Jan-ProDeceit and Fraud

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I got ripped off by jan-pro. Like so many other people I to fell for there Deceit, Fraud and Missrepresentation. I was given accounts that pay less than minimum wage. I was also given accounts that belonged to previus people. They take out 18.7% from your paycheck. Now If you finance part of your plan they will take 26%. Many people have also told me that they take accounts for no reason. Then they would give them to the new people.They will keep charging you for that account. Now they can collect money from two diffrent people from one account. I have met people who did not get there business palns completed. After a certain amount of time you are supose to get your money back if they dont fullfil your plan but nobody ever gets there money back. I was finally sick and tired of making less than minimum wage. I tried getting my money back but they told me that if I didn't like it I could just turn in all of my accounts. I was told that I would loose all of my investment and get nothing back.
At the end of every month when i would go to pick up my paycheck. i noticed that other people were either very angry or very sad. Eventualy we all got together and we started seeking legal action. We are now part of a National Class Action Lawsuit. If you would like to talk to me feel free to cal me at [protected]. You can also visit my attorneys website at www.prle.com


  • Mi
    michael Apr 21, 2009

    hi if you need any help please let me know

    thank you michael

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  • Pa
    PA Franchisee Jul 27, 2009

    Thank you for posting your Lawyer's info. I have called and will be part of this Class Action Lawsuit. I will also post as much information to assist others that have had problems with Jan-Pro. :) -Concerned Franchisee

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Dec 04, 2017

    @PA Franchisee I have been a franchisee out of Burr Ridge Illinois.
    I want to join the lawsuit.
    I am on my 5th account I might lose under sweat equity.
    They transfer before 6 months so they don't pay labor. They keep all.
    Contracts are for sale

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Dec 04, 2017

    @Barbara Wright Since 2010, 2 salons, 2 Dr's offices I never got paid anything. I lost 3 hours each cleaning day.
    Now a nephrologist out of Orland Park they said I didn't clean or mop. I did everything left it spotless. Spent 3 hours. Had 3 weeks

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  • Os
    Oscar Villarreal Oct 17, 2019

    @Barbara Wright How can I join this lawsuit against Janpro. We are franchise owners in San Antonio.

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  • Th
    The Voice of Reason Dec 03, 2009

    The funny thing about class action lawsuits is that the only people who make money off of them are the lawyers. I once got a check for 26 cents from a lawsuit that I didn't even know I was part of. I wonder how much the lawyers made. My point is that if your franchisor wrongs you, go ahead and take legal action. But, if you failed to perform due diligence or expected the franchisor to spoon feed you, you deserve whatever you get.

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    1st Amendment Dec 04, 2009

    This person who calls himself the Voice of reason is someone from corporate at jan-pro. Maybe I should have some of the Vets that have called me call you and maybe they can tell you how they got ripped off. How can you Ripoff people who put there lives on the line to give us Fredom! We know jan-pro is waching this Blog but we will not back down. We will fight for justice!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Apr 06, 2018

    @1st Amendment I certainly know that Jan Pro is watching.
    A woman who works the office ratted me out.
    A Pers Ops Manager angrily told me several years ago and that he should let me go.
    I invested in this Franchise to make a little extra cash.
    Literally little extra.
    They take out so much in fees and royalties.
    Now with sweat equity, for 6 months, they keep 100% of the profit from that contract.
    Then you're lucky if before time is up, they don't resell the contract out from under you.
    February they didn't tell me about the nephrologist. Luckily I didn't set the alarm off but Danielle from Burr Ridge got cocky about it

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  • Di
    Dissapointed Franchisee Jan 15, 2010

    HI. I am another franchisee you got dumped right after my second anniversary, they just called my one night to say it was my last day, becasue the place was not very clean and they had a new person.
    They did not even give any prior written nottice.
    I leave in San Diego area, is there any way I can be in the same national class action lawsuit?
    Please e-mail [email protected]

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  • Th
    The Voice of Reason Mar 19, 2010

    Sorry 1st Amendment. I am just a franchisee who did his homework and put in the sweat necessary to be successful.

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  • Ev
    EvenSo Feb 18, 2011

    Wow! Voice of Reason your comments are quite defensive and unfair to many or all who are posting. Who would listen to your reasoning when you use statements such as - due diligence, do the homework, put the sweat in to be successful and you get what you deserve"(really?! that last one was the cherry on top of the cake). What about those of us who read and understood the handbooks - franchisee and franchisor obligation, and are still getting crap handed to us with a side of deal with it. I've brought in business whereas JanPro collected their royalties without having to sweat - only to have our Operation Mngr and/or Inspection Spcl try to rework the contract (adding flr work or cutting contract amount by 30-40%!!!) or coming in as supervisor with white glove. This only made JanPro look bad and MY contact wanting only to deal with me or my partner or our employees. Among other complaints that mimick those on this site, I've picked up a check from my franchisor on payday between 9-10am and traveled less than a mile to my bank (theirs too) only to have them tell me this acct does not have the funds to cover the entire check amount. Do I report them, No!, not that time. I went back to the office and work out a "fix" - so now for the last 8mos, I get not one check but two and I call before I deposit the second for safety sake. Why? you ask, because even this "fix" failed several times and when I did call JP Intl, they handed me policy and do not even consider helping - no reprimand -Nothing. I have over 25 Bldgs. so imagine my overhead. Some if not all of these franchisees have legitimate issues and your statements throughout this site does little to help in the process of getting info and making a good decision to purchase or not. People, I for one would do it all again but with 8yrs exp with how my office works, I'd pick another office to work out of. Btw, I came in already established (owner of local cleaning outfit for 5yrs but wanted to branch out beyond local cleaning status and get support with... invoicing and collecting payments, representation of an well known comp., admin and legal support etc. Wtih two more years to go in our contract agreement, I am committed to seeing it to the end. But will I renew? I think not. Will I lose MY contacts? I think not. I have an 8yr paper trail to help the owner see Reason and wishing us well. I've learned alot from JP but I have also paid my dues in full so fullfilling my contract with JP will be a breeze.

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  • Th
    The Voice of Reason Feb 18, 2011

    What was defensive about any of my comments? What is wrong with expecting people to abide by the contracts that they sign? It is bad enough that they can't even honor verbal contracts, but at least do what you signed up for. Most people don't have what it takes to run a business. There is nothing wrong with trying, but to blame someone else for their own failure, especially someone who had nothing to do with their complaints, is foolish. I accept my errors and learn from them.

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    1st Amendment Mar 28, 2011

    1. First of all jan-pro did not do what they promised they lied to people to get there money. They told me that I would make $25.00 Dollars an hour. That was a big lye. They also underbid accounts so Low that they bid them to pay Less than Minimum wage!

    2. Second they comited Fraud. I have talked to many people across the country and most had there accounts stolen. The operation managers would tell the cleaner that the customer wasn't happy with there work and that they would get them another account. So they would get the cleaner to turn in the keys. Later on the cleaner finds out that the customer had no complaints and that infact the customer was very happy with the cleaners work. This is a Racket that needs to be prosecuted.

    3. Third Judges have already said that the way some cleaning franchisors operate are like Ponzi Scheemes and they have also ruled a cleaner an employee and not a franchisee this acording to the Law.

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  • Ja
    jaboyd May 21, 2011

    I and my husband have been with Jan-Pro Charlotte for 11 years and we have no complaints. We have 14 accounts and they are all local to us so we could still be near mom in her declining years . Our head guys went out of thier way to help us out. Thumbs up for them...

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  • In
    Informed source May 21, 2011

    1st amendment, now there you go again spreading what your lawyers will tell you is "heresay". What that means is that you didn't first hand or personally experience that issue. YOUR issue was you were a poor business owner, you didn't perform, your customers asked for your removal from your accounts... 1st amendment, the only one that is fraudulant between you and Jan-Pro is YOU! Why don't you admit to these nice people that you cannot personally afford $400.00 per hour attorneys, that YOU and the others associated with these friviolous lawsuits are really nothing but pawns for BIG LABOR and SEIU who are the one's paying your and the other "plantiff's" attorneys bills for the past 7 years...

    jaboyd, glad to hear that Jan-Pro is helping you and your husband achieve the dream that you wanted to achieve...Don't worry about 1st amendment, he will call you a LIAR, a CHEAT, a PLANT from Corporate or other things, don't you worry, Voice of Reason and I have your back!!!

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  • 1s
    1st Amendment Jul 05, 2011

    To jaboy I dont believe you. The reason I don't is because did you just wake up one day and say I'm going on complaintsboard today and post how good I have it. No you didn't your just someone at corporate who comes in here trying to do damage control. I have heard many complaints from people in Charlote.

    To Lying Source. I see you can't handle the truth so now you try and say its hearsay. LOL What are you going to say when hundreds of us who got riped of go into court with proof! What are you going to say then?

    Again you just make up LIES about me. You are a LIAR!

    The accounts that I cleaned never ever asked for me to be removed. Infact they wanted me to stay but I could not because jan-pro made it imposible for a hardworking man to stay in business. jan-pro makes there money by ripping off people.

    1. jan-pro tells people that they can make $100, 000 Dollars a year. They tell you that you will grow your business and be able to hire people. Then they give you accounts that pay less than minimum wage. That is Fraud!

    2.They take accounts away from people for no reason other than to rip them off. that is Theft!

    You say more LIES. You are a Big Fat Liar!
    Attorneys are working on a constiguency basis. We are not paying them $400.00 Dollars an hour.

    More Lies that you tell. You are a Liar.
    The lawsuit hasn't been going for 7 years. The lawsuit is 2 1/2 years old.

    Why do you lie so much ????

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Dec 04, 2017

    @1st Amendment Exactly what has happened to me in the last 7 years.
    Not paying for labor. I lose that and money I buy equipment and supplies with

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Apr 06, 2018

    @Barbara Wright Truth!!
    I do pretty good. I have 4 accounts, lost 5 before Jan Pro was to start paying me.
    The expense, supplies, gas, maintenance.
    My car has double the miles it should, meanwhile, Burr Ridge started buying a fleet of Hyundais for the office people. I started seeing more and more brand new cars with their logo.
    Some clients and places need a crew which we can't afford to hire cause Jan Pro takes that from our pay. Fees, royalties. I would love to hire help. These others probably hire illegals for room and board.
    And husband wife teams may be more successful cause most of us have full time jobs outside Jan Pro.
    Its hard on one income

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Apr 06, 2018

    @Barbara Wright Not only that, Jan Pro skirts labor laws cause we are " non employee compensation" yet we are employees when convenient.
    When a customer has an issue, we hear from Jan Pro not the customers.
    1099 no no workmans comp if we get injured, and everyone must make AT LEAST minimum wage. Pay SOMETHING not keep the entire profit and pay nothing.
    Regardless of opinion of the person or workmanship, pay for their time, gas, etc.
    The contracts I have are happy.
    I had difficult people in the past.
    My main job is a school, which provides supplies and equipment. We have the manpower and once a year, carpets cleaned, floors stripped and waxed. Buffed nightly.
    Jan Pro contracts, I would like to do that. Once a year all floors need a deep clean, wax. I don't have autoscrubber, swing machine, buffer.
    I had a swing machine they required me to buy to get floor certified. Guess they don't call women for the class.
    I signed up, they never called.
    Working for the school, yes I know floor care.
    School looks beautiful but I'm here 5 days a week.
    These medical offices want a janitor 2 times a week and staff doesn't keep clean. Then they complain

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    1st Amendment Jul 05, 2011

    Taking off the Gloves
    Commercial cleaning franchisees sue

    By Julie Bennett
    As published in: Franchise Times - August 2009

    Several pending court cases, which are all seeking class-action status, challenge the business model on which some of the largest commercial cleaning franchisors have operated for decades.

    Lawsuits have been filed against Jani-King International of Addison, Texas; Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System of Boca Raton, Florida; and Jan-Pro Franchising International of Alpharetta, Georgia.

    That business model, developed by Jani-King’s founders in 1974 and since copied by competitors, is promoted as a low-cost business opportunity. Each franchisor sells off regions of the country to master franchisors who then sell unit franchises to individuals–mostly minorities and immigrants–who pay franchise fees of $2, 000 to $5, 000, plus “finders’ fees” for a specific amount of monthly business. At Coverall, for example, a franchisee would pay a total of $10, 750 for a franchise package that provides $1, 500 of commercial cleaning business each month. The Coverall regional franchisor then provides all the training, obtains and distributes all the cleaning contracts, sells required supplies and insurance coverage and does all the billing and collections–services those with a native language other than English might find useful.

    But the lawsuits, filed recently in Massachusetts against all three companies and in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and California against Jani-King, contend that the cleaning companies misrepresent their offerings, because they do not have sufficient customers to guarantee each franchisee the amount of monthly cleaning business they purchase. Instead, the lawsuits allege, they breach their contracts by underbidding the amount of time and staffing required for each job, refusing to allow franchisees to inspect cleaning jobs or bid sheets before accepting or rejecting a job, offering geographically inconvenient jobs and unjustly taking jobs from one franchisee to re-sell them to others.

    Perhaps more damaging is a second contention–that these so-called franchisees have so little control over their livelihoods, they should be re-classified as employees of the janitorial franchisors and, therefore, entitled to minimum wages, overtime pay, unemployment benefits and worker’s compensation.

    Lawsuits over misrepresentation and breach of contract are nothing new. According to its 2008 FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), Coverall has settled 26 such cases in the past 10 years, admitting no guilt, but paying former franchisees settlements of $3, 575 to $450, 000. Many of the 52 pieces of litigation listed in Jani-King’s FDD also ended in settlement payments. Commercial cleaning franchise contracts are usually written only in English (Coverall has offered a Spanish translation since 2004) and are so complex that the state of Maryland adds a warning page about potential risk factors to their FDDs, said Dale Cantone, Maryland’s assistant attorney general. The Federal Trade Commission distributes a 19-page booklet of cautions for people considering commercial cleaning franchises.

    What is new is the second charge, that commercial cleaning franchisees are merely buying themselves low-paying jobs and should be treated like employees. In 2006 the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that a Coverall “franchisee, ” Rhina Alvarenga, was actually an employee and therefore entitled to unemployment benefits after Coverall removed her from a nursing home cleaning account. Attorneys representing Jani-King, Jan-Pro and other Coverall franchisees cited that decision in their complaints. “It’s possible that the business model under which they’ve operated could be ruled illegal, ” said one of the attorneys.

    Shannon Liss-Riordan, an attorney with the Boston firm Lichten & Liss-Riordan, who has filed lawsuits against Jani-King, Jan-Pro and Coverall, said, “It’s heartbreaking to meet immigrants who have put their entire life savings into these franchises thinking they will have businesses to support themselves and their families. Instead, they are buying jobs that are terrible, that pay less than minimum wage. When they do get a check, the franchisor has taken out so many deductions, for royalties, supplies, management fees and bogus insurance policies, that they receive very little. I’ve seen pay stubs that say the franchisee owes the company money.”

    The other side responds

    Representatives of the janitorial franchises disagreed. Jacqueline Vlaming, Coverall’s general counsel, said, “Every franchise owner who runs it like a business can make money. Ninety-nine percent of the people who buy a Coverall franchise are committed to it.” Ron Rosenwasser, of Friedman, Rosenwasser & Goldbaum, of Boca Raton, who represents Jan-Pro, said, “We have thousands of franchisees who work hard and develop their franchise; others fail because they do not work the territory or are distracted by personal problems.” And Don Burleson, executive vice president of Jani-King, said, “We have over 12, 000 franchisees worldwide who have been operating for decades and have many success stories.”

    All three top cleaning franchises claim to have thousands of unit franchisees. Jani-King and Jan-Pro, in fact, trade titles as the country’s fastest-growing franchise. But when Franchise Times made random phone calls to “active franchisees” listed in FDDs from all three systems, we found only a handful of people who said they were still happily working the franchise.

    Since they operate through regional master franchisors, Coverall, Jani-King and Jan-Pro do not file FDDs that list all their unit franchisees. Their master franchisors are required to file their own FDDs, including franchisee listings, in registration states. New Venture of San Bernardino, a Jan-Pro regional franchisor in California, lists 94 franchisees in its most recent FDD.When Franchise Times called 39 of them at random, only three we reached said they were still active (two said they were making money and a third said she was “doing all right, but I’m not glad I got into this.”) Of the rest, 10 phone numbers had been disconnected or reassigned, seven phones were never answered, 11 people never returned our messages, four people spoke only Spanish and four others said they had left the franchise because they never made any money.

    Out of 17 franchisees listed in Jani-King’s Los Angeles/Colton region, we reached only two that were still active. An Ohio woman listed as a current Coverall franchisee said, “I gave them $16, 000 and didn’t get squat. After two years, the most I made was $600 a month.”
    Celeste Iles, of Rialto, California, said, “I paid Jan-Pro of San Bernardino $5, 000 for $1, 600 worth of work every month. Before I paid the money, I was told that I’d get accounts in the Rialto area and that I could decline jobs in cities I didn’t ask to be in. Once I started, they offered me one cleaning account in Chino, which is 25 miles away, and others 15 to 20 miles away. When I turned those down, they said the offers fulfilled their contractual obligation. They did give me a few little accounts, but I never got my maximum volume.I cleaned one building diligently for over a year. Suddenly, the person in the Jan-Pro office said my level of cleaning went down and I lost the account. When I went back to the customer, they told me they never had a problem with me. I discovered that Jan-Pro would take accounts away from one franchisee to sell them to another franchisee.”

    Gerardo Vazquez, of Bloomington, California, said he, too, had purchased a franchise that was supposed to generate $1, 600 worth of business each month from the San Bernardino Jan-Pro office. “But the office would underbid each contract, and no matter how hard I worked, I never made more than $4 to $5 an hour.” After Vazquez posted his complaints on Internet blogs, he was contacted by so many other Jan-Pro franchisees, they decided to file a class-action lawsuit. He is now one of the 12 lead plaintiffs involved in Liss-Riordan’s Jan-Pro lawsuit, filed last December in federal court in Massachusetts.

    Fulton Connor, Jan-Pro’s master franchisor in San Bernardino and San Jose, denied that his office underbid contracts. “Some people, like Mr. Vazquez, took too long and were not following the cleaning schedule. In general, our franchisees are happy. I’ve had owners thank me because they were able to buy homes for the first time in their lives.”

    Jan-Pro CEO Richard Kissane called the lawsuits “witch hunts” and said, “We have only one lawsuit in our FDD. If we didn’t have wonderful relationships with our franchisees, we’d have lawsuits out the yin yang.”

    Liss-Riordan said, “The reasons we see so few complaints from commercial cleaning franchisees is that immigrants are often nervous about exercising their rights in the U.S. legal system. They don’t know who to contact or they’re embarrassed about losing so much money.”

    That may soon change. Thomas Pahl, of Foley & Mansfield in Minneapolis, who specializes in class-action cases, filed his case on January 27, 2009, on behalf of 52 Jani-King franchisees who were referred to his firm. In that case, Jani-King, represented by the Minneapolis firm of Faegre & Benson, won motions to dismiss 11 of the plaintiffs because their claims were too old and to move the action from state to federal court. But a request to dismiss the case altogether was denied.

    The companies’ business model might have worked a few years ago, before all three had recruited so many franchisees, the attorneys for the plaintiffs agree. Now they’re so desperate for cleaning contracts “they’re racing each other to the bottom, making bids so low it’s not possible to do this work and make a living, ” said Liss Riordan. “If we’re successful, ” she added, “we’d like to see cleaning work done by employees who receive the benefits of employment.”

    Jani-King’s Burleson predicted a different outcome. “I don’t believe there’s any merit in these lawsuits, ” he said. “There’s nothing different now. We’ve been doing the same thing for decades.”

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  • In
    Informed source Jul 06, 2011

    1st amendment, let's see how many lawsuits that you are envolved in have you won? NONE! How many will you win? NONE! In regards to your comment that these class action suits have only been going on for 2.5 years, another lie, Awah which was the original case against Coverall that Awah lost by the way, was filed in 2004... That case was ajudicated in a way that basically said "no harm, no foul" or in your terms basically there was no proof of harm... Case was dismissed and poor Awah the "poster boy" for these cases was told to pay in excess of 250K in attorneys, filing and other fee's. Awah, went out and filed for bankruptcy protection... Which is exactly what's going to happen to you...

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  • 1s
    1st Amendment Jul 19, 2011

    The Coverall case is still going on. Infact the Supreme court has now taken over that case and they will decide how much Coverall will have to pay for hurting all those people. You are trying to confuse people and use the same tactics that the cleaning franchisors use Deceit and Lies! The jan-pro case has only been around for a little more than 2 years so quit trying to confuse people. The coverall case has gone for a little bit longer. However as long as these fake cleaning franchisors keep ripping off people and families. They will keep getting sued. Just look at all the lawsuits coverall, jani-king, jan-pro, cleannet, stratus have!

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    1st Amendment Jul 19, 2011

    If you have been riped-off by jan-pro you should file a complaint with the FTC Federal trade commision and attorney general


    You can also go to www.llrlaw.com this is one of the many lawfirms suing jan-pro.

    You can also contact me if you want any information on this Lawsuit

    Jerry 909-684-1837

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  • Ba
    Barbara Wright Dec 04, 2017

    @1st Amendment Franchisee since 2007.
    Under sweat equity I lose accounts by the time it's time for them to pay.
    Jan Pro has a snoop on these pages too.
    Several years ago a very angry Operations Manager confronted me on what she said I posted.
    Hey, there is no free labor. They have to pay people for work they do.
    Jan Pro is in the business of selling these jobs.
    Under sweat equity, they keep all the money from the clients

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    1st Amendment Jul 19, 2011

    Climaco Guzman and Cielo Guzman vs. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, Inc. and Carol McLennan (Case No. C. A. P96-4703, Superior Court of the State of Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations) was filed on September 4, 1996. Mr. Guzman, a JAN-PRO unit franchisee, brought this suit against Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, Inc., a Rhode Island regional master franchisee, and Carol McLennan, who at that time was the regional master franchisee''s vice President, alleging breach of contract and fraud because of the defendants'' alleged failure to provide Mr. Guzman with the customer accounts provided for in Mr. Guzman''s Unit Franchise Agreement. The Trial Court ruled in favor of Mr. Guzman and awarded Mr. Guzman damages of $120, 00 0 and attorneys'' fees of $7, 500.

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  • 1s
    1st Amendment Jul 19, 2011

    Ellen Morales, Plaintiff vs. Clean 17, Inc. (d/b/a Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems of Southwest FL), and Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc., Defendants; Circuit Court of the 20th Judicial Circuit, Lee County, Florida; Case No. 07-CA6992: Ellen Morales ("Morales"), a franchisee of Clean 17, Inc., ("Southwest Jan-Pro"), filed a complaint on July 8, � 2007, against Southwest Jan-Pro., � a Florida regional master

    6012FranDocs-CAAgt-FDD-RegionalMaster-CA-TST.doc 1.29.2008 14:001.11.2007 14.2S 4

    franchisee, and Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc. ("JPI"), the franchisor. The complaint asserts the following causes of action against Southwest Jan-Pro: 1) . breach of contract, alleging that Southwest Jan-Pro: failed to pay total gross monthly revenue or monthly gross billing owed for customer accounts; failed to provide the minimum number of customer cleaning accounts; failed to provide start�up equipment and cleaning supplies; failed to provide adequate advisory services; failed to provide invoicing and billing services; failed to provide mandatory training; and failed to provide adequate assistance with customer accounts; 2) fraud in the inducement, alleging that Southwest Jan-Pro made misrepresentations to induce Morales to purchase the franchise; 3) general fraud, alleging that Southwest Jan-Pro''s misrepresented Morales''s ability to recoup investment and obtain replacement accounts; and 4) quantum meruit, alleging that Southwest Jan-Pro was unjustly enriched because it failed to fully pay Morales for labor, services, and materials. The complaint also asserts negligence against JPI, alleging that JPI failed to perform its duty to properly train, supervise and implement company policies, procedures and obligations. Morales is demanding damages and attorneys'' fees and payment of $32, 094.05 for labor and materials for service she allegedly performed. On October 19, 2007, JPI filed a Motion for Extension of Time and has not filed any response to the Complaint.

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  • In
    Informed source Jul 23, 2011

    1st amendment, well there you go again, spewing the "garbage" over and over again... Still didn't answer any questions posed. Let me try this again and more direct.
    1. How many cases do you personally have filed against Jan-Pro either directly or that you are "part of"? One
    2. How many lawsuits have you won? None
    3. Has there been any decision by the liberal, labor loving court in MASS. that I am unaware of? No.
    4. Did Awaih lose and have a judgement against him for 250K in court filings, lawyers fee's etc...? Yes, but it has been "suspended" pending the final determination of the MASS. Supreme Court. Has he filed for personal bankruptcy? Yes

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  • Ni
    Nibbs11 Mar 19, 2020

    @Informed source This guy works for the company because he's going to hard to prove u guys wrong I pray GOD gives u the justice you all deserve we live amongst evil 98% of these so called humans are devils and will not see right because they are of this corrupt world and it is their norm and they are brainwashed and go for the lies so they want you to as well we live in a time where right is wrong and wrong is right I was thinking about investing but I see nothing but negative feedback and the ones that are positive seems like they are rehearsed thank you all I will save my bread life is one big scam GOD Luck

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  • 1s
    1st Amendment Sep 02, 2011

    Coverall LOST ! HIT HARD !


    Jan-Pro is NEXT !

    The Supreme Court RULED that franchisor must PAY BACK.

    Here is the link to the article

    BOSTON – Today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court smacked Coverall janitorial franchise system with a huge bill for labeling its employees as franchisees.

    The high court ruled that the franchisor must pay back franchise related fees, including franchise fees, promissory note payments, additional business fees, and payments for insurance.

    Experts think the ruling that franchisees can be disguised employees will ripple down to other franchise systems and other states.

    Coverall argued that the franchisee should only be allowed to collect fees directly related to the misclassification. Because the additional fees Pius Awuah sought were the result of his contract agreement with the franchisor, Coverall asserted that they should not apply to the damages he sought.

    Coverall SJC Decision
    U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young ruled (pdf) that the misclassified employees could collect wages, insurance premiums and other employment benefits, but the attorneys for the franchisees weren't satisfied. Shannon Liss-Riordan of Lichten & Liss-Riordon stated that her clients should also be paid all fees. She said, "By requiring companies to fully reimburse employees for all the fees they incurred as a result of misclassification, the court will send a message to employers that wage law violations will not be tolerated."

    The judge then certified the Awuah v Coverall case to Massachusetts highest court after determining that state wage laws require employers to cover certain statutory costs of doing business, and that shifting such expenses to a misclassified worker constitutes damages incurred. Because the Supreme Judicial Court had no controlling precedence, Judge Young submitted pertinent questions to give the court the opportunity to set a precedent in defining the damages that should be available to the employees misclassified as independent contractors.

    On one pertinent question addressing whether Coverall could deduct franchise fees from the employees' wages, the state's Supreme Court concluded, "No. . . the Wage Act forbids the deduction."

    Prior to the decision the case had brought criticism from the franchisor community. Coverall attorney Michael D. Vhay of Boston's DLA Piper stated that broadening the damages beyond wages and benefits would produce a flood of litigation and drive franchisors from the state because they would be unable to collect fees from franchisees.

    Steve Calderia, CEO of the International Franchise Association said, "On behalf of the franchise industry, we urge the court to fully take into account the unique attributes of franchising and the federal regulatory oversight of the franchise business model."

    Following the court's decision, Liss-Riordan said, "Today's ruling from the SJC is a long-awaited victory for potentially thousands of cleaning workers throughout Massachusetts. The court determined that Massachusetts wage laws and public policy prohibit employers from selling jobs to employees." Liss-Riordan added that the commercial cleaning industry has been plagued by companies such as Coverall that claim to be franchisors but are really employers who make their money by profiting off of their own workers. She said, "This ruling will allow commercial cleaning to be performed in Massachusetts by legitimate employers who do not charge their workers for their jobs. The ruling will have huge ramifications on the commercial cleaning industry, as well as potentially other industries, and the ruling will likely have ripple effects in other states."

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  • Is
    Isabella Martinez Jun 11, 2016

    Invested 39, 600 and only make 1000-2000 . They said they no longer have the responsibility to fill my package because it's been two year and I lost all my saving. Orlando FL
    I go to their office and ask for accounts and or money back she laughs in my face literally

    1 Votes
  • Su
    Sustaita Feb 07, 2018

    My husband was a franchise owner for 5 years. One of Janpros customers that we services was behind on his payments, he tried to make arrangements with Janpro but manager refused. The customer canceled services. Janpro then called me and said you owe us his debt of 25k. And if you want your money, you have to collect from the customer. I called the customer, explained the issue so he agreed to settle with Janpro.
    Janpro manager kept my checks, 3 months worth, kept some of my equipment and collected from the customer, total of 39k when the customer was just behind under 10k. Janpro San Antonio manager brought all his family into the business and they get all the better accounts. I lost 5 accounts in 6 months(No fault of our own) and only replaced one. I called headquarters and all they did is send my email back to the office then that's when the retaliation began.

    1 Votes
  • Os
    Oscar Villarreal Oct 17, 2019

    @Sustaita Hi, are you still with Janpro? Did you get an attorney to help settle these issues? We also have a Janpro franchisee is San Antonio with similar orobkems

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  • Os
    Oscar Villarreal Oct 17, 2019

    @Oscar Villarreal Similar problems

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  • Jp
    JPisafraud Jan 07, 2020

    As someone who used to work for JanPro selling unit franchises I can assure you their practises are far from ethical. After speaking up multiple times I was let go for not fulfilling my job requirements.
    They also turn a blind eye to sexual harassment issues. They most certainly take it vantage of their franchisees in every way imaginable.

    0 Votes
  • Kl
    Klmmi Jan 27, 2020

    Stay away from Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc./Lynx Franchising. As a master franchiser, I lost more than a million dollars. I entered into a 15 year agreement with them in June of 2008 and when my office building burned to the ground in December of 2010 and I lost everything, they offered no help or relief. Instead they fought to get more money from me, causing me to have to leave the franchise and forfeit the huge financial investment I had made. Nine years later, my partner and I are still suffering from our association with Carole Mclennan Goodcuff, Rich Kissane and Jacques Lapointe. They were not truthful about having no failures. The very expensive insurance we were required to obtain from their "Jan-Pro Award Winning Vendor" proved to be useless. Because their bookkeeping practices are shady, our insurance claim didn't cover the majority of what we lost in the devastating fire. Their franchise model preys upon minorities. They make promises of multiple revenue streams that don't exist. Unit franchisees end up making less than minimum wage after paying all of the required royalties and fees. Because of the ridiculous requirements placed on the unit franchisees per the Jan-Pro cleaning schedules, very few people are able to measure up. This allows for the churning of accounts where clients are passed from one franchisee to another to another.

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