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S Sep 09, 2018

I was very saddened and appalled by the reaction of some of the judges and many of the audience to one of the acts on last nights X Factor programme: Saturday 8th September 2018.

A 42 year old Eastern European - outwardly very 'camp' - performed a cabaret-style song, accompanied by a small group of mainly young male dancers.

The performance was undoubtedly sensual and quite homoerotic (as is much cabaret) and was, in fact, very interesting, entertaining and of some quality.

The response of the audience, however was quite shocking. The X Factor public is often very enthusiastic about show-style songs, and normally very accepting of gay men. But last night there was a different reaction. The man was booed, ridiculed and his act then subsequently labelled as 'weird' by at least two members of the panel.

What was going on?

My strong sense was that there was a strange mixture of both zenaphopia and homophobia: both his overt sexuality, his serious performance and his being outside of the more normal British camp send-up approach was too much for most present. Many in the audience were seen by us, the viewers - to show distaste. And this was further compounded - which I found deeply offensive - by some on the panel proclaiming him 'weird'.

The most offensive here was Louis Tomlinson. And the person who tried to salvage the situation and confront the audience's prejudice was Robbie Williams.

The judges of your programme have tremendous power to influence a very wide section of the live and viewing public. The ITV and their employers - in this case the judges - surely have a serious responsibility to present an image of inclusiveness, diversity and tolerance. Especially in the such divisive times we find ourselves in.

Instead of this they semi joined in - matching the rejection showed by the audience for the 'other'.

This is the first time I have ever written to complain about a TV programme.

I very much hope you will take my comments seriously and consider the offence you have caused. I am a hetrosexual woman and felt completely offended. How people of different sexual orientation felt I can only imagine.

Sincerely - Sue Herrod

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