Jetabroadflight missed due to non communication

Reservation code ZSVXQV
Passengers: Ducarme/Diane, Kinet/Manon, Kinet, James
Booking reference UH6CMQ


Flights were booked for the above people using the Jetabroad site. The flight in question FAO-LIS (flight TP1906 departing 14 Aug) time changed, however no notification was sent to either the traveller or her husband Mr Laurent Kinet, who made the booking. This flight was unfortunately missed due to the none communication and new tickets needed to be purchased from Qatar airlines for an additional cost in excess of $4, 000NZD

As you can imagine, the lack of communication from Jetabroad led to the flight being missed, leading to increased stress for the travellers (2 children and their mother) and the additional costs being incurred.

Please contact the traveler Diane Ducarme directly on email [protected] to advise what remedy you can offer for this unfortunate incident

Oct 03, 2019

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