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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - danni minogue's comments

My wife and I found Danni Minogue's comments on X-factor tonight extremely repulsive. Browsing through numerous internet sites, we saw a growing crowd of ITV viewers asking for Danni's resignation...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - derogatory remark against sexuality

I was disgusted by Danni making a sexist remark to Danyl. This was a direct hit at his sexuality and a deliberate attempt to get him voted out of the xfactor. Whether he is hetrosexual or homosexual is irrelevant it was not commented on by anyone else and neither should it be.
If she is homophobic then she should be removed as a judge, if this was a deliberate attempt to humiliate and alienate someone then she should never be in a position to be a mentor or voice her opinions.
I will be filing a complaint from my organisation as well as this personal one as a public figure should promote values and understanding not 1950 opinions!!

I too was totally disgusted by Danni's sexist remarks to Danyl. Direct comment on National television on his sexuality is totally inappropriate and irrelevant in a singing competition. Such a deliberate attempt to discredit him should result in her being told to leave the show and a more suitable judge found. There is no place for comments like these. As a minimum she should make a public apology at the start of tonights show and face internal disciplinary. It was a deliberate attempt on her part to publicly humiliate him and that is nothing short of disgraceful.
What with the phone scandal last year and this disgraceful and totally inappropriate behaviour this year, I think this should be the last series of the x-Factor.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - scam and cheating

Tried all-mighty cleanse through ITV on the internet, also on an info-commercial. Had a 30 day guarantee. Tried it, didn't work, called them and they gave me info. To return it at my expense. Ordered Oct. 30 and returned it Nov. 20th by delivery confirmation. I called, first they said they did not receive it, and then I said I sent it delivery confirmation, and then they said they found it of course and will send it to the credit dept for refund. No refund, called 3 times a month since Nov, and each time they said they would resubmit the refund and nothing happens. I even told them I would take them to small claims and no refund. Getting a complete runaround the whole time. They also charged me for shipping when it was advertised free and they said they would refund that and of course no refund. Have never had so many problems trying to get a refund before.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - &living with michael jackson& documentary by martin bashir

I am asking the board to review the following two documentaries. The first is a documentary that was compiled by Martin Bashir while he worked at Granada Television between [protected]. It is called: "Living With Michael Jackson" by Martin Bashir. It first aired on Granada television in the Uk on 2/3/03, and, then, on ABC, in U.S. on2/6/03. This is the site:
This link will bring you to Part One of ten parts. When each part is finished, just click on the next numbered part.
Then, PLEASE, watch Michael Jackson "Take Two The Footage You Were Never Meant To See". This documentary was aired by Maury Povich on Fox television at the request of Michael Jackson, because he was so deeply hurt by Bashir's misrepresentation of him. Bashir deleted critical segments that would have provided truthful accounts of some of the topics discussed, as well as Mr. Bashir inserting a narrative that contradicted what he said to the superstar in his presence. This documentary was filmed while Mr. Bashir was filming his, with the consent of all present. The site is:
Just click on the above site, and the entire eight parts wll sequentially follow.
To the best of my knowledge, Granada possesses this documentary, but I, also, have been told that other networks possess it, in its entirety or in segments, in the U. S., networks such as ABC and MNBC, and probably others. I am asking that the Bashir documentary be banned from any future airing on any network, due to its slanderous content, as well as the unethical and unprofessional manner in which the information was obtained and edited, that corrupts fundamental journalistic principles that everyone relies upon and need to have a faith in.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Gail Becker

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - lexi's infertility

I want to state how upset I am by the total lack of understanding shown in Emmerdale about the story of Lexi's infertility. Lexi was supposed to have had an ovary & tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy, with her one remaining tube damaged by scar tissue therefore making her infertile. I myself have had a tube and ovary removed due to adhesions, with my other tube damaged to the point I cannot have children. Firstly, when I had my operation I was in hospital for 5 days and off work for 16 weeks. I couldn't drive for a minimum of 8 weeks and it was so painful to get up and walk about, even just to the toilet and back. The hospital wouldn't let me go home unless someone was able to look after me for at least two weeks. Lexi seems as though nothing has happened - she was allowed home almost straight away, she is getting to/from hospital appointments alone, walking around the village without any problems. Talk about make light of a very serious operation! And the way Lexi is dealing with her infertility is almost insulting - try having your heart totally broken, pulled out of your chest, thrown on the floor and trampled on every day when you see a baby or someone who is pregnant - then you might just start to understand how it feel every single day! Can't wait to see what they do about the IVF. I've been told that because my partner has children from another relationship I can't have IVF on the NHS - I have to go private which costs around £5000 minimum each! How are Lexi & Carl going to afford that - or have the Emmerdale writers not bothered to check the details again and just let them have NHS treatment!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - doc martin

I wish to complain profusely about the episode of Doc Martin shown tonight (Friday July 3rd) and the scene showing an elderly lady and younger man having sex. This was vulgar and totally out of character for both the show and the character involved. I am truly sickened by this and am furious that it should have been shown on what I had believed to be a family show. It is supposed to be a comedy drama, not a site for pornography. I will not be watching the show in future and am most upset by this abuse to my eyes. Please ITV, do NOT let this type of thing be shown. Thank you. Gelfling.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - two grand winning with a sob story and no talent.

I and many others believe it is shocking that Two Grand won in the semi finals against Aiden Davis!
Firstly Two Grand were never that spectacular singers to begin with and Simon Cowell was in total agreement with this, however in the semi finals after seeing their sob story decided to love them and put them through against Aiden Davis!

Aiden Davis was pure talent right there, he's what they would called on my Performing Arts course a 'Triple Threat'; singing, acting and dancing.

The boy was fantastic and I would gladly have him perform infront of the monarchy, he was definetely a huge contender to win.

Instead Two Grand got put through; fair enough they've been through a hard time and they're not bad, but they are never going to win in a million years and the judges should have put someone through with actual potential to win and not the sobbers favourite.

This has just proved to me that shows like Britain's Got Talent and XFactor care about the sob story and not much else. I bet if Aiden was from an Orphanage or a broken home he'd be through to the finals.
Should he really be punished for having a happy child hood?

Just shows that all you need to win Britain's Got Talent is no talent and a few tears.

Dont you mean Callum francis. Aiden davis was the one in the final who had all those versions of himself played behind him in the blue top. Callum was the one who sang 'consider yourself' in the audition and a medley of Jungle book in the semi final. Yes I do agree with you a little, he had star quality, and that old chap in 2 grand, well he couldn't really sing and let that girl who sand with him down. On the other hand, if Callum was so loved and fantastic, why wasn't HE put through by the public.

Aiden Davis wasn't in that semi-final. He performed the night after and won the public vote.
I think you mean Callum Francis...

Sour grapes!
2Grand rocks!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - poor camera angles+no scoreboard

David Pleat is a boring commentator!!!
THERE IS NO SCOREBOARD OR TIME!!! we got back from the chinese at approximately we dont know because there isnt a scoreboard. to find david pleat attempting to explain why a certain 'fowl' was not a foul by switching to the camera man, to witch my companion said "how the f**k can i see if that is a fowl from that angle!"
please tell ITV that begley ltd is not at all impressed and is now switching to watch the apprentice on BBC 1!
please contact me telling me the time and score :)
p.s what a suprise here cone the s**t facts again

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - britain's got talent

I recently viewed an episode of Britain's Got Talent, in which a lady auditioned as a Christian Mime artist. Her act was miming to Christian music and lyrics. Whilst I recognise that those who audition are going to face a certain amount of ridicule if their act is not entertaining or relevant, I feel that the comments from the judges stepped over a line. It did appear that the judges were ridiculing her faith as a Christian and not just her act, all for a quick laugh. After some technical issues, and being asked to sing as the tape wouldn't play, she was buzzed out of the competition. Some of the judges quipped that 'God works in mysterious ways', 'someone is giving you a sign'. I appreciate that the contestants performance was not the most comfortable to watch, but was appalled at the response from the judges who I feel were pushing her into a corner to defend her faith. I feel quite sad that not only did ITV think it was acceptable to air this, but also to build her story up before and after the performance to make it a 'failure feature' in the programme. To me it comes across as quite a deliberate and pointed attack on this lady's faith, and gives the impression to the general public that it's OK to make fun of some one's faith.

For the record, I'm a level-headed, regular Christian and I hate mime, particularly bad mime! But good on the contestant for her bravery in front of the judges.

having recently watched britains got talent on monay and tuesday me and my family will not be watching another show ! ... as it seems you are treating the public as if we have no judgement of good acts after letting lorna come back for a second chance... there were many more talented contestants who deserved a second chance ! the judges are on the panel to pick out the best of the best in the auditions but the audience are better judges than them! thankfully the winning act is up to the public not the judges!
lets hope the best act wins BRITANS GOT TALENT

As with many others, we are disappointed with last nights fiasco, even after sleeping we awoke to find we were still in shock that a 10 year old can throw a tantrum and get away with it, if an adult had performed in the same way, would the judges have given thenm another chance and told the nation that they were brave? we don't believe they would, after watching this so called talent show for the last week and looking forward to the final, we are actually thinking that maybe it's not as important to us anymore, things are not right with it, we would like to see the decision over ruled but know that won't happen, the question is if the 10 year old can't cope in rehearsals then are we being fair to her tonight to put her through it all again when it's very obvious SHE CAN'T COPE WITH THE PRESSURE!


you weak Brits, letting the freakin Indians pour in and take over your country I feel badly for you.

Every cool show nowadays suddenly, an Indian slips into a major role at some point it is insipid

they completely trained you and now you are forced to watch ugly people on TV, they wont even let you watch good looking people anymore

well except for dr who

"For the record, I'm a level-headed, regular Christian" - thats why your whining about misrepresentation of christians... **yawn** Go back to watching songs of praise with thora hird.

I Have been watching and enjoying Britains got talent and have enjoyed every show. Until tonight.
This is a talent show and it has to be fair to all participants to keep its credibility. some of the acts are ridiculous of course but all abide by certain rules which govern whether they get to the next level.
tonight this did not happen because Hollie steel forgot her lines and thew a small tantrum on stage and as a result was given another chance to sing her song from the begining.
As soon as that happened the public vote was bias towards her tears and reactions and not her performance ( which was mediocre anyway) and she was pushed through to the final unfairly.

this really illustrates to me that some of the contestants on this show are too young and cant cope with the pressures that a show like this generates.
there should be a lower age limit (12)

on the other side of this coin is Aiden steel whos superb performance assured he deservedlyand fairly got through.

Having just watched this evening's episode of "Britain's Got Talent, " I couldn't believe that the judges didn't put through the 12 year old boy who played the drums. Admittedly, in my humble opinion, he wouldn't win the show, or probably not reach the Final, but when I saw some of the acts that were put through to the semi-finals, then I can only assume that these were to boost the viewing ratings and not based on any modicum of talent! That poor lad looked devastated and I just hope that he will be strong willed enough to carry on with his obvious ability to play the drums. Shame on you so called judges!

Richard Shepherd
Potters Bar


Don't have to be xtian to be ridiculed. That broad's got some balls though, I'll say that much. She was awful.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - fearne cotton's the truth about online anorexia

i was shocked and horrified at fearne cottons very biased view of pro anorexia sites. not only did she suggest these sites, which are used for support by many people suffering with eating disorder...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - the bill & heartbeat the royal

i am sending this email regarding the changes of times & deleting programmes like the bill moving it to 1 day a week & deleting heartbeat & the royal to cut costs . this is terrible when you put on so many reailty programmes which are poor quality or of no intrest to the public & have poor viewing figures when the bill & heartbeat often attract viewers of 7 to 8 million a week this makes no sense .
why are we paying a lot of money for tv licence although i understand the bbc get most of it this ridiculous to cut programmes people watch & put rubbish on people dont when you get more revenue from advertisers from programmes people watch.

Totally agree, why axe shows which are enjoyed by millions.

Please sign the petition

Totally Agree. Removing quality viewing which is amusing, relaxing, with no gratuitous violence or foul language. And what will they replace it with: cheap nasty trash which costs bugger-all to produce and earns money via 'phone-ins etc. Shame on those responsible. The only half-decent Sunday evening slot will be lost to yet more reality TV. In truth there'll be very little left worth watching or looking forward to. The last bit of TV detox gone. It'll lose viewers to other channels.

Totally in agreement!! Its Disgraceful the way ITV can treat the members of these productions!! Its unfair and unnessacary! Why are ITV messing around so much?? I Feel If ITV are going to treat them this way they should make their own programs using their own production company and then sell them back to ITV thus keeping the programs going and being cheaper in the long run. Though i doubt the actors or crew will put up with anymore for much longer...

Mar 25, 2009

ITV - sexist advert

I ordered Kevin Trudeau's book "Weight Loss Secrets". At the time I called, I was offered 2 of his other books free with only a charge of $10. per book. I said "No" I didn't want them. I did agree...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - scheduling of advertising and specific programme

I have seen an advert during a family film, fora forthcoming ITV programme called 'Demons'. It is scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday 3rd January 2009 at 7.20 pm. The advert terrified itself is deeply disturbing, depicting blood sucking, Satanic looking creatures and hideous and menacing monsters. The whole hoorible programme is set to be televised ata prime time for young children. This surely CANNOT be suitable and is utterly beyond acceptable and looks similar to adult rated horror films.
The trailer is shocking - what on earth is the actual programme going to be like? there will be fine performances no doubr from some excellent actors but why is it on so early and why are the railers on so early?
My complaint is that it is adult viewing before the watershed.
Awful, horrble and disturbing. Sadly, I am probably adding to the draw of such a programme ( any publicity is good publicity, right?) but for the sake of all young children who may be watching, I am complaining.

Feb 02, 2009

I would like to complain also about this show, its rubbish

sorry about my previous message, bad day it just winds me up that programs good ones get people moaning about them, i do not watch the soaps, but i do not go and complain about them on websites
i just dont watch it. change the channel, the responsibility lies with in the parents not the net works.

As much as I think what Lim said is pathetic and rude, I do agree with him. After having watched the show myself I can't see how it can be considered any more scary or adult than Doctor Who or Merlin. With the deepest respect I think you are over reacting completely, the scaryest part of the first episode was Macenzie Crook's character but even then there was humour and no particularly violent scenes.
Perhaps the trailer made it look worse, I don't know I didn't see it.
Still I'm doing a piece of coursework using this text for media and your complaint is something that could prove useful>
Thanks :)

Ali Shut up
get laid
And ### ### about good program
for the sake of your children let them watch this
keep them off the streets
you tree hugging hippy

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITV - monthly charge on credit card

This business is a fraud. They are charging me for a monthly on line service which I did not order. I specifically stated that I only wanted the book. Now that i'm trying to cancell the charges the...

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Nov 28, 2008

ITV - carole mcgiggin - loose women

Do we really have to be subjected to listing to a 40 something 'lady' giving graphic details of her lust for a 26 year old who is of course only with her because she is 'famous' in the very minor sense of the word - the woman really is of very low morals & after the Jonathan Ross issue would have thought this sort of thing would not happen.

For goodness sake, make Carol get back in her box. I found her whiny voice shouting at Alastair Campbell absolutely awful. Its not her show so why does she dominate the show. We need laughter not continual ranting. Shut up Carol otherwiseyour viewing figures are going to drop!

Nov 22, 2008

ITV - pdc grandslam darts poor camera work

is it just me or are the cameramen and directors ITV4s coverage of the PDC grand slam darts totally incompetent as they don’t know the game and pan to wrong parts of the board as darts are being thrown and the viewer misses what’s happening as the cameras are looking the wrong way, sack them or bring in some experienced darts coverage people from sky or the BBC for ###sakes

Nov 21, 2008

ITV - viewer complaint

I have been watching the "now that's what i call 1983" programme on ITV1 and all the acts seem to be singing live I was disgusted to see Paul Young miming. Not even from a recent pre-recording but...

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Nov 17, 2008

ITV - script, actors

The actors thatyou are putting in your programme, are very poor. You also have shown a lack of morals, by tonights viewing with David Platt and his friend behaiving the way they have. is there no...

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Nov 07, 2008

ITV - business opportunity scam

ITV Ventures is a scam. My husband found this business opportunity on TV. It sounded too good to be true, but I gave it a whirl anyway. You pay money to receive incoming calls at your home while...

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Nov 06, 2008

ITV - can't cancel autoship/they have caused 2 overdrafts and 1 over the limit charge on my accounts and refuse to take responsibility


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