine so bad that it looked like a fire. I talked to the manager, Chris Fifis who started yelling at me. The man smelled like a human hoagie. I am contacting the BBB and will update this post

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They put a broken seal on my car and my car dripped oil and smelled of burning rubber

I recently got my oil changed at jiffy lube off hwy 79 in hutto, tx.. They put a broken seal on my car and my car dripped oil and smelled of burning rubber. I had to pay 164 dollars to fix what they screwed up. They said they would refund my money and I have gone back several times for my check and they said it would be there later. I am more than disatisfied with their horrible service. I have every intention to sue them if I do not receive my refund check by monday!

  • He
    Heartland Jiffy Lube Mar 24, 2010

    Dear valued customer,

    I am a Guest Relations Representative at Heartland Automotive Services, Inc. Heartland Automotive Services, Inc. owns and operates the Jiffy Lube Service Center at HWY 79 In Hutto, TX. We appreciate your patronage and would like to keep you as one of our valued guests. I would like to get your contact information so I can contact you to resolve your claim. Our goal is to give every guest a great experience, every day, in every store. Please send your contact information to [email protected]

    Heartland Automotive Services, Inc. Guest Relations

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Unprofessional and uncompassionate

I went in for a routine oil change to Jiffy Lube in Yuba City (it was a choice of errand convenience and had been there years before, no problems before). As I was in the waiting room a terrible feeling came over me, my jewelery I'd forgotten in the ash tray!!! I immediately told the cash register attendant that I'd forgotten my jewelry in my car. I went to my car and immediately noticed my wedding ring, pearl bracelets and second ring was missing (costume). I stopped and announced they were missing and the owner said that he had 2 cameras and there was no way that could happen. I finished the search and asked him to roll back his tape. I told him by the way, there is no camera on the out side of the building where I left my car initially and the attendant who greeted me and took possession of it, moved it to the right side, (I left it on the left side). The owner said to me that "I was just looking for stuff". He did not care about my property. He was mad at me. I told him I wanted to see the tapes, so I did. But my thought was that my jewelery was taken outside the building. I really don't know. I did call the police and he took over. Please don't use businesses that you are not familiar with. I'm glad I got a police report. The worst part to me was that the owner had not a care in the world for my needs.

  • Fn
    F*** niggas Jan 10, 2010

    it sounds like you must be a you know what drugs do to your brain.drugs can make you go crazy so take my advise and stop doing drugs!!!

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  • Ha
    hambone32 Feb 13, 2011

    Funny that some people have the nerve to write stuff out of anger, but don't have the respect that they claim they deserve to write back and say that they never lost their jewelry but had really misplaced it... funny HUH!!! Thanks to the fine work of the YCPD, the Yuba City Jiffy Lube ownership and employee's can hold their heads up and know that they do in fact care about all their customer's and their needs.. So to carK84 do the right thing and tell the world you where wrong, since I was the Store Manager at the time in question and received the phone call from the YCPD officer telling us that the case was closed and that you did in fact misplace the items at HOME!!!

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  • St
    StraitTruth Oct 01, 2011

    Funny how the only comment defending Jiffy Lube is from a part owner and he shows intelligence with his sign on and his education. This is why I do not do business with this type of people.

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Terrible customer service

I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I left my car to be serviced with the keys in the ignition. When it was done, my car was running waiting for me outside. When I got to my next destination, I realized that all of my keys except my car keys were missing from my keychain. I called the shop and they indignantly claimed that they did not have my keys and that I must have lost them through some fault of my own. Extremely dissatisfied, I returned to the shop and they again refused to look for them, claiming they gave me back the keys I had handed them (even though I didn't hand them any keys). When I resorted to once again looking in my car, an employee finally came out and found them on the roof of my car. They had taken them out of the ignition, put them on the roof, and then used my spare keys to return my car to me after service. They never admitted to being wrong, but they repeatedly accused me of being at fault. I don't think Jiffy Lube knows what customer service is. Dont go to Jiffy Lube!

  • On
    oneson Jun 29, 2010

    To whom it may concern,
    I Richard Hopkins was constructively discharged from Jiffy Lube store 854 on June 10, 2012. In my dealings with the manager Bill Leaders I found him to be untrustworthy on many levels and this among other things made Jiffy Lube a very hostile environment.
    I met Bill Leaders while employed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change in 2007. He managed the Hampton location while I was the assistant manager of the South KingsHighway location. I never really had to interact with Bill until my Manager Derek Pearce had to go out for surgery. Bill and his employees were supposed to help out my store, but what they did was steal, not run numbers, and act unprofessional. I approached Bill with this and was engaged angrily by Bill. I then called our Marketing Manager Matt Furcalow and I had no more problems out of Bills crew.
    Bill eventually apologized but I think and thought it wasn’t sincere, that he just now knew I would go over his head, if I had to. My next dealings with Bill resulted in Bill termination from Valvoline. A guest was on her way out of town but her SUVs’ transmission was leaking after a t-tech at Bill’s location. After examining her stripped transmission drain plug I inquired what service was performed on her vehicle. From the price she paid I determined she got a T-tech, a transmission service that loops a machine in the transmission fluid travel system and drains and fills the transmission simultaneously. With this service there is no need to touch the drain plug. I told her somebody probably did something funny and she should call our Area Manager.
    I later learned that it was actually Bill who performed the fake service. He actually pulled the machine in front of the car and hung the lines under the car like he was doing the service. The sad part about it is that a Toyota has really, really easy transmission line hook ups and to ready DO the service would have took a minute or two more. The REAL reason Bill was fired over the situation was because he tried to lie on his assistant when he knew he was on tape (even though I think he should have been fired for the offense not because he lied about it). I bring this up to say two things; 1). It demonstrates a pattern of dishonesty towards guests and people in general. 2).It shows what kind of employee Bill knew I was and would be. In my eyes it says a lot to be hired by someone you were instrumental in getting terminated from another company.
    My first day of work at Jiffy Lube was 4/01/2010. The very first thing I noticed was that the pit covers were left open, no safety equipment was being worn by anyone, and no call outs were being done. I thought this was strange but I also didn’t know how Jiffy Lube ran its operations, so maybe this was acceptable. I was introduced to a young lady named April and was informed she would be transferred to another store to make room for Nick and I. What I wasn’t told was that Bill had an outside relationship with April and her girlfriend (he was supposed to be moving in with them), and that he allowed her Aprils girlfriend to loiter of Company property and talk to April—even in the midst of services and guests. For whatever reason (I have to assume it’s because she was being transferred) April chose to talk to me in a loud and disrespectful tone and each time she did I informed Bill. Bill was busy with a guest, but once April’s girlfriend became verbally abusive towards me I drew the line, let her know she wasn’t supposed to loiter on Company property and informed April that I was technically her supervisor.
    Bills personal relationship with these women took precedence over my well being. April then used or NLTR system against me, the store, and our region. She made up a fake story using elements of a problem a potential guest inquired about. I was told it was a “dead” issue in Pats mind but I felt as though they did nothing to investigate or document this incident to ensure it couldn’t happen again. In my evaluation of her appearance and work ethic, she should never have been allowed to “walk off” the job.
    My first 7 minutes in the building, I was CSAing a Guest, no introduction, no training. Bill threw me straight into the fire then had the nerve to rush me on CVT’s—on my own time. No allowance was made to where I could do CVT’s on company time and when I did come on my own time the only computer you could do it on was used in the lobby. I thought at the time that Bill threw me in because he knew I could do it, but in hindsight I realize he just needed someone to blame his not being able to run numbers on—2 more people to fire before they came to him. I should have sensed the desperation in his actions and known his job had been threatened. I stepped up to the challenge though. I ran numbers, got my CVT’s done, cleaned in downtime, and held the sign with enthusiasm unlike everybody else who acted like their parents were being held hostage if they didn’t . I held up my end of the bargain. One day Nick and I decided we would come in and train and help out on our day off—get a little momentum going. Bill took this increase in free labor as an opportunity to cut out—something he came to do often. He would leave himself clocked in after leaving then always talk about how many hours he’s already worked like we don’t touch the computer. He made us feel so used and stupid.
    In my opinion, Bill has the need to have my coworkers have a favorable opinion of him rather than comply with company policy. He talks like he wants enforcement but he won’t back you, to that matter he’s smart enough to do things the right way when the right people are around but when they aren’t he won’t—but he’ll say he does. He told the other employees “Richard is hard about this or that” like they had to watch out for me and not just do what the company wanted them to do. We would write people up for being late, they would complain to Bill, and Bill would throw away the write up, then he would come tell you that he took the write up out of the trash and put it in the employees file. What is all that? The hostility these mix messages created between the employees got to be crazy. On 4/20/10 After Ken made us lose out on a diff service Bill allowed Ken to make an obscene gesture towards me and refused to document it.
    Bill did a lot of things I thought were dishonest. I CSAed a guest and the bottom side tech was screaming “fuel filter”! I looked up the guest service records and he had just got his fuel filter change two oil changes prior. The guest heard this so I had to investigate it, apologize and do the service for free. This was no big deal to me because I didn’t do it but my issue was how Bill tried to blame it on the previous manager when he was the manager it was done under. On 4/26/10 I sold a serpentine belt to a young lady and Bill said it would take ten minutes and it ended up taking 30 minutes plus. After the young lady left I heard Eric say to Bill “sorry for breaking that tensioner”, and Bill replied “what tensioner?” Whenever we ran out of oil system cleaner Bill would say just put a quart of transmission fluid in, it’s the same thing. I didn’t agree with it and they wouldn’t do it around me. Ken told me one day he asked Bill if he could change his oil and Bill said yes, just hurry up before Richard gets here. What is that? Mike was allowed to change the oil on his step fathers car, (using his stepdads own oil and filter) and get paid under the table for it on company property, with Bill and Pat’s blessing. Mike even tried to offer Nick half the money because he knew Nick didn’t agree and Nick wasn’t allowed to document the incident. Now explain to me how I would be able to pocket the money for an oil change done on company time and property WITH our supervisor’s knowledge and still keep my job. After I complained to Todd about what he was doing Bill again did his famous Fake Transmission on a blue Ford Escort ZX2. After playing around for 20 minutes he didn’t have time to perform the service because the customer was coming back soon. He goes underneath the car, has me stick transmission gun into dipstick hole, and pulls the plug while Eric shifted through the cars gears as we shot fluid in the transmission. He then felt the need to pull me and Nick to the side to explain why he did that—at that point I didn’t care anymore.
    Bill and Jiffy Lubes hostile environment wore me down. The dishonesty and uncertainty about the job made me have to talk to someone about Bill but I’ve always been warned about going over my bosses head but felt like there was nothing else I could do. I went to Todd to show what I had written and ask his opinion. He told me he had to go to Pat and I waited. The next day Bill calls me into his office to basically throw my complaints into my lap. He has this method of blaming your problems on you. Nothing was accomplished, resolved, or documented. I saw the situation as hopeless at this point. We never had tools and when I asked for new ones Bill would basically throw the problem back into my lap. He made the schedule based on his comfort not the stores needs. He called constantly on my days off, I stopped answering my phone. I would come in to a low ticket always expected to bring it up with an uninspired crew. He complained about guest not spending money and belittled their cars in their earshot. Bill always made blanket statements about “these people” meaning the blacks and Mexicans we encountered. I never learned call outs because they never did them correctly. For the month of April I CSAed 40% of the 600+ guest we did that month at an average ticket of $59. Bill CSAed 13% of the guest at an average ticket of $49. Bill chose to give me $33.00 of the $300.00 bonus while keeping $200 for himself. He caused bad will with that move so for May’s bonus he chose just not to talk about it. We then found out we got a bigger bonus than Aprils and Bill gave me $17.00. This is unreasonable and abusive to let an employee be treated in such a way and I went over Bill’s head and his supervisors didn’t care. What else could I do?
    On June 10, 2010 after Nick and I returned to the store after attending our AMIT class. We got to the store at 12:06 pm. They had a van on Bay 1 when we came in. I spoke to the guest sitting in the lobby and told Bill I needed to go get a drink before I started, he said OK. I return at 12:18 pm to find Bill and Eric stopped working on the car when we walked in and let the guest sit there for 10 minutes waiting on us to finish the service. I told Bill that wasn’t right and asked him why he was always trying to “[censor]” on us. He then angrily snapped at me to “get my [censor] upstairs!” I assumed so he could talk to me about my constant “complaining” and how I “didn’t do anything around there”. I did get angry and quit but I was given no choice—I was driven to it.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer're from the future? What's it like in 2012? Who's president?

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  • Na
    Nathaniel D. Apr 16, 2011

    I brought my vehicle in to Jiffy Lube Lake Elsinore, CA for simple oil change in early March, 2011. I was quickly informed that my transmission fluid was dirty and needed to be changed immediately. Since I was going on a long road trip, I reluctently agreed to have the $154 service done. After the service was completed, I drove back to my residence to get ready for my trip. I had another problem with my vehicle that Jiffy Lube does not handle, so I brought it to a mechanic. After fixing the problem, my mechanic told me that my transmission fluid was very dirty and needed to be flushed and replaced. The mechanic showed me the fluid and it was nearly black (as opposed to reddish pink when the fluid is clean). Since I was leaving for my trip that evening, I didn't have the time to bring back my vehicle to Jiffy Lube and elected to have the mechanic replace the transmission fluid. Whem I got back from my trip, I contacted Jiffy Lube to tell them about the problem and the manager Steve told me that I should have brought it back to them for the them to "do the job right." I told him that I have a reasonable expectation that that the job would be done right the first time and if I didn't have to have my vehicle looked at by a mechanic, I would not have known about the substandard work. I also told him that I didn't have the time to come back to have my vehicle serviced because I had to leave for my trip. Steve told him he would contact his Regional Manager, Cory Phelps, to see what they could do for me. He also said he would contact me in a few days. Two weeks later (after not returning my phone calls), I finally caught Steve answering the phone and asked why he hadn't contact me about the situation. He told me that his Regional Manager has been out on vacation and that he just got back. Steve said he would call me in a day or two. Another week and a half passed and I caught Steve again and he said that the Regional Manager said I should have brought my vehicle back before anyone touched it so they could do the work over again. This is completely unacceptable and at the very least they should have offered me a complementary oil change or service. Instead, they are more interested in brushing complaints aside, doing substandard work and losing customers. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else! This Jiffy Lube location does not have pride in their work and do very substandard work. If you've recently had transmission service done, you might want to double check your transmission fluid because I'm guessing that they did a half ### job and ripped you off! I'm going to tell all my friends and family how I was treated and warn them of Jiffy Lube's incompetence and terrible customer service. Terrible, just terrible.

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missing manager!?

I have gone to this Jiffy Lube many times and have always had mediocre service. On one particular visit (on a...

Awful experience

I took my car to have the oil changed on 8/1/07. Approximately one week later my car started loosing power...

false inspection

Be on the alert for worker fraud at this store. I brought my auto in for an oil change and wiper blade...

rip off

We went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change. We were suprised to see that their prices have gone up to almost...

ruined my explorer

I had taken my car in to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. When I arrived, my Ford Explorer was running just...

failure to honor warranty

I had a "PowerVolt 72 month warranty" battery installed by Jiffy Lube two years ago and it failed last week...

Terrible service

Jiffy lube Signature Service cost $29.99 and prides itself with the following service included: Change oil/Filer, Check air filter, wiper blades, vacuum floors and was exterior windows. Additional services are printed on your receipt such as check overflow level, brake fluid level, etc. -- this is about the third time that they do NOT vacuum the floors, there was a penny on the rear floor and it was not moved. One other time we took my husbands truck and about one week after the oil change, we needed to add brake fluid (no, there is no leak... we had a gas station check this)... so basically, they are charging for the oil change and just printing everything else out automatically. I hope they change the oil!!!

  • Ja
    James Aug 06, 2009

    I recently got my oil changed at Jiffy Lube off HWY 79 In Hutto, TX.. They put a broken seal on my car and my car dripped oil and smelled of burning rubber. I had to pay 164 dollars to fix what they screwed up. They said they would refund my money and I have gone back several times for my check and they said it would be there later. I am more than disatisfied with their horrible service. I have every intention to sue them if I do not receive my refund check by monday!

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  • Fn
    F*** niggas Jan 10, 2010

    your mechanic that you trust so much should be the one checking your fluids.not us because you have that doubt in your head and also that dirty air filter that we showed you, maybe if that mechanic does care about your car that's one of the easy things that he could of done for you, because you do spend all your money taking care of all the services at his shop!!!yeh right!!!

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  • Do
    done wrong consumer Jul 29, 2011

    They twisted the bolts off 2 of my lugs and didn't replace them when they rotated my tires. I will never go to Jiffy Lube for any service again.

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  • St
    StraitTruth Oct 01, 2011

    Funny how all the comments defending Jiffy Lube comes from the part owner. He shows his intelligence by his sign on name. This is why I do not do business with this type of person.

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Substandard and harmful work!

Jiffy Lube - Rapids, Iowa

On 8-30-07 my wife went to Jiffy lube on Blairs Ferry road in Cedar Rapids Iowa for a simple oil change. She ended up with 82.98 in charges. The extra/unnecessary work they performed was substandard and harmful to the vehicle.

One of the various add-ons was a 3 step fuel system cleaner. When my wife got home and I saw the bill I was floored by all their ADD-ONS and reviewed their work. They had neglected to retighten the hose clamp that connected the intake tube to the throttle body they cleaned as one of the steps. The result could have been castrofic to the engine by having unfiltered air entering the engine thru the connection Jiffy lube left loose. Also they neglected to reinstall the bolt/pushpin that held the same intake tube to the engine. When I went to Jiffy lube the next morning to complain about preying on acknowledgeable women with their add-ons and the substandard work they performed, Roy Engles (the Manager) located the bolt/pushpin setting on top of the engine.

In addition they state that this fuel system cleaning increases the gas mileage of the vehicle 30% (IN WRITING under messages at the bottom of the invoice). Please note this DOES NOT say UP TO 30%, it says it WILL gain a 30% increase. Our 2003 Saturn Vue with 37k miles achieved the factory 27 mpg, 30% would be 35 mpg which is 100% impossible. I am sure if Jiffy lube puts a clam like that in writing they would surely say an impossible clam like that to an acknowledgeable person to get them accept add-ons. I denied Rory Engles (Jiffy lube Manager) settlement offer of a 10% off next oil change coupon (~$3) for their false written claim, substandard and harmful extra/unnecessary work they performed.

PDF copy of invoice with false claim is available upon request.

  • Sa
    Sarah Champlin Nov 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all, I don't understand why ANYONE would go to a Jiffy Lube.

    Would you rather get a "cheap" oil change done, with a horrible experience, and even worse customer service, or pay a couple dollars more, and go to a privately owned auto repair shop and get great customer service and great quality of work?

    I'm an auto repair shop owner, and I hear complaints about Jiffy Lube, almost daily. They intimidate people into believing that they need hundreds of dollars of work done, and get upset when the customers decline. Jiffy Lube hires any Joe Blow that walks in off of the street, even if they lack experience. Do you want some high school senior working on your car?

    Stop being such money pincher's, pay a couple extra dollars, and receive quality service by finding an auto repair shop in your area that you can trust.

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  • Ra
    Randy Nov 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sarah i agree with what you say but you cant even find shops that are honest anymore. Its hard now-a-days. I'm going to school for automechanics in Cedar Rapids, IA. And i tell you that any shop that i work for that is dishonest to their customers. They will have one less employee to work for their shop. I'm also curious as to what the fuel injector cleaning is. I bet they just put some fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank and called it a day which you can do yourself at Autozone for 8 bucks or so.

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Now I have a car with no engine sitting in a lot!

I was on my way to school (Pima Community College) one morning and noticed my car had started making a little clunky noise and that my oil light had come on, i got to class, which is less than three miles from my house, and as soon as class was done (i only had one class that morning) i took my car to jiffy lube to see why it was making that sound, though i figured it probably just needed some oil or something... jiffy lube is about another 2-3miles tops from my school... So i get there and they joke around about how my car looks because it had been in an accident a few months prior and had some ugly cosmetic damage on the passenger side, (it looked really bad, but i was assured that it was just cosmetic damage by a mechanic friend i had at the time) they said the oil change would be $49.99, being a full time college student, $50 is quite a chunk of change, and since my mechanic friend had moved to another state and i had no clue how to change oil, i was just going to go to the place i had change the oil last time since it was like $10 there, and the only reason i hadn't taken it there this time was because it was a little farther than jiffy lube and the noise had gotten increasingly worse on the drive there, well the manager, Joe, said since i was a first time customer he'd knock the price down to $20. So i agreed to let them do it, i had remembered that i had two oil things in the trunk and asked if they needed those (i didn't know if they needed to see what oil was put in last time or anything, i really don't know much about cars) the guy said they don’t need them but they could use those plus their oil and they'll knock the price down another $2, so i said sure, why not, i didn't need it for anything, so they tell me to go inside, and they'd call me out when it was done. Awhile later, the guy comes in and tells me to come outside, he tells me that my filter is a bit dirty and if i buy a new one, it'll cut down how much gas it uses or something, and i said that's ok, i don't really need better gas mileage, since it already was great on gas, he said they can have my car vacuumed and cleaned for i think it was $20, i said that was ok too, i didn't need it cleaned... I asked if the clunky sound was due to the oil and he said yes, he said that it was also because my engine was dirty and they could clean it for i think it was $60, or maybe $80, but i told him i couldn't afford that, paying the $20 for the oil change left me broke already, i asked if it was something serious and he said no, not at all, i was worried because my car never made that noise before and i thought it was broken or something and he said that it's not a big deal. Then he said if the noise bothered me, actually i think he used the word "annoys" to go over to auto zone and get this little bottle of something called "engine oil treatment" he said that should make the noise stop, he said if the noise doesn't quit after putting that in it than come back and they'd "top off" my oil for no charge, he didn't know how much the stuff cost so i asked if the car would be fine if i waited until my fiancé said his paycheck which was a little over a week, he said yeah its no problem and that the noise should be gone by then anyway. Since he was a manager of a well known mechanic place, and he assured me that everything was alright and that the noise was nothing bad or serious, i trusted him that the noise would stop and nothing was wrong, so i go home (again a VERY short distance) and about 3-4hours later i go to the gym which is about a 10minute drive max, and the noise still hadn't quit, it had actually gotten worse, well i figured that it was because the engine hadn't been on that long so maybe all the oil they put it didn't get wherever it was supposed to go yet or something, on the way home from the gym, a total of maybe 4-5hours after the oil change, the car exploded! it made a huge kaboom and there was so much smoke you couldn't even see anything. We managed to coast the car into a parking lot and i walked back to where it had exploded to see if anything had came out and there were pieces of engine stuff all over the road, and i was shocked to find a smoldering piece of something (again i don't know anything about cars) lying on the sidewalk all the way across a four lane road! there were i think five pieces of some sort of block and a big screw looking thing that was chopped in half, and as i was walking back i noticed that for quite awhile BEFORE the car blew up (where all the pieces were) the oil had been pouring out! it seems kind of odd to me that the oil would be pouring out like that and then the car jut explodes and all the rest of the oil comes out. Jiffy lube was already closed so we had to leave the car there and walk home that night, i called them the next morning and they said they'd go look at it but they were sure it wasn't their fault. Well i was worried that they might try to make it look like it wasn't their fault some how so my finance had a family trusted mechanic shop tow the car and keep it at their shop until the jiffy lube people had time to go look at it with them there so they couldn't mess with anything. It took jiffy lube about two and a half weeks before they went to look at it, and that was after me having to call many times and getting the run around and being lied to about him going to see it when in fact they hadn't... Finally they go look at it and i call Joe (the manager) and he tells me he's handed over my information to his corporate offices, i ask for their phone number and he changes his story and says that he is going to look at it with his district manager right now, (implying right that minute) which meant that he didn't hand it over to corporate, he gives me the district manager (frank) phone number and i call him only to get the voice mail, finally days later he calls back, said its not their fault, and he'll refund the price of the oil change but nothing else. I asked what could possibly, make a car do that if it wasn't something they did? he said that he doesn't know but it was making noise when it came in and with it making noise like that it was obvious something was very wrong with it, i told him everything Joe had told me about the noise being nothing, i asked frank why he didn't tell me that it was serious, that something was wrong? I asked why would he lie to me and say it was perfectly fine? The only answer he could come up with was "oh, I'll uh have to ask him about that" Honestly, i don't know if whatever happened was their fault, I'm no mechanic, I've got no clue what happened, but is it not negligence on their part by lying to me and saying there is no problem??? If Mr. District Manager Frank, thinks it was obvious that something was wrong because it was making hat noise, wouldn't it be just as obvious to Mr. Manager Joe? Now i have a car with no engine sitting in a lot, and absolutely no money to fix it.


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    iabhornc Jun 21, 2007
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    Avoid taking your vehicle to Jiffy Lube at all costs. I used to work for them and they are so disorganized. Another thing about them is that they really aren't mechanics so they can't tell you anything. One thing they do a lot is that they put a different filter in your vehicle. Other times, they misplace the drain plugs and put the improper one in. Also, they will put too much oil in you vehicle's engine too. I say it's better to take your vehicle into a dealership of whatever your car make is. My dealership charges <$30 (which pretty much is what Jiffy Lube charges).

    Jiffy Lube is a joke. Many people have fallen victim to what you fell victim to with Jiffy Lube. It's also a ### place to work. It uses the restaurant method which really sucks a**.

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    goku Oct 12, 2007
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    I believe that Magan has every right to be mad. This is just the tipe of things that jiffy lube does, they will mess your car up and not tell you they did it. The workers laugh and joke about everything,even the customers. Most of there meetings is about how to beat the customers for their money, when someone comes in for an oil change and they tell you, you need a fuel filter and you don't, thats beating you for your money then the filter never get changed anyway, but you paid for the services, you see, I used to work for that stupid company.

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    Brett Robertson Oct 27, 2008
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    As an auto mechanic of 8 years I can tell you that I have heard of this situation several times, through different franchise businesses. When a vehicle's engine has a knock going on, or is pinging - any competent mechanic should be able to tell you what may be wrong with the engine with a good amount of certainty by means of educated guessing. When vehicles roll into my shop with knocking engines, I will either inform the customer that a catastrophic engine failure is imminent, at which time they must agree to sign a waiver before any work is performed - or take the car elsewhere. An engine knocking or pinging can be caused by a variety of issues varying in severity from the wrong gasoline, all the way to spun connecting rod bearings which can not be repaired by simply changing your engines oil. It is possible that your engine knocking was damaged beyond a simple fluid change remedy by driving it after you admittedly heard the knocking sound. There are instances when topping off an engines oil can quiet the engine down a little, or even eliminate the sound but there are underlying problems such as a leak which are causing the vehicle to lose oil and oil pressure if that was the case. I tend to believe that some technicians are unfortunately uneducated, and or lack respect for consumers which is not to blame on the company name as a whole, but the hiring manager of that particular franchise. If Jiffy Lube had made an error, such as not torquing the oil drain ### properly - evidence of oil spatter and seepage would have been evident immediately when the vehicle was started, at which time I'm willing to bet they would have asked you to stop, and pulled the vehicle back in to make sure the oil filter, and drain ### were properly tightened. Since you described the engine as having exploded, I would lean towards a head-gasket leak, which allowed coolant to mix with the oil. Once this occurs, the oil loses it's lubricity and the oil which once protected smooth machined surfaces on the crankshaft from damage had been compromised by the dilution with the coolant. This causes the main or connecting rod bearings to fail more often than not, resulting in a knocking sound. Once a bearing spins out of place, the entire engine is off balance, and vibrates itself until a connecting rod breaks, typically sending engine internals shooting through the bottom, sides, and or top of the engine all over the road when it all lets go. I understand your frustrations in this matter, and I'm sorry to hear the store gave you the run around but I tend to believe there was a pre-existing condition which caused your engine to give out on you, coincidentally shortly after having your oil changed. As for them offering you other random services for outrageous prices, that is not excusable. I hope since it's been a year or more since the incident, that you have gotten things resolved and are driving again.

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    Bigzachjiffy Apr 20, 2011

    I am a manager of jiffy lube and we are a preventive maintenance place only, and most people here do not know how to fix those problems. Our signature service oil change is a lot more than an oil change that's why it costs so much. You need to take it to a place that specializes in engine work; and not just oil changes.

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