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9/18/2017 booked vacation for 2 to punta cana/riu republica, #2978338 for $2, 660. 11/25/2017 price went down to $2, 366.50. Called and told it would be $270 ($135 each to rebook). Hung up and looked up cancellation policy. It is on $140 ($70 each).
11/27/2017 called and told I was correct. On my screen price is still $2, 366.50 but she tells me it is over $2, 400+ Can't explain why. Says she is going to call supervisor. I am then told if I rebook I get credit. I must book through them to get credit and price is higher than what is online.
I was on phone at least 45 minutes. Woman was WONDERFUL. She did her best but can't explain why I would pay more.
I said forget the whole thing. I am now paying $300 more than current price. I should have at least been able to recoup $150 by rebooking.

Nov 27, 2017

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