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I am a REO Realtor for the past 9 years. REO means foreclosure basically. I receive foreclosed homes, I check for occupancy, offer cash to the occupants from the bank to have move, etc, etc, etc. So I have heard many stories from tenants and owners on why they lost their home. Now I see why. My mortgage company was originally WestStar Mortgage and they were awesome. Many of my buyers used them to buy homes. JG bought them out last year sometime right around the time Weststar worked with me to get my rate lower as well as my mortgage. I had 1 contact named Joe. Always returned my calls and emails. Just a great smooth experience. Then JG steps in and I can't believe how incredible awful they are. The past year or so I had 2 big deaths in my family and for the last 4-5 months I have been traveling back and forth from CT to NJ trying to wrap up my mothers affairs since we buried her in March. And about 8 months ago, my upstairs tenant stop paying me. So my finances took a big turn around in the last year. Being self employed as a Realtor, I need to be home in CT working! Anyway, I try to speak to JG everyday to keep them updated, and of course, its always a different contact. I can even begin to tell you the issues they have caused me the past year. I would be writing for days. I am sick to my stomach every day. But hers the kicker, , , , on 5/31/16, at this point I owed 5 mortgage payments which totaled around 3300. I somehow managed to get it together and i also now have tenants who have just signed a lease and will be moving in next moth, they will pay me 800 a month. That will cover my mortgage so i will be almost back on my feet again. JG refused to take my money because they wanted was is now due, 6 payments. So they refused my 5 payments. What gets me is, people sometimes go through a hard time and get back on their feet again like me. And they wont take my money but foreclose?????????? This is why many people loose their homes, I have heard these similar stories many many times in the past few years. Oh and by the way, I sent them 2 payments in March. I spoke to a rep who gave me the correct total for 2 payments, I sent it the next day. Whew, now i only owe 2 payments to get up!! Yeah right, about a week later I call JG and they said I never made payments. I asked what happen to the 2 payments I sent March 10th? Apparently, it was short for 2 payments so they applied it to something that was short of money, escrow etc from last June or something. I still have not figured it out. Again, I am trying but I am to the point of nervous breakdown and have no one to turn to. I busted my butt as a single hard working women. They have mentally destroyed. I am thinking about getting an attorney but the energy has been drained from me. I have owned my house for 5 years now and I am 45. If I loose my house, I will never have an opportunity again to have the so called American Dream. I will never recommend JG to any of my buyers ever.


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      Jun 07, 2016

    I do not want to have JG carry my mortgage any longer.

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  • R
      Sep 19, 2016

    Doing the same to me. And lying. They put my house up for auction and told me the day before by regular mail. Getting lawyer today. Like I have the money.

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      Mar 27, 2017

    Wow! After reading the comments on this page, I AM SOOO GLAD I DIDN'T REFINANCE WITH JG WENTWORTH. We started the process, but nothing went easy. Being self employed we had to send them document after document, and then they wanted more documentation. Rolfe, the agent I started with was nice and polite, and pretty much told me it should be "no problem" for us to get a loan, but they insisted that without a home appraisal, we couldn't move forward. We had the appraisal done, at our expense and everything was looking good. Then the deal we thought we were getting, drastically changed. Now they tell us the debt to income ratio is too high and they have to re-figure the loan. Seems that they could eliminate some of our debt by suggesting we pay off a 26, 000 truck loan. WHAT?? No that's not eliminating the debt, it's just moving it around. At that point I told them to forget it, we went into this wanting a better interest rate and to lower our monthly house pmt., but the way they refigured, it was only going to save us $200 a month. Not worth it! We feel we were not treated fairly, they were incompetent in the way the situation was handled, and I would NEVER refer anyone to that company. I want others to be aware too.

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      Jun 15, 2017

    I am the original person who wrote the complaint. Since I wrote that, I finally did have a nervous break down and in August of last year, I ran my car into a pole and totaled it. It has been a long year of recovery. Just so happens that a Auction sign was put in front of my home today, , , like I have not been through enough now I am humiliated by all that drive by. Thank you JG, , , you have made my life a living hell the past 2 years. They are the worst!!

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