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CAUTION this company is not to be trusted my Attorney had me RECORD all my conversations with them for a report to the Security Exchange Commission if necessary and it looks like it's necessary. This is a brief synopsis I own a construction company and make around $20K a month in this crazy economic nightmare I have 11 men who have worked hard all year and kept things going as best they could for the last 3 mos I have been on my back. I was rear-ended at 65 mph by a sleepy driver while stopped in turn lane clear liability. I had to have an advance on my $250K settlement of $15000 for CHRISTMAS BONUSES and a few other small expenses until I return to work in Jan. J G Wentworth took all the info and said with this amount of medicals they could help me even though I had no surgeries from accident I said if you can't do this tell me now because I have to pay the attorney $200 to fill out the paper work and secure the med records etc again no problem. I then received a call from a company Global Funding the next day one of Wentworths "lenders" there phone # was also given to me on the initial report if I don't hear from any one call Global. So this makes me think it's there only funding source. They wanted by banking info to wire my money I was approved for I asked what the total was they said U have been approved on Dec 22 $500.00 not $15000 after
I pulled myself together and realized that my Employees and there 16 Kids would have no CHRISTMAS I asked why was I deceived into thinking I would get the money I was told the Mgt review said my case was going to settle to soon in approx 4 to 12 mos that meant they could only extract interest for a 6 or 12 month period. Now it's 2 days before CHRISTMAS and J G Wentworth has destroyed the Santa for 16 Kids if they had been honest from the start I could have gone to the bank but it would have taken 2 days longer but I would have had my money. RECORD RECORD RECORD in the state of Ala at least it's ok for one person to record and not tell after all the record for training purposes ha.


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      Dec 24, 2011

    Dummy - JG Wentworth isn't in the litigation pre-funding business - read their webiste. All they do is send your information to another funding company since they get lots of calls from al their TV ads. Do your homework and call Oasis or Peachtree directly.

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      Dec 26, 2011

    I did some more checking and this gets more complicated. It seems there is a J g Wentworth in the pre-funding business (see facebook) but I do not think this is a legitimate business. So, you may be the victim of some type of fraud. The real JG Wentworth is the market leader in purchasing structured settlements, they have a reputation for very good customer service - but they are not in the pre-funding business. JG Wentworth acts like a broker and uses a network of companies to fund pre-settlement transactions. Apparently they are good at getting deals funded but slow. Good Luck and make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business. Like I said you should call Peachtree or maybe Oasis.

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      Dec 31, 2011

    Your right except that 2 of the 3 empl of JG Wentworth said before I ever talked to Global funding if all my info was correct and the Attorney filled out the paper work I would be funded in 2 days or less. None of these claims were made by Global until they called with the 500 offer after I had to pay 200 for Atty fee no mention of the 15000.00 as originally discussed. Like I said they did this because I would recover from most injuries in 6 mos BUT had they signed me up they would have found the brain injury would be 2 years or more. There loss but I know I'm better off now without them I just went to Bk and borrowed more $ on my paid for Lotus better than there compounded interest rate. I saved all our conversations jus in case some one files a class action suit. If evere I need this again I'll try Peachtree they look legit thanks for the info.

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      Jan 10, 2017

    @W L G Peachtree is owned by JG. Same company. Look it up. They even share office space.

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      Jan 02, 2012

    That was really dumb to think you won $2 million in the first place. A fool is born every minute

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      Sep 23, 2015

    Once you make an inquiry you will never be rid of them. Even long after you have collected all of the money from your contract. I checked with them one time, said no thank you and these PEOPLE are sending checks through the mail, now 3 years after I emailed, and called to tell them I do not want you junk mail, no annuity and they never stop, , just Bullies

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